When the Brazilian blowout debuted not too long ago, Fashionistas around the world flocked to their hairstylists to get their hands on this revolutionizing treatment. Women with super-curly hair could finally wear it straight without the exhaustive efforts and damaging effects of continually blow drying and subsequently straightening their locks with a flat iron. In my opinion, the unveiling of the Brazilian blow out really brought light back onto the blow out in general – highlighting, once again, its simple elegance.

It’s true, though: there really is something extraordinarily graceful about a blow out and it therefore may not be all that surprising to note that the blowout has been an under-the-radar yet must-try hairstyle for generations. Pinpointing the exact cause for its allure is almost impossible; nevertheless, whatever the reason, Fashionistas around the world have looked to this style for occasions ranging from grocery shopping to the red carpet and its versatility is undoubtedly worth recognition.

This Fashionista proves just how easily the basic (yet beautiful) blow out works for class. Although she did not experiment with the Brazilian blow out, she explained that she does blow her hair out a few times a week to achieve that same wind-swept sophistication. It’s understandable, though: especially with her ginger locks, the blow out really suits her facial structure and overall look. To complement her perfectly blown hair, this Fashionista rocks a pair of Prada flats, satin trousers, a basic T-shirt and a comfy, oversized sweater. Instead of going for a backpack or an oversized shoulder bag, she opted to try a patent leather hobo her books, further adding to her undeniably chic ensemble. In an outfit that she claims didn’t take more than ten minutes to throw together, this Fashionista looks super stylish and sophisticated for class.

If you’re anything like me and don’t have a clue as to how to achieve the perfectly coiffed blow out on your own, Allure has come to our rescue (yet again): Beauty Director Amy Keller Laird outlined five simple steps for the “bounciest blowout ever” and I am so excited to experiment with this style.

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