ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: The Bohemian Twist

If you follow CollegeFashionista’s ALL ABOUT BEAUTY columns, you are well aware that the braid is a staple in every Fashionista’s hair routine.  There are so many different ways to wear a braid even Fashionistas like me who can braid in their sleep can’t keep up! 

Now thanks to good old Pinterest, Fashionistas are able to create new braided 'dos like the waterfall braid and the fishtail braid and post their looks on the site to share with others. So fun!

It was on Pinterest that I recently came across the bohemian twist, which is basically a braid using two pieces instead of three. It's simpler than the waterfall braid and I was easily able to teach myself the twist technique in a matter of minutes. The bohemian twist is a lot looser than the braid and creates a more laid-back look perfect for date night or a day at the beach. Hello spring break!

I almost missed this Fashionista and her adorable twist walking out of an art history lecture amid a herd of Italian Renaissance junkies. However, thanks to this Fashionista’s towering height, I caught a glimpse of her bobbing bohemian twist before she got a chance to escape on her bike.

The Fashionista (like many others I have approached) blushed when I complimented her hair and assured me she just threw it up as she was walking into class (can you teach me how to do that?).  When I asked her how she learned about the hairstyle she did not say Pinterest, surprisingly. In fact, she had known about the bohemian twist long before the blogosphere became overloaded with beauty tutorials. She remembered teaching herself how to do the twist watching her mother do it as a child.

It is obvious that this Fashionista’s mother passed down her insane hairstyling skills to her daughter, because the twist looked fabulous, even if it was an afterthought! Not a hair expert? Don't worry, the bohemian twist is even easier than French braiding and is the perfect 'do for a Fashionista on the go! All you need are the essential bobby pins and a little hairspray and you are set.

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