ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: The Circle Braid

We've all been there. You're running late for an early morning lecture, you have schedule packed of back-to-back classes followed by a night out with the besties. You don't have time to eat breakfast let alone fuss with your hair. Don't fret! This Fashionsita illustrated a quick fix for any college student on the go: braids.

Braids are back in a big way this season. Whether it be one single messy one draping down your shoulder or, like this Fashionista, fashioned in a hair halo atop your head, braids are becoming a go-to style for the latest trendsetters. And, when fashioned in a unique way, braids also act as an accessory and elevate a Fashionista's ensemble to the next level.

This week, be right on schedule by sporting a braid. Dare to take the classic style by trying a modern take like this week's Fashionista.

Expert tip from Jane Shin Park (@janesinpark): Kate Bosworth, Ashley Olsen, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie… They’re all huge braid fans, and so am I! I especially love the romantic, boho feel of a braided halo—plus it keeps your hair out of your face while you’re taking notes in class. While there are different ways (some very complicated and time-consuming) to create this look, I’ve found that the quickest and easiest one is to part your hair down the middle, divide it into two sections, braid each section tightly (secure the ends with a clear elastic), and then pull each braid across the top of your head, pinning it every few inches or so. Make sure you use bobby pins that closely match your hair color! If your locks are naturally very straight and slippery, apply a little mousse or texturizing product (I like Bumble and Bumble Texture Hair(un)dressing Crème) to slightly damp hair before you begin braiding.


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