ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: The Dog Days Are Over

I love a good unusual style icon. Those Fashionistas who merge art, fashion and atypical beauty always hold a special place in my (fashion) heart. One of my personal style icons is Florence Welch, known most famously as the lead singer of Florence + the Machine. Besides her haunting voice and impeccable sense of style (hello McQueen at the MET ball), Florence's signature red locks are the envy of every rock and roll Fashionista.

When I spotted this Fashionsita, I was immediately intrigued by her Florence-red hair. It is a distinct fiery red that requires a pale, flawless complexion and a strong personality. To achieve the look (without having the first bleach your hair), try a potent hair color like Loreal Majicontrast in Red. Mix 75 mL of Developer with one tube of the contrast color. Next, line your hairline with Vaseline so not to stain your skin. Apply the mixture to your roots first and wait thirty minutes. Then, create another batch of dye and apply it to the rest of your hair. Throw on a shower cap and wait for another twenty minutes (and surf Rinse with shampoo and conditioner. To style your hair like this Fashionista, use a barrel iron to throw in some loose waves and top it off with a knotted bandana.

Heading back to the school can be the pits. But heading back to school with a new look makes it all the better. Consider finding your inner rock star by going red. Enjoy the last of the dog days of summer!

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