Just when I thought it was time to pull the sweaters back out Chicago pulled another switch on us. One day its hot, one day its freezing, this weather is bipolar! Right now I just keep everything in my closet out because I never know what the weather is going to bring the next day.

Although this weather is acting crazy, I have to say that I love the colors for this spring. I see Coral and Teal all over, in tops and bottoms. I can’t wait to grab a pair of coral shorts to add to my ever-growing closet. For affordable fashion finds you can get some coral shorts at your local Zara or even Target.

This Fashionista is wearing light wash jean shorts, a fringe coral tank, with a teal blue bold statement necklace and the always-comfy TOMS. She topped off her look with a leopard headband, sunglasses and a mustard colored purse.

Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, with a headband but if you have the time you can really spice up your hair with a fishtail braid or a lazy braid. I personally love wearing the fishtail braid. I always get a lot of compliments on it. It’s a really simple braid that can take your outfit up a notch. Every time I’m having a good hair day I always feel better about my outfit. Here is a link to a video on How to do a Lazy Braid and How to do a fishtail braid. If you try these braids let me know, they are my favorites!


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