With the ever-so-popular feather-extensions for hair gaining popularity with everyone from full-grown Fashionistas to teeny boppers, it is safe to say that the messy hippie-esque hair do's that were popular in the 60's are coming back into trend.  You can get feather hair extensions everywhere these days –from the internet to your local mall.  There are all sorts of options when it comes to feather-extensions.  You can make them visible by placing them close to your hairline or keep them discrete by blending them into your hair at the base of your neck.  But have you ever stopped to think how closely the feather-trend resembles the hair-wraps we tied into each other’s hair with string as youngsters?  I have vivid memories of getting a hair-wrap at an amusement park in the Wisconsin Dells while on a summer vacation as a young-Fashionista.  The colors were bright and fun – perfect for summer.  When I spotted this Fashionista on campus during passing period I was overwhelmed with old memories of my beloved hair-wrap and the tears I shed when my mother cut it out before school started.  The hair wrap is the perfect mix between a dreadlock and a feather extension, adding funky color to your tresses.  This Fashionista even added a feather to her’s.  Her hair was in a purposefully-messy up-do while her hair-wrap and a few stray pieces fell around her face.  To accomplish this Fashionista’s cool look head to your local craft store for some sewing-thread (yes, the same kind you use to make friendship bracelets).  Pick a 3 -5 fun colors and have a friend tie the thread at the root of your hair, picking out a small piece of hair to wrap the thread around.  The process of putting in a hair-wrap is a lot like making a friendship bracelet.  You simply choose one strand of thread and continuously tie basic knots around a small bunch of hair to create a tube-like shape of thread around it.  You can add beads or feathers into the mix like this Fashionista if you want to spice-up the look or let the wrap shine on its own.  Either way you choose to style it you are bound to look as effortlessly-cool as this Fashionista in her blast-from-the-past do.

Expert tip from Cassie: Hair wraps are a fabulous way to differentiate yourself from the feather and colored extensions. You can get a little more creative with a hair wrap because you are able to choose the colors and patterns for your wrap. To add some more spice, pick out a couple of beads and charms to attach to the end of the wrap. Michaels, or any craft store will have a good selection of the materials needed to make your very own hair wrap. 


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