ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: The Headband Has Returned

Finding revival with the well known television show Gossip Girl along with numerous spreads in fashion magazines, such as Vogue, this season has helped to bring headbands back as a mainstream trend for fall. This current headband mania has been styled in an array of innovative looks by celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Charlize Theron. You can find these Fashionistas rocking this hair accessory on an every day basis as well as at high profile events, such as the red carpet. With the wide range of styles and decorations available, it's difficult to not be inspired by the diversity of headbands and how they can turn around any Fashionista's bad hair day.

This Style&Co. headband from Macy's, which is black with clear stones, is a creative way to make any outfit look more elegant. Headbands like these give you the possibility to wake up with a bad hair day and still look fabulous. All you have to do is slip one on and either tease your crown or put it in a ponytail to be ready for the day. This lovely Fashionista paired her intricate headband while walking on campus with her everyday fall staples such as skinny jeans, light brown boots and a slouchy black sweater.

The best and possibly only rule in regards to the statement headband like this Fashionista's is they're no different than a fantastic piece of statement jewelry. It's crucial that when wearing a headband with detail to keep the rest of your look simple so you don't look like you're trying too hard. There's a headband for any style and any Fashionista can mix one into their daily look regardless of their style. Headbands truly do transcend age, and can be worn by an individual from any decade because of the wide variety available.



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