ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: The Hybrid Braid

Last week we talked about how a classic braid can add the perfect final touch to an outfit.  But while braids have always been known for their sophisticated sleekness, today's Fashionistas are finding all sorts of ways to add a modern twist to the iconic do.  When I first saw this Fashionista I was attracted to the adorable suede oxfords on her feet, but as she passed I caught a glimpse of the funky braid thrown into the back of what seemed like a simple top knot from the front.  The effortless do (ideal for masking second day hair) perfectly complimented her light knit sweater and denim cut-offs to achieve an overall relaxed look while out for lunch with a friend.  The Fashoinista insisted her creative do was in fact as effortless and it looked.  That morning she simply threw her head over and put an inverted french braid into the bottom half of her hair before throwing it all into a loose bun.  The look was the perfect hybrid of the classic braid and the modern top knot that Fashionistas across campus will soon be coveting.

Expert tip from Cassie: If you are unable to create a french braid like the one pictured, just do a simple three-strand braid and incorporate a ribbon.  Don't make your braid really neat and perfect.  Sweep all of your hair to one side and create a loose braid so the ribbon is visible.

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