We all have those nights where you pull an all-nighter, wake up the next morning, hit your alarm clock five times and now, with less than 30 minutes to get ready, you’re pressed for time! I do this all the time. I'm queen of procrastination, which leads to all nighters, which then leads to no time to get fabulous in the morning.

Let's just say the messy bun is your friend for the day. It’s the perfect way to look like you at least tried to do your hair when we all know you really didn’t. Doing the messy bun gives you time to do other things like shower and put on some quick make-up.

This Fashionista pulled it together fast this morning with doing her messy bun in less than three minutes! She’s wearing basic black leggings, a yellow zip-up hoody, paired with a jean jacket and trendy combat boots. Living in Chicago, it is so necessary to layer your clothing. You never know when it’s going get a little warm or a little bit colder, so you want to be prepared for whatever weather the windy city throws your way. She then topped off her outfit with an eggplant colored pea coat, a brown and black shoulder bag and warm red gloves.

If you’re feeling a little girlie, add a cute hair accessory like a headband, bow or flower to glam up your comfy look and messy bun! Now I know the messy bun doesn’t come second nature to everyone, so check out this tutorial I found on YouTube to help you out.

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