ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: The Natural Beauty

Earth tones, like almond brown, burnt orange and rustic gray have a familiar 1960s flair, reminiscent of tribal artistry. The subdued hues of the earth’s palette exude understated brilliance, especially in the presence of equally dazzling tresses. Clad head-to-toe in a pragmatic mixture of ivory, maroon, almond and black, this Fashionista embodies the timelessness of the earth’s signature color combos.

Aside from the meticulous mix of neutral notions and effortless textural blending, this Fashionista has head-turning hair, radiating coveted volume and shine. Her natural dark brown locks have carefully placed caramel highlights that artfully reflect the winter sun. When it comes to highlights, use your skin tone as the foundation. This Fashionista has cool undertones, maintaining a natural sun-kissed glow throughout the year. She rocks a select amount of golden brown highlights, adding body to her wispy layers. For warm skin tones (think pink), experiment with honey blonde and ever-so-light shades of almond. These shades look particularly eye-catching on layered locks — and who doesn’t love added volume.

What’s more, working earth tones into an everyday outfit requires little to no effort. Like this Fashionista, play up a simple button down with killer boots and accessorizing. I am a huge fan of these super-skinny high-rise jeans with a hint of tribal flare. Pair them with a solid-colored button down and layer it up with a vegan leather jacket. Last but not least, finish off the look with a limited-edition pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s — a must on any Fashionista’s Christmas list.


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