The most highly-anticipated film of the year, The Great Gatsby, starring the fabulous Carey Mulligan not only brings the '20s fab, but also the so-called “New Vintage” which is evident in Chanel’s 2012 couture show. Flairs, feathers and flappers may be things of the past, but a ladylike style is timeless. This Fashionista, whom I spotted around Soho, screams new vintage.

Nothing speaks more for the old time chic like a red lip, but the shimmer on her eyes also adds to a futuristic feel. There are more variations on the red lips look than ever before; from tangerine to rouge, from cherry to scarlet red, whether you are a red lip diva or a newbie, there will always be a color that inspires you. As Raf Simons' Dior Couture debut show set the tone for upcoming trends, the “New New Look” endorses minimalism. Instead of smoky eyes and bright lips, naked eyes as seen on supermodels such Wen Liu and Lindsay Wixson on and off duty will suffice when applying red lipsticks. One thing is a must: though, make sure it’s matte.

While wide leg pants are classic for a new vintage look, the maxi dress on this Fashionista speaks the same volume, and matching bright color on the lips, toes and dress unites the whole look and gives a strong visual impact.

And yet, surprise, surprise, this Fashionista has a different take on her nail polish. An Essie-lover, she surprised me with choosing a mixture of pink and gray coated with shimmers over a common red nail. This is the fun of incorporating the “New Vintage” into every day style. You can also be a '20s lady with a modern twist!

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