ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: The Northern Gentleman

Who says beauty is only for girls? And who says gentlemen are only for the south? These two Fashionistos and their prime tresses clearly make an indisputable argument for the underrepresented gentlemen of the Northern states.

For some Fashionistos, the idea of combing their hair (or really doing more than rolling out of bed) brings them back to a time of mothering smotherment and holiday turtlenecks. But with a little gel, a little comb and a serious smirk, you can have that Fabio-flow in no time.

Deep side parts are awesome and the most versatile for Fashionistos with various lengths and styles of hair. With a wet head, apply a little mouse and use a comb to part your hair as far to one side as your length allows. After it dries, tousle it with your fingertips at the part to ease the harshness. Sophisticated and preppy — your regular northern gent.

For those Fashionistos with a little more length to their locks, a soft gel is key. We Fashionistas know you sometimes need reminding: so please avoid any dandruff-or-dried-gel dilemmas — a gentleman never lets on that he uses product. For this slicked back style, use a light hold lotion that supports serious shine but doesn’t lock you into a tressy mess. Put a dime size amount in your palm, rub your hands together and slick back your wet hair. It’s the perfect way to keep your eyes hair-free eyes open and on the lookout for a lovely lady to court.

Remember, Fashionistos: flow is forever. If a deep side part and slicked back curls are good enough for Ralph Lauren, then they are good enough for me.

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