ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: The Perfect Base

When I came across this Fashionista, her look was instantaneously striking. Not only was her outfit noteworthy (pattern-on-pattern, bright colored bag, camel oxfords- killing it!), it was her flawless skin that I found most striking.

Taking care of your skin is equally important for Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike. Late nights at the library and the stress of finals can take a toll on your complexion. However, taking time to care for your skin is equally as important as cramming for those exams. First and foremost, that means taking off your makeup, no matter how late it is. Also, wearing sunscreen daily is essential. Some tinted moisturizers have SPF in their formula; however, I also think it's important to apply a separate product to protect against the rays. I use this product on top of my makeup because it applies just like a powder. My final tip is using the proper face wash morning and night. To aid in this process, use a skin brush, like the one by Clarisonic, to sluff off dead skin and make your skin more radiant instantly. 

Trust me, the added effort will make a world of difference and be the perfect base for any Fashionista worthy ensemble. This week (and every day going forward), make time during your day of class, studying, and socializing for your skin to get a complexion that is A+.

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