I am like many Fashionistas. I spend a considerable amount of time and products to get my hair to be that perfect, straight from the beach curl. With naturally thin and limp hair, I envy any Fashionista who can jump out of the shower with gorgeous curls.

This Fashionista embraces her natural curls in the most gorgeous way. Instead of flat ironing, straightening or trying damaging chemical treatments, this Fashionista embraces her tight curls. If you have super curly hair, hair length and maintenance is important. Too short and it can be a puffy ball of curls; too long and it can become unruly. Make sure to keep up hair at a medium length. This Fashionista’s hair brushes her collarbone, which is the optimal length.

To care for super curly hair, make sure you don’t shampoo and condition every day. When you do wash your hair, make sure you wash and condition with cold water to lock in moisture and reduce fizz. Straight out of the shower, add a product while hair is still wet. Ring out the extra moisture with a old T-shirt, not a towel. Make sure not to dry brush your hair and use your fingers when blow drying.

Make sure you follow these quick and easy steps and you too can be a natural beauty with real deal curls.

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