Back in 2010, InStyle posted an editorial on their website highlighting the top ten celebrity hairstyles featuring ways for its readers to achieve each style. Perhaps not too surprisingly, this editorial proudly featured the ombré trend, a trend that had not yet gained that much public attention but was regularly requested by salon-going Fashionistas around the country. When this spread first debuted, I instantly found myself enamored with the ombré trend and I began paying attention to its celebrity wearers for personal inspiration.

Two years later, the ombré trend is still super-hot. Most notably is Leandra Medine’s (of The Man Repeller) execution of the ombré look; her natural-looking subtlety really gains attention in the best of ways. This week’s Fashionista sports an ombré look similar to the one donned by Medine: her tips, colored a beautiful cinnamon, are just slightly lighter than her chocolate-colored roots, a hue that is just different enough to successfully achieve the rock ‘n' roll style she was going for. Her outfit of skinnies, a burnout T-shirt, jean vest, motorcycle boots, black sunnies and oversized hobo complements her understated hairstyle so well and I couldn’t help but stopping to discuss her style while heading to class. 

Although InStyle’s original spread implied the need for subtle tips when experimenting with the ombré trend, the magazine recently provided a 2012 update to their editorial discussing the “Dynamic Ombré.” This candy-colored modification on the already super-grunge look calls for Fashionistas to color the bottom of their hair with bolder colors instead of using subtle colors. Although the spread’s featuring of Chanel Iman and Shailene Woodley exemplify less bright versions of the Dynamic Ombré, this update on the 2010 editorial proves this trend’s endurance.

As InStyle says, the ombré trend is a low-maintenance, super-chic hairstyle — one that is perfect for all college-going Fashionistas. Interested in trying this look out for size? Take baby steps, don’t go all out and dye your tips a very bright color at first. It is always much easier to go back and make a look more dramatic than to try to tone-down an overdone look. Be sure to talk to your stylist beforehand to decide what shade would be best for you!

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