Rainy days aren’t fun for anyone who has to get out of bed and do anything with their day.  But gloomy days are especially painful for Fashionistas who actually enjoy getting up in the morning for the simple fact that they get to pick out a fabulous outfit and indulge in hair and make-up time.  When I wake up in the morning and hear rain outside my window I want to throw the sheets over my head and save myself and the world from the awful hair-day to come.  But any realistic Fashionista knows we can’t run from less-than fabulous weather and the best of Fashionistas have learned to take a rainy day and run with it. 

I almost missed this Fashionista earlier this week as I was rushing home from class in the rain (hiding the miserable mess that was my hair underneath my umbrella).  Earlier this summer I chopped my hair to a length that does not fit into a ponytail and don’t get me wrong I really do love it, but when I spotted this Fashionista sitting safely under the outdoor pavilion of a local coffee shop, I envied the slightly longer length of her hair.  I watched her studying — both her and her dog with hair un-altered from the rain and humidity — and for a second I seriously considered running home and staying there until all my precious hair grew back.  Instead, I asked to take her picture and complimented her on her simple yet chic hair-do that short-haired girls like me envy on rainy fall days. 

There is just a comfort in having hair long enough to throw into a top-knot.  The do – coined by ballerinas to keep their hair off their face while dancing not to save them from the rain – has really taken shape over the years.  A top-knot obsession recently exploded onto the blogosphere with Fashionistas like Blair from Atlantic – Pacific taking the do to new heights – literally.  Anyone can pull off the top-knot and deciding whether to take it to epic proportions like Blair or keep it small and subdued like this Fashionista is really up to you.  But there is one thing I know for sure and that is the top-knot can save you from anything mother nature sends your way, be it rain, wind or a bad case of bed head.

Expert tip from Cassie: A great way to make your top-knot fuller is to tease your entire pony before you twist the hair into the bun. Teasing your hair prior to creating the bun creates texture and dimension for a style that can be pretty simple. Also, pull a couple of wispy pieces out around your face to make this more polished look a little funkier. 

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