As much as I have always wanted to create the perfect top-lid liner look, I could never quite get the liner to cooperate. Even if I was able to properly line one eye (with much concentration and a bit of luck) then without a doubt, I would completely botch the other lid. That is until I came across Refinery29’s “Eyeliner Application” video. I quickly discovered that the secret ingredient used to perfectly apply eye liner is Scotch Tape!  Suddenly, applying eyeliner became a piece of cake.

Now, you too can be a bright eyed beauty just like this Fashionista, whose lined lids have that enviable doe-eyed look. Although this newly discovered Scotch Tape trick has helped improve my amateur liner skills, I’m taking additional cues from this Fashionista’s perfectly outlined eyes. Here are a few more helpful hints to include in your liner repertoire.

Firstly, by applying black liner where the lid meets the lash line, this Fashionista creates a long-lash illusion, even without mascara. Secondly, by subtly smudging her liner, she softens what could have been a much harsher look. Lastly, this Fashionista doesn’t apply any other eye makeup, keeping the look natural and daytime appropriate.  Sometimes, less really is more!

This easy-going liner look can be spotted on Banana Republic’s fall 2011 runway. Makeup artist Greg Hubbard’s application of liner is all about “keeping the eyes looking natural” while still achieving serious pop. Hubbard quickly makes it clear to the viewer how simple, yet effective applying eyeliner to the top lid can be. By observing his techniques, one quickly discovers the best way to create the shape and definition every Fashionista wants for their eyes!

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