ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Unrefined And Effortless

This Fashionista’s sartorial moment is ultra feminine with an unexpected twist of ruggedness. The combination of the velour floral skirt and charcoal knit top is an interesting dichotomy of texture, and a balance of a spring pattern with winter fabrics. The runs in her sheer tights, wool socks and unlaced construction boots are all unique boyish touches that appear to have been easily put together without much thought. 

The same sense of effortlessness is evident in her hair and makeup. Her wavy hair is twisted to the side in an undone braid similar to the models on rag & bone’s runway this past fall. This hairstyle can be done in no time and the point is to weave an imperfect braid. To prevent your braid from unraveling all the way, secure it at the bottom with a clear plastic elastic band to achieve the “undone”  illusion. 

The only makeup that this Fashionista is wearing is a Revlon matte lipstick in a mauve meets brick red color. This lipstick is a staple in a beauty regime because she wears it nearly everyday. Bold matte lips are surfacing as a big trend for fall 2012 as seen on Kenzo’s runway. We’re also seeing a lot of goth-inspired dark lips on the streets. CollegeFashionista editor, Melissa Levin, spotted this Fashionista whose matte lipstick is a deep shade of crimson. Unlike the Kenzo girls and Melissa’s NYC style spot, this week’s Fashionista prefers her lip color to be less severe and more subtle. 

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