ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Wand-erful Curls

I was recently on vacation with Amy and a friend of ours. Our friend brought with her a curling wand. As Beauty Editor of CollegeFashionista and all around beauty product enthusiast, I was immediately intrigued. I had with me my trusty one and half inch curling iron, how could this be any different? Well Fashionistas, I am here to report that the processes and end results of these two products are vastly different and equally stunning.

Soft waves like this Fashionista's are perfect for running to class and grabbing dinner with your besties. To achieve this type of look, a curling iron is better. Simply divide your hair into one to two inch sections and curl away from your face. Once you have completed all the sections, use your fingers or a wide tooth brush to break up the perfect curls. Finish with a light weight hairspray and voila- model-esq waves. But ever wondered how Taylor Swift achieved those sassy spiral curls? For those longer lasting curls, a curling wand is your best option. Once again divide your hair into sections and wrap small sections of hair around the barrel of the wand. You can break up the curls again for a less perfect look. The barrel of the wand is very hot so be sure to wear a protective thermal glove, Fashionistas. Blisters are never in fashion.

Curls and waves are a favorite among Fashionistas. Try switching up your routine and look by swapping out your usual tools. New equipment can bring out a whole new you!

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