Just recently I traveled back home from Savannah to Orlando. When I left Savannah, it had been raining on and off for the last couple days. I thought by going back home, I would be escaping from the wet, moist, dreary days and be thrown into the Florida sunshine — I thought wrong. My entire drive down consisted of my windshield wipers on high and my stress through the roof. The weather down here in sunny Orlando has been anything but that. Rain can be a huge pain when you are trying to go out and do things, or drive home…but it can especially be a pain when you are trying to get dressed.

Typically, I am that girl in my running shorts and a big T-shirt, with my hair soaking wet and frizzy. But I spotted this Fashionista and realized that she had it down. When the weather is bad, you don't need to work against it, just work with it. Wearing your new Free People dress and your favorite pair of Jeffrey Campbell's just wouldn't make sense. This Fashionista chose to stay casual, comfy and dry.

She has on a simple pair of leggings, which act as her trendy, rain typical, sweatpants. Her over-sized denim button-down looks as if she just threw it on, which is perfect for rainy day chic. Her shoes aren't raggedy old sneakers to run through puddles in, but they aren't expensive heels either. Instead she chose to wear cute little brown sandals that won't get ruined if they get wet. Most importantly though, her braid.

Her fishtail braid is the perfect solution to a rainy, bad hair day! It allows you to keep your hair out of your face and controlled, without throwing it on top of your head in a messy bun. With the different colors in her hair, it makes for a pretty cool do. Not to mention, the braid doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. We’ve seen it everywhere from street style, to Alexander Wang’s spring 2010 Runway show, to Lauren Conrad’s beauty blog. This Fashionista also managed to have frizz-free hair. As we all know, in the rain this can be impossible.

Moroccan oil is her secret. She swears by it for just about everything and says that is has completely changed her hair for the better. You can also try Living Proof No Frizz products. You can find tutorials all over the internet on how to do a fishtail braid too, especially on YouTube. So just remember, you don’t have to match your style to the weather!

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