STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Amalgamation Theory

This week’s Fashionista wears an amalgamation of eye-catching colors to help vivify Boston’s Newbury Street on a cloudy spring day. Many people are afraid to mix-and-match colors and believe it is reserved only for the editorial pages in magazines, but this Fashionista proves it can translate in reality. Though, to be fair, this Fashionista did create her look semi-haphazardly; she just recently came back to Beantown after being abroad in Hong Kong and doesn’t have many clothes. Working with the items she already has in her wardrobe proves you do not always have to go out and buy new things. So, think twice before donating certain items as you’re spring cleaning (you never know what may be “in” in the future). This Fashionista’s coral sweater is from Hong Kong, but her standout cobalt blue dress is homemade! Her navy bag and neon sandals complement her overall theme that’s bursting with life.

If you’re too timid to walk the streets with a look this bold, there are always bikinis you can mix-and-match for the beach. Victoria’s Secret and Old Navy feature mix-and-match options to ensure you get exactly the right top and bottom you’re looking for. Whether you fuse your favorite closet staples in the city or by the shore, you’re sure to make a splash.

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