TREND: An Untraceable Cool Look

I’m wholly enamored with all things vintage. An old find can elevate an otherwise modern look to create a dash of untraceable cool. Incorporating fashion pieces from the past with fashion pieces from the present is a sure way to create a unique, one of a kind ensemble. This Fashionista manages to do just that. As a cherished tastemaker she incorporates the new and old to discover the beauty of timeless pieces aka vintage.

Why not be an early bloomer and show off floral power in the middle of fall? This '60s inspired trend is portrayed by the tiny flower print seen on her pants. It’s unexpected yet totally appropriate. The subdued colors allow this dainty floral print to flow perfectly into fall. I like how this Fashionista decided to toughen up the sophisticated blossoms using black accents in her ensemble. It’s a flowery flourish on a neutral, simple outfit. The timeless black flats and the ever so popular side-body bag incorporate simple yet necessary pieces. They bring modern, popular conveniences to the classic old-fashioned world of vintage clothing. Lastly the sequins on her long black sweater add a hit of glamour and sparkle, that is usually lacking in most vintage finds.

Hint: For vintage shopping go to local thrift stores: they are plentiful in the city. Or shop for vintage finds in the comfort of your own room, by going on Nasty Gal or Archive—amazing web-only stores that presents great vintage finds in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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