Style Guru Bio: Anna Chapman

I am very excited to start this position at and I am looking forward to the many trends and unique styles that will appear around my campus. I go to the University of Iowa and even though the most popular fashion you see here is going out attire, I will occasionally see the different, stylish trends that are worth showing off.

I am 20-years-old and am majoring in journalism, so writing is my passion and I enjoy doing all kinds of it. I look forward to making different posts for this website every week in order to expand and develop my writing skills while giving people the satisfaction of new trend ideas. I am from a small town in Iowa so fashion is definitely a lot more developed here at the university than at my home town. After I graduate, I hope to look for a job maybe in the field of internet journalism hopefully, but for now I will continue to work and expand my writing skills.

As for my fashion, it's a little more laid back usually, but I definitely love to get dressed up in different styles on the weekends and especially now during the summer, I had the chance to go out and buy some really cute dresses and summer attire that I am excited to wear. My favorite summer attire are definitely dresses and you can find some really cute, unique ones at Wet Seal. That's all for now and I look forward to sharing some more interesting trend facts and tips along the way!


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