Athletic and Boujee

Now that summer is finally here, it might be about time to break out that athletic wear and get in shape. Too late? Never.

I often find myself trudging to the gym in some baggy athletic shorts and an old T-shirt, like one from a summer camp I attended six or so years ago. Not a cute look, I must admit. But who says outings to the gym can’t be fabulous?

Personally, I have come to learn that when I am looking my best, I am also feeling my best. When I am wearing an outfit that I feel comfortable in and that I think I look amazing in, my confidence increases immensely. Due to this increased confidence at the gym, I tend to be more motivated and more driven.

When I’m rocking a new pair of Lululemon leggings or brand new sneakers, I feel unbeatable. Can I do 10 more burpees? Heck yeah, I can! That is why I am a strong believer in glamming up your athletic attire.

Working out has never looked as good and been as comfy as this look right here! This Fashionista is not only comfortable, but is also looking her best.

On top, this Fashionista is wearing a black, athletic cropped tank top from Urban Outfitters. She loves to work out in this top because it shows off her abs and arm muscles that she has been working so hard to achieve.

It might be June here in New England, but our weather never seems to cooperate. Therefore, this Fashionista threw on a white sweatshirt from Forever 21. This is ideal for those brisk, early morning runs or for when she is walking to and from the gym while the weather is still a little bit dodgy.

For her bottoms she is sporting a pair of high-waisted, maroon leggings from Lululemon. She said that these are her favorite pair of leggings because when she is squatting they don’t fall down. Thus, she doesn’t find herself yanking up he pants between each and every squat. She also loves these leggings because of the pocket on the side used to store her phone. This makes her workouts so much easier, hands-free, and gives her one less thing to have to worry about.

For shoes, this Fashionista is wearing a pair of black Nike Flex sneakers. She opted for a black pair of sneakers because she knew that they would match all of her outfits without a doubt. These are her go-to athletic sneakers.

For the final touch, and her favorite piece of her outfit, this Fashionista is wearing a pair of wireless headphones that she scored on Amazon for $20! She said that these are the best investment she has ever made, and recommends them 100 percent.

How do you combine fashion and exercise? Let us know in the comments below or share your pictures on social media with @Cfashionista!

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