TREND: Au naturel

In a sea of fluorescents, neons, and plaids flooding our campus classrooms, this young lady stands out the most. She captures attention with this natural look as she heads to class in style.

I love the fact that this Fashionista took the time to find items that match each other so well. The boots tie in great with the dress and the cinched waist offers balance to the entirety of the outfit. The back of her dress is uniquely shaped and paired with the cinched waist, she highlights her beautiful feminine physique.

A native Coloradoan, this Fashionista is familiar with Colorado’s sporadic weather trends so she comes equipped with a button up sweater. She plays off the beige colors with black leggings and a black bag. Again, I find the lack of color in this particular outfit so appealing because she knows how to pair all pieces of the outfit to make one classy overall style.

One way to incorporate color into this trendy look is by adding some red lipstick and a red pendent or red and white freshwater pearl necklace as seen here. A red belt at the waist could stand in for the beige tie at the waist as well. Click here to see how a fellow Fashionista added color to her neutral look.

Sporting a look stands out among all the campus hues, this Fashionista took to the classrooms as an inspiring trendsetter and natural beauty. This outfit may be neutral; however this look is anything but lackluster!

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