These Dark Elements Will Revamp Your Summer Beauty Routine

Summer beauty is an area where pretty much anything goes. People can wear everything from yarn to rhinestones to accentuate their natural features. There aren’t restrictions for an acceptable daytime makeup look anymore (although a red lipstick and dark shadow never go out of style). Though some of us aren’t avant-garde enough to wear appliquéd eyebrows or green mascara, there are ways to make bold looks more contemporary. This is what this Fashionista has done with her natural look, accentuating its soft, dark elements flawlessly.

Her look began with a clean base of foundation, post-moisturizer. After contouring her naturally strong cheekbones, she added concealer and a touch of powder bronzer to give her skin a faint glow. After using eye shadow palettes to touch her eyes up, she applied waterproof mascara to make her lashes pop and prevent any makeup mishaps.

This Fashionista’s strongest statement is her black lipstick. With many makeup aesthetics, darker lips can translate to a “goth” vibe and possibly project the wrong image. This isn’t the case with this look; using lip primer made her application of the lipstick smoother and the color more prominent. Paired with the shades of her dark and semi-dark products and silver slip dress, the created effect is more ethereal and romantic than “I’m with the band.” There’s a heightened element of edge, but it doesn’t overwhelm the look. Rather, it complements it to ensure it contains a variety of qualities. Its coordination with her shoes doesn’t hurt, either.

This is a makeup look that most people, with a variety of the same, similar, or different facial products, can wear from day to night. It has the perfect amount of boldness that it can be worn out to lunch, or when paired with the right outfit, a regular work day. When it’s paired with a more casual “going out” outfit, it’s ideal for adding an element of mystery to your ensemble whether you explore nightlife with others or on your own. Overall, it perfectly combines neutral elements to form a bold, current, and transitional look for everyone.

What fresh, new elements are you adding into your summer beauty routine? Let me know in the comments below!

Boho Beautiful

As the weather rapidly changes, choosing an outfit becomes a process of finding the overlap of practical meets flattering. Gorgeous ensembles with useful qualities like these have been taking over the runways lately, and are beginning to pop up on the street as well. This Fashionista pictured fully achieved that combination with her feminine, summery outfit.

Her white lace top added a hint of romanticism and bohemian aesthete with its front panel and bell sleeves. It’s all-around lace detail and flowing material gives it an edge over more solid tops, making it both breathable and beautiful. Her blue skinny jeans complement the top with their tighter fit, making it more noticeable than if they had a looser structure, and create a nice color palette for her accessories.

The jewelry this Fashionista chose is bold but simple and add to the outfit’s bohemian effect. Her collar necklace adds a pop of color with it’s turquoise and orange stones. It’s gold base perfectly matches the beaded double-layered necklace she chose, as well as her earrings, which are reminiscent of wildflowers with their fanning spikes. These all correspond with the gold detailing on her cross body bag, which has a half-moon shape that adds a softer element to her outfit and a pale blue tone that complements her jeans and shoes.

These black open-toed ankle boots are perfect for this outfit and the summer season. Their wooden heel and tassel-ended ties enhance this outfit’s indie, boho quality and add unique details to this look. The open-toe aspect makes them breathable, so her feet aren’t restricted, and the thicker heel makes them easier to walk and pose in than shoes with a thinner heel. The plain material provides a clean base to draw attention to these details and serves as a foundation for the look. Overall the black, blue, and white color combination serves as a natural gradient and, with the right accessories, can be the perfect inspiration for your next summer outfit.

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Summer is here, which means we can all finally break out our fresh new summer wardrobes! For me, this means a healthy mix of neutrals and trendy pieces. Most of my plans for summer outfits include basics and statement pieces. I felt like these were both combined in this look, which makes great use of the color black but still contains lots of details.

I decided black would serve as a great neutral background for the rest of the outfit’s pieces. However, I didn’t want to just wear a plain black T-shirt and jeans. I noticed many short-sleeved sweatshirts at a variety of stores; however, I wanted one that had some edge and detail to it but was still part of the trend. I preferred this graphic sweatshirt over the basic ones I was seeing everywhere else. The Kurt Cobain graphic gives it a grunge edge, staying true to my personal aesthetic, and its monochromatic colors make it versatile for other outfits and color schemes.

I wanted to wear slimmer jeans for this outfit because the sweatshirt had an oversize look and I didn’t want it to give me a larger shape. These motorcycle jeans had a good basic pattern, and the pocket on the side with the longer canvas piece on the zipper was an additional detail I loved. The frayed parts added to the grungy effect and distressed look that I prefer for denim. The legs were also slightly long enough that I could stack them on my trusty tan suede boots without looking sloppy.

Accessories-wise, I wanted to have focal points on my arms, as I was wearing a short-sleeved top with a basic color palette and wanted to add something extra to it. The variety of chain, leather, and string bracelets gives the outfit an array of textures and the colors accent the outfit’s color scheme. All of these bracelets are silver or black, which highlight the black clothes as well as my tote bag’s handles and silver detailing. My personal favorite of the bunch was my larger charcoal chain bracelet, which is a mixture of gray and black. My sunglasses also had charcoal accents that matched this bracelet, and their monochromatic palette was an additional ornament to the outfit.

My camouflage tote bag is the real standout in this ensemble. Each season, there are themes centered on one distinct color. Olive green has been present on most runways recently, and the camouflage pattern is one that’s extremely versatile and exciting. Designers have made this pattern part of collections in a multitude of colors, sizes, and textures. I love this digitized camouflage because it stays on-trend while remaining exciting and fresh; it isn’t reminiscent of Aughts-era caro short patterns or a lighter, digitized camouflage of Army uniforms. The bag is also in a slightly bolder hue, with darker olives that give the pattern’s tan and black components more presence. The darker tan correlates with my boots; the silver and black complement my accessories and the rest of the outfit.

Size was important in this, too. Tote bags are extremely useful, as nowadays everyone has more everyday baggage to haul than ever. This one isn’t too large or too small; it’s big enough to fit my laptop, agenda, a couple of magazines, and any other essentials I’ll need for day-to-day activities or classes. Frankly, it’s just practical, and the fact that I found one that was so on-trend is nothing short of a fashion miracle.

BEAUTY BAR: Pretty in Pinks

Spring has arrived in full force, prompting all Fashionistas and Fashionistos to pack up their winter wardrobes and focus on easygoing, trendy looks for the season. For more beauty-oriented individuals, shiny and summery makeup looks are beginning to appear and will likely frequent our Instagram feeds soon as summer approaches. Color palettes with more metallic, peachy, and lustrous aesthetics will soon be more constant, but this Fashionista is staying ahead of the trend with her shimmery, pink-toned makeup.

To give her eyes their iridescent effect, this Fashionista used the Too Faced natural love eye shadow palette Nudie all over each of her lids, and then put Makeup and Chill in each eye’s crease. She also put Antique Bronze from the Anastasia Beverly Hills modern Renaissance palette on the inner 2/3 of each eyelid, adding Cyprus Umber in the outer corners and Vermeer in the inner corners to give them a satiny and metallic look. To make her eyelashes pop, she first applied Eyes Right mascara and followed with Ubame mascara to give them volume in a deep black color. To achieve her glossy lips, she lined them with Buxom lip liner before filling them in with the Estée Edit’s lip color. She finished this look off with a layer of metallic liquid lipstick.

Of course, a fabulous makeup look isn’t complete without a fabulous outfit. This Fashionista wore a lovely off-the-shoulder jumpsuit with deep coral stripes to compliment the pink tones in her makeup, which are surrounded by navy and gray stripes to make them stand out. The material is breathable and flows easily, which is perfect for spring. It also has a skirt covering a pair of shorts that are part of the romper, so it’s both functional and elegant.

She accessorized with a pair of brown open-toed, lace-up pumps, which have circular cutouts on both sides that coordinate with the circles in her geometric earrings. All of her jewelry is gold, from her compass bangle to her bar pendant necklace (which she chose to engrave with New York City’s coordinates). Since no statement pieces were used, all of the piece’s unique aesthetics and common elements work together to create a finished, uniform appearance.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Springing Fashion-Forward

Spring is slowly entering our lives with anticipated concert announcements, budding flowers, and a slew of covetable fall trends from the runways of Paris Fashion Week (Chanel rocket bags, anyone?). However, as this new season emerges, so does a tirade of unpredictable weather before the sunny calm of April. As such, Fashionista/os from across the nation must adapt their spring wardrobes accordingly to make a fashion-forward (but practical) leap into March, which is exactly what this Fashionista has accomplished with her detailed outfit.

The swiftly changing weather makes it tough to know exactly what to wear, if only to ensure you aren’t going back to your dorm or off-campus apartment multiple times for a heavier jacket or a lighter coat. On that note, this Fashionista has conquered the combined sunny and windy weather with a white turtleneck top. The long sleeves and neckline will ensure she’s not cold while moving between classes, while the piece’s light material makes it more breathable as opposed to a thicker turtleneck sweater (which could also work in this ensemble for a cozier look). The color of the top also reflects the sun’s rays off of her instead of drawing the light towards her and making her feel overheated.

The thicker tweed skirt she has paired the top with has a great palette of red, black, and silver, which pairs well with the stark neutrality of the turtleneck. The slightly darker silver buttons on the skirt give it an additional eye-catching detail and a slightly preppy element. The thicker material also keeps her warm while adding texture to the outfit. Her brown boots are also practical and stylish, adding a faint equestrian look to the ensemble while being able to face most weather conditions. Additionally, they add detail to the look with their straps and multiple buckles, which pair well with the skirt’s buttons.

Accessory wise, the Fashionista has nailed it. The gold on her pendant necklace and dainty bow earrings correlate nicely, and ultimately make the look more feminine and preppy. The necklace pendant’s crystals add an attention-grabbing statement piece to the look while not being too flashy, and its singularity makes it easy to untangle if it’s blown around by the wind (which is unlikely, but it happens to the best of us). The stud earrings are stylish and practical, as they won’t move around in the wind (like a pair of longer earrings would) and their bow shape gives some daintiness to the outfit.

This detailed outfit is worth repeating. Its details all work well with each other and don’t overpower any particular aspect of the look. The skirt adds texture, patterns and embellishments that pair well with the lighter turtleneck. The boots add another neutral element that pairs nicely with the skirt and the additional details in her outfit. The jewelry tops it all off with a girly sheen, and the gold adds a charming accent to the entire look. This is also practical for low temperatures with nice conditions. Depending on the weather, it can pair well with a nice neutral overcoat or belted trench and still look as good as it does without.

WHAT TO WEAR: A Hint of Blue

Once February rears her head, many people resort to outfits with a dominant red and pink color scheme—oftentimes accessorized with a wide range of metallic items—in the few days leading up to Valentine’s Day. February is arguably one of the most coldest month of the year; as such, practicality is oftentimes favored over fashion, in terms of braving the weather. Post- and pre-holiday (and generally throughout the month), many people stay bundled up in scarves, pants, and any number of layered jackets. However, there are those occasionally sunny February days, when one can cover up with a semi-heavy jacket and freely move between outdoors and indoors (without having to awkwardly take off and re-style their many layers to protect them from the chill!). This type of outfit is perfectly shown in this Fashionista’s ensemble, which combines edgy and feminine components and is topped off with an undeniably fierce coat.

This Fashionista’s royal blue crop top allows for modesty with its turtleneck feature, while leaving the midriff open to the elements; this cancels out any problem of over-layering for the weather. It also adds a vibrant pop of color to the outfit’s more monochrome pieces, acting as the look’s focal point. The vintage black skirt she pairs the top with is also weather appropriate, as its slightly sheer outer layer and mobility allow the look to be free. Its flowing hem adds additional movement and texture to the piece, and it’s also breathable while (like the crop top) being modest, due to its gauzy material and length.

The denim sneakers she pairs these articles with are anti-feminine, but gives the look a more comfortable, grounded aspect. They’re very functional and practical for any oncoming weather, if that occurs. They also give the ensemble a bit of an edge with their texture, and the blue tones in them fairly complement the brighter crop top.

Finally, the white faux fur coat she pairs all these pieces with is unabashedly fierce and comfortable. It’s made of thicker material that can face the sharp winds of early winter, but remains light on the body and is easy to remove once indoors (or outdoors, as the case may be). It also adds a world of texture to the already faintly textured look, and gives the entire outfit a dash of street style luxury. The look is additionally embellished with small, simple silver hoop earrings (which are part of a larger set) and a single ring.

This is a good outfit that many women can adapt to their own style because it’s extremely transitional. Changing the style, color, or material of the coat or shoes, or adding more accessories, can make it work for a variety of different occasions. It can be dressed down further with a biker jacket, for example, or dressed up with a pair of cute wedges or brightly-colored pumps. The outfit also works with different amounts or types of jewelry; its glam factor can be raised with additional rings and layered necklaces, perhaps, or even just a statement necklace or choker set. It’s so adaptable that the possible accessory combinations seem endless! The colors of the clothing and metals for the accessories can easily be changed as well, if one feels the need to change them (although the color palette for this look is great to begin with). In short, it’s a wonderful, original, and affordable look that can be easily adapted for most seasons, and one you should consider trying this month.


In Newport news, winter weather can be incredibly varied. One day, it can be 26 degrees with streets packed with snow, then 65 degrees and sunny the next. There’s no exact way to pack for returning to campus after winter break due to the wide range of weather-appropriate options. Most students throw on their North Face jackets and L.L. Bean boots and venture towards their next meal or class in whatever conditions Mother Nature hurls at them. Without resorting to just wearing a marshmallow-like winter coat to brave the weather, layering in this type of setting can be incredibly challenging, and doing that in a fashionable and uncomplicated way is even more so. This Fashionisto’s outfit makes great use of layering weather-appropriate pieces with a good color palette while avoiding looking drab or venturing into REI-level territory.

Despite the dark color scheme, this Fashionista’s ensemble has a much more grounded quality than you might see at first glance. The gray, long-sleeved T-shirt and boots pair well together, and their different shades are balanced out by the darker ones of his black jacket and dark blue cargo pants (which add a muted splash of color to the look). The variety of textures in this outfit are also ones that make it work well; the jacket’s waterproof outer layer, for example, is much more defined than the lighter, tufty faux-fur lining of its hood. The pants retain a modern quality from their slim fit, contrasting the notion that all cargo pants are billowing canvas monstrosities (these are in a woven stretch fabric) and can’t have an updated, simpler appearance. The boots and shirt have softer textures from their respective suede and cotton materials, giving the outfit a cozier and more winter-appropriate feel.

However, the practical aspects of these pieces shouldn’t be completely overlooked. The boots’ rubber treads make them perfect for walking across damp, post-snow sidewalks and parking lots without losing your footing. The sweater and pants are items that can be easily dried if the wearer, perchance, fall into a nearby snowdrift or similar weather-induced inconvenience; they’re also comfortable because of the lighter drape they have on the body. The coat is perfect for winter weather because of its durable outer layer, which keeps you more insulated from outdoor chill than a lighter jacket. Its buttons add more security to the garment and are easier to open than the zipper-or-Velcro-laden coats that seem to awake from their slumbers in many people’s closets for the few cold months that they’re needed every year. The hood is also insulated by it’s faux-fur lining, which will keep any Fashionisto cozy and ward off the cold as he travels between classes in the wintertime.

Hope all of you Fashionista/os stay warm this season and have an enjoyable (and fashionable) start to your spring semesters!


Hello! My name is Aaron Royce, and I’m so excited for my second semester as a Style Guru! I am a freshman at Christopher Newport University in the town of Newport News, where I plan on majoring in communications and later pursuing a career in magazine journalism.

My style is detailed and edgy. I love the grunge and (lighter) punk aesthetic of the ’90s and today, which I consistently incorporate into my wardrobe and day-to-day outfits. Kurt Cobain and Kate Moss are my fashion icons, and I always try to channel their rebellious but effortlessly classic styles through my own. Accessories and details as minute as well-placed studs or pre-torn holes are elements I believe “make or break” an outfit from a basic ensemble into something spectacular.

This outfit is made up of more recently-acquired pieces, but is one I think will be repeated multiple times throughout the semester and has earned its place as a go-to in my wardrobe. While my usual accessories aren’t a part of this ensemble, the details in its pieces more than compensate for their absence. The studs on my leather jacket are coordinated enough with my studded loafers that they balance each other without overwhelming onlookers with metallic details. The oversized charcoal T-shirt is centered between the jacket and pants, drawing the eye to the embroidery above the breast and the holes throughout. It also has some killer embroidery on the back, which can be easily shown off, weather permitting (or just on unseasonably warm January mornings). The shoes pull the look together with their material and the smaller, rounded versions of the studs that can be found on the jacket. They also add a streak of white to an otherwise dark, stormy outfit palette, which makes for a nice contrast. The neutrality and details of all of these pieces make them individually elevate any basic outfit. However, that detail and neutral color scheme make all of them work well together in one look, too.

The variety of the pieces also make this outfit decidedly well-rounded. My loafers aren’t currently insanely trendy or a common pair of shoes you’d expect to see in anyone’s closet; they’re different and a little quirky, but pair well together with the leather jacket. The studs on the leather jacket make it very on-trend with recent street style. The jean and jacket are basic pieces that are timeless in their simplicity; the jacket varies in its embellishments over time, but always maintains its value and place in anyone’s wardrobe. They create a good base layer for the T-shirt, which is oversized, torn, and embroidered, essentially checking off those three trends and keeping the look current. Overall, it combines a variety of detailed pieces into an outfit that can be transformed and still look stylish when replaced with others, while maintaining a slight rock ‘n’ roll edge that isn’t overstated. And that’s exactly how I like it.


Happy November, readers! By now, the weather has finally stopped having an identity crisis and reverted to that crisp, rainless, and slightly windy outdoors that we all know and love (especially for layering!) this time of year. While it’s the perfect opportunity to break out your new (or vintage) leather bomber or biker jacket, it’s also ideal for testing new, trendy fall staples that may be outside of your comfort zone. For me, this specifically meant my new satin souvenir jacket.

As someone whose style usually follows the rockstar aesthetic of Hedi Slimane or Harry Styles (albeit more affordable), the souvenir jacket is a trend I’ve long contemplated following. Brands ranging from Forever 21 to Louis Vuitton have been quick to encapsulate the style as a fall essential this year, but I’ve still been hesitant to make the purchase. For one, these jackets are usually brightly-colored and flashy, making them difficult to style with anything other than basics (and a far cry from my monochromatic wardrobe). Each jacket also has specific embroidery and color schemes, and it’s hard to find one design and palette that I feel showcases my style and works with the rest of my wardrobe. Additionally, these jackets are majorly trendy; I never usually purchase pieces that will only be worn for two or three months and  then deemed “out,” usually choosing to buy ones that I can easily mix-and-match throughout the year and spruce up with accessories. However, as fashion is all about taking risks, I decided to go out on a limb and get one. To my surprise, I’ve been majorly pleased with the results.

The green souvenir jacket I bought was from Urban Outfitters, and while it was slightly more expensive than most clothes I buy (this was before it went on sale), it’s been worth every penny. The skull embroidery fits perfectly into the edgier part of my wardrobe, and the flower and small letters near it give it the type of small details that I love in most pieces. It combines green, a color I usually don’t wear (but that actually looks great with my skin tone), with red without looking like a holiday ad. I paired it with a basic black T-shirt and blue jeans, but added a gold shard pendant necklace to make the front part of the outfit less bland. I also chose to wear tan boots (another basic staple) because they fit in with my basics and had small buckled straps, which added more details to the look. The sunglasses were only chosen because it was a particularly sunny day for late fall, but I think they add extra detail to the outfit and coordinate well with the T-shirt. This outfit shows my style because it fits in with my softer rock aesthetic, while also being on-trend and making good use of basics and detailed pieces. It’s definitely one I’ll repeat this season and in the future.


As September reaches it’s medial weeks, photos from the fabulous fashion plethora New York Fashion Week (not to mention it’s incredible star-studded parties) slowly drain from our social media feeds. Our attention drifts from Moschino to math, and from Burberry to Biology as we return to academic reality. The extravagance of these displays has worn us out, and now we’re left to drift to our closets filled with pieces both well-loved and current—but not NYFW current—that seem impossibly boring by comparison. In these times of dire need (or, as the case may be, want), we forget that wearing ensembles that aren’t fantastically embroidered, studded or covered in tassels isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s usually better; outfits that are simply nice, multi-functional and well put together keep us (and our wallets) grounded. They remind us that it’s possible to turn heads on campus without wearing a 1000 dollar mixed print jacket and pricey, glitter platforms, which is exactly what this Fashionista has done.

This Fashionista’s outfit uses most of the essentials you should have as part of your transitional summer-to-fall wardrobe to make a cute, put together look (with enough details that it captures the eye but doesn’t overwhelm). She’s updated the “plain white T-shirt and blue jeans” look by wearing slightly ragged skinny dark-wash jeans that she’s cuffed at the hem, instead of letting them hang over her brown ankle boots (a fall staple for any Fashionista’s closet). The top has lace detail that makes it stand out from a plain white tank top or T-shirt, and shows enough skin to be modern without venturing into concert wear territory. Her tote bag is a slightly lighter shade than her boots, but brings a more casual, everyday aspect to the outfit as a whole; it’s also given detail through the tassel and faux fur keychain on the bag’s handle. The gold chandelier earrings add a bit of glam to the look without overpowering the rest of it, and match nicely with her watch (which has just the right amount of sparkle on it).

I love this outfit because it’s perfect for everyday campus life. It’s dressed down enough that it doesn’t seem like it took tons of effort to pull together, but adorably chic enough that it’s not automatically deemed “too casual.” It’s really versatile, too; it can be worn throughout a normal day of classes, to a nice lunch or a fun night out. Best of all, it makes use of simple, basic wardrobe staples that upgrade a potentially dull look into something head-turning and memorable.