This Fashionista exudes confidence with her print-mixing, monochromatic ensemble that effortlessly transitions into spring. She doesn’t need one single color to make a statement. Sometimes it’s best to let the black and white jail-striped pants do the talking.

Name: Lena Hardy

Major: Telecommunications and Film

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Lena Hardy: I would say my style is the perfect combination of classy and edgy. I like to mix and match with color and patterns to explain how I’m feeling on that particular day without saying a word.

CF: Who/what do you look to for fashion inspiration?

LH: Solange Knowles, Rihanna and Kylie Jenner are all women I look up to for fashion. I view their Instagram and Tumblr pages daily for inspiration. 

CF: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

LH: I shop at Madewell, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom and J.Crew. I also love to go thrifting. I actually go every Thursday with my fashion organization.

CF: How do you stay fashion forward/while staying practical for class?

LH: I try to dress nice everyday because I believe when you look good, you feel good. I try to have outfits already in mind before I wake up so I don’t have to stress about it. 

How To: This look can be replicated in a multitude of monochromatic combinations. When print-mixing, be sure to choose prints with varying sizes. These thick, striped pants from ASOS would look great paired with this printed button-down from American Apparel. Top off the look with all gold jewelry and black booties and there’s no stopping the head turns at every corner of campus.


This time of year, the weather seems to have a hard time deciding on a forecast. Every once in a while it feels like spring, but winter seems to be lingering. This Fashionsita looks like spring with her bright red Keds, but with our harsh winds, sometimes a sweater is necessary.

Name: Morgan Jones

Major: Business

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Morgan Jones: In one word, I think I would describe my style as eclectic. My favorite prints are stripes and polka-dots and I can’t live without overalls. 

CF: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

MJ: My favorites stores are Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. I’m usually on a budget, so Forever 21 is a great place to stay stocked on trendy pieces. I like to splurge on dresses at Urban Outfitters.

CF: What spring trend are you most looking forward to once the weather warms up?

MJ: I can’t wait to wear more dresses and long skirts. Sundresses are my everything.

How To: This look is all about repurposing pieces you already have in your closet. Throw on a pair of bright, spring shoes like printed Keds with skinny jeans to liven up your steps as you walk to class. It’s hard not to gravitate toward tanks and dainty cardigans, but if the weather isn’t right I’d rather be comfortable than stylish. Thrift store inspired sweaters have been a yearlong trend, but just because it’s spring doesn’t mean you have to put them away. In the meantime try rocking sweaters with brighter colors and fitted shapes. This sweater from Free People, is perfect for transitioning spring weather.



This Fashionista incorporates comfortable elements into her daily wardrobe effortlessly and tastefully by pairing chic and stretchy American Apparel leggings with flowy cardigans and designer accessories. Her kate spade snakeskin bag I’m sure is envied everywhere she goes.

Name: Layne Giardidi

Major: Marketing

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Layne Giardini: My style is centered around comfort. Leggings are my go-to. I love the shabby chic look, oversized tops and sweaters. Black is my favorite color to wear.

CF: What spring trends are you most looking forward to sporting this season?

LG: I love the pastels and wide leg trousers we are seeing on the runway. Palazzo pants are one of my favorite things to wear. I also love tribal prints.

CF: What are your go-to stores and designers when shopping?

LG: My favorites stores are LOFT, Belk, Torrid and American Apparel. Majority of my wardrobe comes from one of those places! Free People is a staple in my closet.

CF: Where do you gather fashion inspiration?

LG: I get my fashion inspiration from many places. I look on Pinterest a lot as well as magazines. I love Rachel Bilson’s grunge look, as well as the classic look of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence.

How To: Leggings are no new trend, but American Apparel’s shiny stretch, nylon leggings add a bit of funk and flair to an otherwise flat ensemble. Pair them with your favorite smoking slipper and a loose-fitting top and you are ready to conquer class or grab drinks with friends after a long afternoon of studying.



This Fashionista’s classic, clean and comfortable look encompasses everything a girl needs heading into midterms. Her sport-inspired sweater is just bulky enough to burrow down in the library with while retaining its proverbial put-together nature.

Name:Tori Hall

Major: Advertising

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Tori Hall: I would say that my style is not limited to one or two genres, but rather how I’m feeling that day. I usually don’t pick out what I’m gong to wear until the morning of.

CF: Where do you look to for fashion inspiration?

TH: I admire all style that comes from New York City, which hardly narrows the types of style down since you can be whoever you want to be in New York … and that includes dress!

CF: What are your must-have designers this spring?

TH: I like BCBGMAXAZRIA because they are always on the cutting edge of what’s fashionable that year. Free People is awesome for casual/comfortable wear, while still trying to look cute. Lastly, French Connection has those timeless/classic outfits and designs that will never go out of style and one can wear at multiple types of occasions.

How to: To achieve this look, start with one of spring’s latest trends: athletic wear. Adidas, striped zip-up hoodies are no longer confined to post-workout wear. Tommy Hilfiger and Marc by Marc Jacobs both offered their take on athletic wear on the runway at fall Fashion Week 2013. This varsity sweater from Forever 21 is the perfect, subtle ode to the athletic trend. Add your most comfortable pair of skinny jeans and combat boots and you’re ready to kick some serious midterm behind.


This Fashionista knows how to channel her unique style into a trendy, professional outfit that transcends the work world. Her work at The University of Alabama’s campus newspaper, The Crimson White, requires her to be on her fashion tiptoes to meet important people around campus on top of going to classes.

Name: Mazie Bryant

Major: Journalism

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Mazie Bryant: A black, oversized sweater from Forever 21, a black V-neck T-shirt from Target, cropped, harem-inspired khaki pants from Zara, a cheetah printed belt from J.Crew and berry colored flats from Target. 

CF: What do you look to for fashion inspiration?

MB: I’ve had great opportunities to travel, so I really love to seek inspiration from the people I see in transit during everyday life all over the world — whether hurrying to work, running errands around town or grabbing a coffee with friends. It’s really interesting to me how nearly every city has its own popularized style, so I pull from those looks. It results in a confused closet, so I am still working on creating my own identifiable style.

CF: How do you dress professionally while remaining comfortable walking from class to work?

MB: As editor of The Crimson White, I never know what my day will entail. There may be a problem with a story we ran or an unexpected meeting with a community member or administrator, so I try my best to dress nice every day. Also, I’m on the go upwards of 50 hours per week, so comfort is a huge factor. When I’m getting ready in the morning, I try to think, “If I ran into _____, would I be embarrassed that I was under-dressed? And can I last all day in this?”

How to: This Fashionista rocks a great pair of men’s style trousers. Make sure to keep the rest of the look simple and maybe add a colored loafer for a pop of color. These Proenza Schouler pants are to die for, but for the Fashionista on a budget, try these by alice + olivia.


I spotted this Fashionista roaming around Birmingham, Alabama, the closest place to shop outside of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Her monochromatic outfit resembled that of Katniss Everdeen and I just had to stop her and ask her about her bad girl look.

Name: Melanie Gotz

Major: Business

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Melanie Gotz: A combo of urban and laid-back?

CF: Where do you look to for fashion inspiration?

MG: I try to switch it up between popular styles of different decades.

CF: What spring trends are you looking forward to?

MG: I’ve never really looked into what the next big seasonal trend is, so a spring trend I look forward to has been pretty consistent over the years. I get to ditch my restrictive pants, big coat and miserable shivers in exchange for a tank and shorts that let me freely boogie under the sun.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop?

MG: Honestly, the broke college kid mentality set in for me around age 15, so a combo of thrift stores, Target and Forever 21 has helped me dress like a brand/designer guru for years.

How To: To get this look gather all the black and brown you own and layer! Combat boots are a must, and these by Steve Madden are the perfect Hunger Games-esque boots for city or class tromping. Throw on your favorite leather jacket and zip up a pair of sleek black jeans and you’re ready to roll.


The South is known for its classic charm and southern belle-ish way of dress. But every once in a while you’ll come across a Fashionista that defies the norm and rocks out to her own edgy drum. This Fashionista exudes edginess with her lace maxi and statement necklace. Her whole ensemble seemed to be plucked effortlessly from vintage racks and rock n’ roll archives.

Name: Alexandra Wood

Year: Senior

Major: Apparel Design

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Alexandra Wood: I would describe my style as “classic urban.” My closet consists of fun prints, washed out denim, collared shirts and embellished garments. I love pairing classic and edgy pieces together.

CF: Where do you like to get style inspiration?

AW: I get most of my inspiration from street style. I like a little East Coast mixed with West Coast style. Sometimes I’m caught staring at people, but I’m really checking out their outfit not them.

CF: If you could trade closets with someone who would it be?

AW: Alexa Chung. I love almost everything in her closet. I love how she uses prints and incorporates vintage into her wardrobe.

CF: What spring trend are you most excited to try?

AW: This spring I am looking forward to wearing a full tea-length skirt. I have always loved the look, but was never much of a skirt and dress girl until recently.

How To: To get the chic edgy vibe held captive in this Fashionista’s look, start with a black maxi. This one from NASTY GAL, has just the right amount of swing and spunk. Add your favorite oversized knit cardigan like this one from ASOS and a statement necklace and be prepared rock out on your campus runway. Amp up your look a bit with a punchy lip color like heat wave from NARS.


The great state of Alabama really doesn’t get much of a winter, so these early months are usually spent trying to remain in the bundled-up and booted spirit while compromising with the weather. This Fashionista rocks a metallic gray sweater and lets her spirit shine through in the form of a floral backpack.

Name: Kelcey Sexton

Major: Journalism

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Kelcey Sexton: I guess I consider my style to be edgy yet feminine. I love the popularity of studs and spikes on clothing, but I’m also a huge sucker for Peter Pan collars and floral print.

CF: What are your favorite winter “going-to-class” trends?

KS: I love seeing everyone bundled up in scarves, beanies, flannel layers and boots when fall and winter roll around.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

KS: I end up looking more and more at what’s in my sister’s closet, but I also really just like modern clothes with a vintage flair.

CF: Who is your number one style crush?

KS: My style crush is probably Emma Stone if I had to pick someone. She puts together casual outfits that are still more stylish than mine could ever be.

How To: This Fashionista’s look is great for a breezy going-to-class look in this mixed-up weather that is the South. Her subtly metallic sweater reminded me of this Stella McCartney one from fall. It would look great layered over a pair of black leggings. Her floral backpack really sent the look home, recognizing her love for vintage prints. Try this one by Steve Madden to give your book bag a makeover.


This summer will be my sixth and final semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. CollegeFashionista has been such an integral part of my college experience as I make my way into the corporate fashion world.

I am currently a senior majoring in Journalism and art at the University of Alabama. I am the culture editor and fashion columnist for my school’s paper, The Crimson White. Between fashion column-ing and Style Guru-ing, my college career has been completely immersed in seeking out the latest trends and experimenting with my own personal style.

My love for all things fashion blossomed at a young age. Being forced into humdrum school uniforms complete with boxy polos and knee-length plaid skirts encouraged my current love of eclectic ensembles with lots of personality—and for that I thank you, private schooling.

For me, getting dressed in the morning is my first accomplishment of the day. I consider clothes to be an extension of my personality, an outlet of sorts. I find myself daydreaming of unusual apparel combinations. Fashion gets me excited to get out of bed to imitate a look I saw on one of my favorite fashion blogs or create my own character. I am always on the lookout for more blogs to add to my daily internet stroll and more magazines to cultivate my fashion knowledge.  My love of print mixing, classic twisting and high heels propels my own style blog, Ragged or Well Dressed.

I believe leopard print is a neutral, every outfit is in need of one sparkly note and polka-dots will never go out of style.

After I graduate, with my affinity for writing and ardor for fashion in tow, I plan to leave the college-town life and write for a fashion magazine. My goal is to inspire others to see fashion as another realm of creativity to be utilized for personal experimentation.

CollegeFashionista X Macy’s: mstylelab at The University of Alabama

Between the rich textures and plentiful layers defining fall fashions, it’s no wonder I long for the cold weather trends just as soon school starts. In Alabama, layers are key no matter the weather. It’s important to be able to peel off that extra jacket or sweater lest the weather warms up midday. Yes, it’s November, but that doesn’t mean much when it’s still in the 70s down south. Macy’s mystylelab is packed full of the leather details, bulky sweaters and kitschy prints I love—plenty of layering options.

With my first look, I decided to try the monochromatic trend for that sleek and easy girls night out ensemble I often struggle concocting. I channeled Sandy’s all-grown-up look from Grease with the XOXO black leather jacket and black leggings. The polka-dotted Jessica Simpson leggings and embellished Jessica Simpson graphic T-shirt add a sweet feminine touch to the otherwise bad gal ensemble. I am always in search of a legging that functions more as a pant and I think I found them. Plus they have polka-dots; a subtle, but fun addition to the black basic. Monochromatic outfits transition easily for any season or occasions. Plus you can never go wrong with black and white; it just screams confidence and sophistication.

My second look whole-heartedly embodies my usual go-to-class look. When I’m at a loss for what to wear on a chilly fall day, I usual end up rocking some combination of long-sleeve button-up and sweater. This flannel from Material Girl could be dressed up or down with the peek-a-boo sheer cross in the back, but I chose to add the Material Girl cat sweater for a quirky, functional class look. Who can pass up a cropped cat sweater? Not me. I will definitely wear the flannel with the Jessica Simpson leggings for a fun concert look. The Levi’s corduroy leggings are super comfortable and look great with a chunky sweater—I went with purple; of course.

Being from a large SEC football school, I’m constantly in search of spirited clothes for game-days. I’m not one to sport overstated houndstooth and red bows like some fans, but the rugby-inspired striped dress by Jessica Simpson is a perfect, subtle way to show my colors. I paired my red and gray dress with a fur vest from Forever 21 and lace-up boots to contrast preppy with a hippy. And contrary to popular belief, it does get cold in Alabama; so I needed a few more bundling elements keep me on my toes the entire game.  I can’t wait to sport this outfit at our next home game.

Macy’s mystylelab was perfect to get a jumpstart on my fall wardrobe, especially the classics.. That cat sweater though—that’s my favorite. I can’t wait to sport my looks around campus, be it the Strip for dinner with friends, a Saturday football game or just bundled up on my way to class. Thanks, Macy’s!

Disclosure Statement: 

This post is brought to you by Macy’s. Create your own mstylelab look.