While the Winter season has arrived, that is no excuse to put away the ability to throw a dress on and feel classy for the day. I have always been a huge fan of maxi dresses and not only in the warmer months, like the Springtime, but especially in weather like this, where the dress goes all way down to your ankles, keeping you as warm as you would feel with a pair of pants on, while still having your legs free. This Fashionista wore her long maxi dress cinched with a skinny belt, a long, flowy cardigan and comfortable flats to match. The statement necklace makes the outfit complete, giving a pop of color just where it is needed. I thought the outfit was effortlessly put together, a perfect mixture of casual and fashionable, something I always strive to emanate.

Recreating this outfit is simple, by finding the perfect basic maxi dress, or even a new approach to the look with a maxi length skirt and a long sleeved shirt tucked in underneath. Or with the dress alone, put on your favorite blazer or open-knit cardigan to add comfort to chic. To battle the cold weather, you can put on a pair of tights underneath with a pair of booties, or even knee-high boots, if you're not partial to wearing just flats with your tights. Wrap up your ensemble with a statement necklace, such as this one from Charlotte Russe, whose aquamarine colors and chain dusters I adore.

The look is classic and easy to adapt to Fall, Winter, or Spring, effectively providing you with a year-round go-to get up. Just spruce up your basics and you're on the fast track to being eternally in style.


While the most obvious parts of our outfit are always so clearly on display from the moment we step out into public, it is truly the details in said outfits that really make an impact. The most extravagant top can be upstaged by the intricate print embedded within its threads, and this is apparent in the girl I recently encountered who hit the streets with a gorgeous peacoat that had been sewn with a more detailed button that the normal black plastic ones we are so used to seeing. Her skirt as well, featuring buttons down the center, paired with her patterned tights and her ankle boots with a buckle fasted on the sides.  Her outfit appeared simple, yet dressed up and formal with her scarf and detailed studs/buttons on her clothing. 

A great example of this trend happens to be military jackets, a jacket that features big buttons, commonly adorned more than any regular coat. Or another way to achieve this look would be to wear a plain round or V-necked shirt, accompanied with a dazzling brooch for that extra pop of color. Shoes like these flats appear as basic, but the back is unexpectedly adorned with studs, a little detail that can really add value to the entire shoe. If you want to get crafty, make your own studded detail with a hot glue gun, a few add-on rhinestones and studs from a local craft store. 

When it can easily be spiced up or made into a completely different possession of yours, nothing will ever be too plain again.


New Jersey is notorious for those days when it's supposed to be freezing cold outside in late November, early December, but instead we're met with the sweet temperatures of the mid-60s and a slight breeze. I haven't experienced one winter in New Jersey without running into at least one Indian Summer, a phenomenon where the weather hits an abnormal high temperature for the Winter season. I came across this well-dressed guy on my way back to campus and I came to found out that he was actually a foreigner, an Australian who is completely used to this type of weather in the later months of the year. His above-the-knee shorts combined with his combat boots seemed completely unlikely to the fallen leaves and the date of the year, but it was just fitting for the weather outside.

Recreate your best Indian Summer look by donning a light wrap dress with a loose-knit long cardigan to go against the breeze that usually accompanies the warm temperatures, or jeans and an off-the shoulder top are always a classic combination. If you're a budding Fashionisto, like the one I happened to photograph this week, a basic V-neck with a pair of dark jeans and your favorite beaten boots keeps you in style and perfectly fitting and able to enjoy the second summer of the year.


When we're born we're all put into our little carriers with our blankets and the first thing that the doctors find out is whether we're a girl or a boy. According to normal standards, the girls are usually wrapped in a bundle of pink while the boys are swaddled in blue. From a very young age we're instilled the thought that pink is somewhat "girly" and I think it's something us girls should truly embrace. This Fashionista hit the town in a pink coat, matched with a lacy dress and off-white shoes to match. Her pink-centric outfit reminded me of the times when I would dress up and have little tea parties with my stuffed animals, although this is a completely grown up approach to the tea-party outfit.

To recreate this style, match a light pink or pastel pink item of clothing to something more tame in color, like an off-white or even a gray tank top. The pink can be anything from a peacoat to a more casual blazer, or even the tights on your legs or shoes on your feet. To girl it up, add some lace and bows to your ensemble, like in the form of a headband or a string of pearls with a neat bow on the end. The best shoes to complete these kind of outfits are your classic Mary Janes or even a sleek pair of suede pumps will do the trick. Do something different and emphasize your femininity and be the the stylish Fashionista you were born to be.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Patterned Perfection

Patterns are an interesting trend that are starting to resurface in fashion, and it's had me wondering for a while if it had the potential to have staying power. After coming across this Fashionista, I concluded that, indeed, patterns have the ability to make a substantial impact on the fashion industry. What she wore on top was simple: a black body suit paired with a white blazer, but the real winner in this outfit happened to be her patterned tights, which she finished off with a pair of open toed booties. The pattern gives the illusion of lace with a much more hip approach, something I absolutely loved. And although this outfit is a more dramatic one, it is nonetheless, still chic.

To recreate this trend, a pair of patterned tights are a necessity, preferably with a solid color underneath the pattern. A perfect example are these polka-dotted tights from Urban Outfitters, or even these psychedelic tights by Roper still send the message of the look you're trying to achieve. If you're not in for the solid and want a little more sheer, try going for a lacy design like these rose patterned tights at Forever 21. Even leggings come with various designs on them, a perfect match for your favorite knee high or even ankle boots. Match the patterned tights with a plain or solid colored top so you don't overpower the pattern with more intricate designs and the outfit is set. Keep an open mind when it comes to fashion and you're sure to be in style.


Being fashionable while on the job is something that many attempt to achieve yet fail to accomplish. The real challenege is being work appropriate while also being able to rock the same outfit outside of of the office. I spotted today's Fashionista while on my way to class and after chatting with her for a little bit, she informed me that she was actually on her way to work. Dressed in a ruffled shoulder blazer with a simple black tank top underneath, paired with a striped skirt and a set of black riding boots to match, she was dressed well for her job and an evening out. 

To imitate this outfit, a blazer is an absolute must, try options like this one from Forever 21 or this similar blazer by Silence and Noise from Urban Outfitters. The blazer plays as the beneficial part of the outfit, as it plays up business side of your attire. 


I remember way back when I was a little kid, and I didn't have any sense of fashion or knowledge for myself, so my mother used to dress me in whatever she saw fit. That usually consisted of turtlenecks with little animals or hearts on them, thick itchy sweaters, or corduroy pants, and no matter what my parents thought, I and all fellow children knew that it was not cute. However, as we grow older, we form our own sense of style and sometimes we revert back to where we started from, picking up little tips from the outfits we wore as a child. I came across this Fashionista who was dressed in corduroy overalls, tights and argyle socks, along with a stunning pair of combat boots. It fit together flawlessly and reminded me so much of my childhood years except with a way more modern twist to it.

Recreating this outfit is simple, as anyone who isn't partial to the renovation of the classic overalls, try the softer, more flexible approach using a romper like this one from Forever 21, with a pair of tights or thick stockings underneath to combat the winter chill. Or bring turtlenecks back and make a statement with a bold belt and knee high riding boots, a Winter favorite of mine. Looking back on the past to make an impact on the present day is a great alternative to following what everyone else is doing.

Nostalgia is the best way to stay chic, since everyone knows that history, and fashion, are bound to repeat themselves.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bigger is Always Better

As a huge fan of stuffing everything and anything possible into my purse, I am a complete sucker for an oversized bag, and I am so glad that they are eternally in style, because an oversized bag allows us to pack anything from our school books to our lip gloss in one big, fashionable tote. I spotted this Fashionista and her bag from a mile away, and although the bag is what initially intrigued me, her whole outfit meshed well with the black bag adorned with gold zippers and accents. This Fashionista also had her body-to-bag ratio perfectly portioned because one thing to remember about oversized bags is to choose one that is suitable for your frame, as you want to wear the purse, not the other way around.

A favorite splurge on oversized bags that I always recommend is the Longchamp Le Pliage bag in a large size, which allows you to fit something as big as a 13 inch laptop within its long handles, while still staying chic. It is a classic alternative to the embellished totes we wear today, but that doesn't make our favorite studded and zippered bag any less fashionable. Like this braided tote from Forever 21 which measures at a length of 19 inches, plenty of space for our pens, makeup, and a few books for class.

I love when practicality and fashion are able to merge because that means I can accomplish the necessary while still keeping your finger on the trends. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bold and Beautiful

The fall and winter seasons are all about keeping warm when the air shifts and we move past flip-flops and shorts weather, something that tends to fluctuate in New Jersey. We are notorious for having warm days in November, but when the chill of October creeps up on us like it has recently, we turn to our trusty scarf and gloves to keep us from getting frostbitten. The best way to stay fashion forward while stopping the shivering is accentuating your outfit with a bright colored scarf, bold enough to make a statement on its own as well as compliment what you've got covering the rest of your body.

I came across today's Fashionista and her colorful scarf and I fell in love. I have been obsessed with scarves since the temperature has dropped and I love the look of a printed scarf, like this one from Forever 21, against any type of outfit. Similar scarves like this tribal one from Charlotte Russe, or a multi-colored scarf from Delia's make just as big of an impact. A new scarf trend I've watched catch on happens to be the "infinity" or "eternity" style scarf, which is a scarf that is single knit in a circle, so there is no end, hence the name "infinity"! This zig-zag print scarf from Charlotte Russe is a great example of being bold while still staying warm.

Scarves are always in style, so at least when you're rushing to get to class and out of the cold, you know you're still eternally chic.


I am a huge fan of Victorian style, so whenever I see a pattern reminiscent of that era, it makes me a bit happier than any other design I see. The corsets and lace are a perfect match for one another, and with the sophisticated swirls and patters that go along with it, it makes for a gorgeous combination. I saw this Fashionista studying in the library and she definitely looked worthy of photographing, as she wore a lace corset along with dark wash jeans and leather boots, with a satchel purse slung over one side. I thought her outfit was stunning and I hope to be able to recreate it into my wardrobe as best as I can.

To break this style out in your own way, try this lace corset from Charlotte Russe with a cardigan for a relaxed-yet-dressed-up look, or if you're heading out to work, you can pair it with a blazer to look more business-oriented and stylish on the job. A cute shoulder bag would be this black zippered purse from Forever 21, big enough to fit your school books or anything too heavy to hold in your arms. Finish off the outfit with leather boots (such as the Frye-style ones we recommended last week!) or even slouchy suede boots: a complete must in a girl's closet.

Keep to these recommendations and you'll be bringing back Victorian fashion with an American flair effortlessly.