How to Conquer the Gym With Confidence

If walking into the gym reminds you of walking into an alternate universe where nothing makes sense and everyone is better than you at everything, then you’ve come to the right place—and you’re just like me! I hate the gym, but I go because sometimes it’s nice and it allows me to eat pizza with less guilt. But how do you grow to tolerate, or even like, going to the gym?

1—Bring a friend. Hopefully, this person is more motivated than you and will force you to go, inspire you to push yourself, and help you build your confidence.

2—Bring your Netflix. An introvert’s dream: being surrounded by people, but still socially acceptable to block those people out. Turn on some Netflix or a good Spotify playlist, and forget about the girl next to you who is able to run a five-minute mile.

3—Fuel up. Getting a smoothie after the gym is the perfect cool down. It helps if you decide to get a yummy smoothie before going to the gym; it can keep you motivated and serve as a reward for all your hard work.

4—Tell your parents you’re going to the gym. If your parents are anything like mine, the response will be something like “Look at you, balancing school and exercise! You are so smart and healthy and awesome.” Thanks, mom, I am awesome.

5—Don’t push yourself. As a college student, you have a lot on your plate. Don’t make yourself miserable by going to the gym if you hate it. Do a home workout in your dorm or take a walk around campus instead.

6—Dress to kill. You’ll always feel better if you’re dressed like a true athlete at the gym. When it comes to running shoes, always choose comfort, because you know what makes the gym even less enjoyable? Blisters. Wear some breathable shorts or leggings. Instead of wearing one of your old high school T-shirts, opt for a breathable tank top that will help you look and stay cool.

If you have any additional tips on how to conquer the gym, let me know in the comments below!

Delicate Details

First off, congrats to everyone for finishing up another semester. For those of you taking summer classes, we’ll get through this together. Finishing spring semester means that we have also survived the snow and the rain that was bound and determined to hinder our style with heavy coats and waterproof makeup. However, summer comes with its own style challenges, mainly the heat.

Staying Cool

Summer is a tricky season to dress for. You want to dress cute without being uncomfortable. Dressing up your basic pieces is a great way to avoid letting the heat interfere with your style. When the temperature hits over 75 degrees, no one really wants to wear anything besides shorts and a tank top, but that doesn’t mean that the outfit can’t be cute. Take a look at this Fashionista’s outfit, she found the perfect way to dress cool while staying cool.

One of this summer’s major trends is delicate details. Delicate details are small feminine touches to basic clothing items that add texture or interest to the pieces.

A trend for this summer is scalloped edges. Scalloped edges, such as the ones on the Fashionista’s shorts, are the perfect feminine touch to any summer ensemble. Instead of putting on a plain tank top, add some more detail by choosing one with elegant knife pleats and a button-down closure.

When the weather starts to get chilly, one solution is to reach for a fun colored summer cardigan. A thin cardigan is the best way to add warmth to an outfit without adding bulk.

Post a picture showing everyone how you dress to beat the heat and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

STYLE ADVICE: Music Festivals

The last scantron bubble is filled, and the last goodbye has been said, so it is time to head home for the summer. With summer comes three things: sun, sleep, and music festivals. I cannot hear the word Coachella without immediately thinking of Vanessa Hudgens. She is the queen of bohemian dressing, and Coachella is her kingdom. She is constantly sporting floral flowy looks like this one, whether it is a sundress, romper, or even pants. She knows how to perfectly balance Woodstock chic and Gypsy princess, and so does this Fashionista. Whether or not you were able to make it to Coachella, the summer is scattered with more festivals like it. Bust out all your bohemian dresses, buy a new pair of sandals, and recreate this Fashionista’s look.

While summer is great, it can also get pretty hot. Instead of wearing shorts and a top that will cling to you when it gets above 75 degrees, opt for a lightweight dress like this Fashionista’s. The bell sleeves allow the look to be breezy, and still 100 percent festival appropriate. Nothing says music festival like a pair of rounded ’70s style sunglasses. Also, keep the look trendy with a stylish choker. As the choker trend continues, they are quickly being transitioned into spring and summer, with lighter colors and lacy fabric.

Finish the look off with shoes that will last. Leave the flimsy flip flops at home, and wear some comfortable crochet sandals, that will be great for all of your daytime festivities. Your feet will thank you at the end of the night.

WHAT TO WEAR: Fashionable Finals

This best part about finals week, and arguably the only good part, aside from the moment it is over, is cozying up in your sweats to study. This is amazing in the winter when you already freezing, but finals week in the spring can be tricky, especially when summer weather is heading your way. To stay comfortable, but avoid looking weather confused, take some notes from this Fashionista.

Never underestimate the power of the all-season sweater because, really, everyone wants to be wearing a sweater all the time. Find an all-season sweater that is soft, but thin, allowing it to easily transition in different weather conditions. As for color, a light neutral is perfect, as it works for both summer and winter. It also gives you the freedom to add in seasonal colored accessories like floral sunnies.

Fashion is all about balance. If you are wearing a heavily patterned top, you’ll find it will look best with a solid bottom. This balancing act is key to the spring/summer trends. Fitted jeans or shorts, a regular staple, can be paired with flowy tops and flared sweaters. The outfit this Fashionista is wearing demonstrates this trend perfectly. With this sweater’s fitted arms and flared bottom, it can be cozy and casual as well as classroom approved.

The little things count. When wearing a typical winter piece, it is important that your accessories announce that you understand what season you are in. This Fashionista chose to make this clear, by wearing a small, earthy charm necklace, along with a trendy pair of floral sunglasses. Another suggestion would be strappy sandals or brightly colored nails. Finals week is hard enough, don’t let your outfit stress you out.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tropical Staycation

I know everyone is probably sick of talking about the weather, so let’s just sum it up by saying that this winter has been about as confusing as Warren Beatty at the Oscars. However, there is a magical event coming very soon, in approximately 500 hours, but who’s counting? I am. Spring break is nearly upon us.

Spring break is like the first taste of summer. You are reminded of what sleep feels like and you are given just enough motivation to get though the rest of the semester. Whether you are heading to the beach or planning on relaxing the days away at home, give your outfit a taste of summer, too. It’s sure to brighten you up and will have you daydreaming of the warmer days ahead.

This Fashionista’s outfit is what I imagine Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale’s love child would wear as it is the perfect balance between bohemian and edgy. The top adds both a color and interest to the look with its detailed tropical print. Her cute ship wheel necklace and other accessories give both a vintage and edgy feel. The ripped black jeans add to the edgy spirit and also make the outfit weather-appropriate for those of us still in this winter limbo up North. This dark but topical outfit was almost completely thrifted, but similar pieces can be found easily.

If your spring break is taking you somewhere tropical, why not add even more color to this look? Replace dark jeans with some fun, colored shorts and the top could also be perfect to wear as a beach cover up.

Wherever your spring break takes you, safe travels!


For those of us lucky enough to live up North we are still in the heart of winter but we can see the rainy days of spring in the distance and this Fashionista is ready for them. I know, I know, when it’s rainy and cloudy no one wants to go out and they definitely don’t want to dress up but I promise it is not hard. There are three easy steps to create an outfit that will brighten up any dark day.

First, a lighter color top. It is said that wearing brighter, lighter colors enhance your mood. This drop waist peplum top is in a blush pink color which is a perfect color for the transition from winter to spring. Peplum tops are my absolute favorite so I am so happy that they have been becoming so popular recently. They are perfect for any body type and are a great way to give your outfit some extra flair.

Second, while jumping in puddles might make for the perfect Instagram Boomerang, be sure you come prepared with some tall rain boots. And make sure they are a cute pattern, like this Fashionista’s, for extra likes. Instead of getting yourself one of those clear bubble umbrellas that everyone on campus already has, go bold and unique with a cool patterned one like this.

Lastly, the gems on this outfit will shine through any rain clouds they come across. This precious headband gives off serious Blair Waldorf vibes and diamonds and rose gold bracelets are a perfect match. Layer on the jewels and keep on shining!


As winter break comes to a close, reflect and be grateful for those few extra hours of sleep you got because the back to school rush is here! You can just sit and watch your calendar fill up with lunches your old friends want to have before you part to different colleges again and quick meetings with those relatives that say they just have to see you before you leave. Don’t forget the catch up Starbucks date you have planned with your friends the moment you return to school. You’re going to need a cute, comfy outfit to wear when you are running all over the place and this Fashionista knows just what to wear!

I know you’ve been lying around in your pajamas for the past few weeks but just because you have to journey outside doesn’t mean you can’t be just as comfy. Just put on your favorite pair of leggings and instead of a dingy sweatshirt add a cute swing dress. This Fashionista’s striped swing dress adds pattern and color to the look. Her booties are great for running around in and help dress up the outfit. Her studded bag is the perfect size to hold all those gift cards she got over the holidays.

Once you are done saying your goodbyes and ready for a fun, reunited night out with your friends you can just make a few changes to take this look from day to night. First add a cute leather jacket then switch out the leggings for tights. This will not only dress the outfit up a little more but it will also give you an edgier look.

STYLE GURU BIO: Abby Gundler

Hello all!

My name is Abby Gundler and I am so excited to be returning to CollegeFashionista for my third semester. I am a sophomore at Kent State University majoring in fashion merchandising. At Kent State I am also part of a nondenominational Christian group called The Navigators. I am from a small town outside of Cincinnati that loves farming as much as I love fashion.

I am almost always in a skirt, no matter the season or occasion. Skirts are so versatile and they can be paired so many different ways and can be really dressy or super casual. My favorite thing about skirts is that some skirts can transition to the next season. There’s no sad moment where you have to hide your favorite skirt in the back of your closet for six months. Just pair it with some tights and a sweater and bam you have a winter wardrobe. I love this outfit especially because I feel like Meghan Trainor killing it on tour in 2014. I would say my love of skirts and cardigans puts my style in a girly-classic category. Although I am 5’9″ I can’t resist anything with a heel, which of course always go well with a skirt.

I have a true passion to work in the fashion industry. I want to draw attention to certain target customers that I feel are often ignored and mistreated. I can talk your ear off about my opinions on size equality in the fashion industry. To quote Melissa McCarthy who is someone I really admire, “When you go above a size 12, you don’t lose your love of fashion.” When I was just starting to become interested in fashion I found it hard to find any fashion inspiration pictures or references in any media outlet that showcase a girl over a size four. In this age of accepting and loving everyone I don’t understand how it is still okay to shove certain size apparel to the back corner of the store or make plus size customers shop exclusively online. I know that there are many body activist that are trying to change the way plus size women are viewed in the fashion industry and I hope one day I can help them.

Here’s to a great semester of writing!

WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

Summer may be coming to an end but fall sports season is just about to kick off. There’s no need to sacrifice looking cute for watching a football game. Draw attention to the sidelines with a sporty-chic outfit like this Fashionista’s.

This Fashionista scores major points for her sporty look—Adding fun twists on classic tailgating attire. Instead of sporting an oversized jersey to cheer on your team opt for a cute baseball T-shirt for a more fitted look. There has never been a more appropriate scene to wear a pair of boyfriend jeans than a sporting event. The ability to look sporty, casual and yet still put together is a gift and that gift is boyfriend jeans.

Of course most fall sports take place outside, so you will need a good pair of sunnies and I am a big fan of the ones this Fashionista has chosen. Alternate out a pair of plain gym shoes for a pair of trendy patterned sneakers. Keep the look casual with a natural hair look or mix things up with a fun, trendy braid.

Now with your outfit figured out all you need for your next sporting event is a large foam finger and an extra large pretzel.

One Simple Change: When you are scrambling to get ready for your 7:45 a.m. class after waking up at 7:40, instead of rocking your sweats (again) reach for this super cute and comfy outfit. Add a baseball cap to cover up that bed head and you’re off.

WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Summer is going by fast, like it always does, but there is still time to get those last few beach days in. Trying to look nice in 101 degree weather with humidity is quite the battle, but this Fashionista pulls it off with ease. The outfit this Fashionista is wearing is perfect for walking around on the boardwalk or going out to eat after the beach. The light material makes it perfect for these warmer days. This Fashionista’s shoes are perfect for walking on the beach or down to the pier to see the sunset.

My favorite part about this cute match set is that it is three outfits in one. You could wear it the traditional way, just matching. You could swap out the matching shorts for a cute high-waisted jean pair or you could change the matching top into a solid colored shirt.

Grecian patterns, like the one on this match set, is very elegant and very on trend this season. There is no need to worry about piling on jewelry when this outfits fun pattern completes itself. The Fashionista demonstrated that by adding just a simple gold necklace to add a tiny detail. She also rocks the casual curly look with a cute mini topknot. This is perfect for adding a more relaxed feel to this look.

One Simple Change: If you wanted to take this adorable ensemble out for a night on the town you could swap out the sandals for a pair of brown wedges for a girls night out look.