#CFashionistaGram: Ice Cream, You Scream

This week, we have a serious craving for an insane Instagram. Check out the ice cream we can’t stop drooling over, not to mention Style Guru Allison Ramirez’s fab Fashionista. Need some words of wisdom? We’ve got you covered.

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TRENDING: Eight Summer Hairstyles

The worst thing about summer vacation is that you only have a few months to enjoy it. Before you know it, school is starting again and you no longer have any time for outdoor adventures or spontaneous fun in the sun. Your time to live carefree is precious! The last thing you want keeping your schedule in tangles is your hair. Whether you have long locks or keep it short and sweet, summer hairstyling is all about versatility and looking your beach-bound best.

No matter what your summer activities include, we’ve got you covered on how to fix up your hair while doing them. Braids, buns and creative colors—these Fashionistas know how to make your hairdo the talk of surf city.

1. Crown braids are an easy and creative way to mix up your normal hair routine. We may never be royal, but at least we have access to a built-in crown.

2. Adding a bow headband can help keep pesky fly-aways in place, while providing the perfect accessory for a day around town.

3. Nothing says summer quite like beach waves. Fortunately, you don’t always need to dive through them to get them in your hair with the help of some salt spray and a bit of tousling.

4. Rocking a summer bob is a great way to beat the heat and look adorable while doing so.

5. Styling your hair in a bun is a classic summer go-to. However, if you’re looking to take your bun to the next level, try embellishing it. There’s a whole world of bows, pins and accessories just waiting to make the cut.

6. Don’t let mother nature have all the fun when it comes to adding a hint of sun-kissed color to your look. Use your time off from classes to try out hair color trends like lavender. It’s a hair trend and a new accessory to your summer wardrobe all in one!

7. A classic single braid is an easy solution for perfect summer hair. Not only does it look great on its own, but a braid will give you a gorgeous set of kinky beach waves when you take it down at the end of the day.

8. Get that hair off your neck, and throw it up into a ponytail! A hair tie on the wrist is a summer essential, and leaves you prepared to toss this hairstyle together on the run.

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There is the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that old adage is true, then the photos of this Fashionisto are worth at least a million. I mean, this Fashionisto was born for street style, am I right? From his splatter print harem pants to his choker to his round frame glasses, this Fashionisto’s look is 100 percent inspiring. I mean, who else could make socks and sandals that cool?

But beyond all these amazing pieces, the only thing I was most drawn to was his bag. His black, suede Céline phantom bag was a sight for sore eyes. Céline has become the go-to, bank account draining brand for celebrities, bloggers and Fashionistas as of late. Whenever I see a Fashionista rocking a Céline luggage, phantom or trapeze bag, I am struck with envy. But to see a Fashionisto carrying such a enviable bag made me even more gaga.

While Céline may not be in most college students’ budgets, taking a cue from this Fashionisto and grabbing yourself an oversized black tote bag is something everyone can do at just about every price point. Like this Fashionisto illustrates, suede is a great choice for winter. I think it gives a warm, rich feel to counteract the freezing temperatures. When picking the perfect tote, think about your lifestyle. Most college students lug with them books, a computer, cell phone, wallet, headphones, a snack, chapstick, sunglasses—the list is really endless. So you need to find a bag big enough to carry all your daily necessities. From Prada to Payless, Tory Burch to Target, finding the right bag at the right price has never been easier.

So as you finalize your holiday shopping list, don’t forget about a little something for yourself. Pick yourself up a classic black bag you will wear for seasons and seasons to come.

Spotted: Céline’s pre-fall 2013 presentation showcased a more simplistic and minimalistic black tote that would look great with just about anything, including this model’s look.



‘Tis the season for hot chocolate, ice skating, the holidays, friends, family and… finals. Finals is my second to least favorite F word. It seems to be the black cloud that hangs over the holiday season. But as much as we pout, complain and procrastinate with our Netflix queue, it is something that all college students need to get through.

Just because we are miserable on the inside, doesn’t mean we have to look that way on the outside during finals. Looking put-together and comfortable are two main keys when dressing for finals. This Fashionista accomplishes those goals and more with her layered look.

Her flared denim are a great cut for those late night study sessions. They are not as constricting as skinny jeans and look a heck of a lot better then sweatpants or yoga pants. The extreme flare on the denim has a retro-Americana look, which I love. Slipping on a pair of flared denim is just as easy as throwing on sweats and are a lot more fashion forward.

Another easy way to look fashionable and comfortable during finals is layering. This Fashionista wore a check button-down over a graphic sweatshirt and topped the look off with a toggle coat. What I liked about these three pieces together is the juxtaposition. The preppy button-down is offset with the cheeky sweatshirt. Layering for finals is always a number one priority. The last thing you want to worry about during your exams is your temperature. By layering, you are prepared for whatever mood the lecture hall’s heater is in that day.

Finish off the look with a colorful scarf for added warmth and sunnies to hide the bags from lack of sleep under your eyes. With a look like this Fashionista’s you are sure to at least secure an A+ in personal style.

One Simple Change: If celebratory drinks are in order post-finals, simply swap out the denim for a cute leather mini and tights for a casual, evening look.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Technicolor Dreamcoat

Besides teaching me colors such as “azure,” “russet” and “fawn,” the musical Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat taught me that there is nothing more enviable then a statement coat. Even more amazing? A technicolor statement coat. A dreamcoat, if you will…

When I saw this Fashionisto rocking a modern-day version of Joseph’s infamous one, I was instantly envious and intrigued. Sure, Fashionistas love statement coats. But Fashionistos usually resort to black, navy or, if they really want to spice it up, beige coats or jackets. This Fashionisto was a true risk taker and trendsetter by wearing a coat of many colors.

It was red and yellow and green and brown  This Fashionisto’s coat sure does share many of the same colors of Joseph’s. But what makes this Fashionisto’s choice less of a costume and more of a statement piece is the silhouette and pattern. This Fashionisto’s button-down desert coat has a vintage feel to it. The boxy shape and oversized pockets keep the silhouette rather simple. Instead of rocking a bolder pattern like tie-dye or plaid, the stripe pattern keeps the color usage in check. The simple pattern streamlines the coat and keeps the look clean and focused. For more attention-grabbing coats, check out my latest eBay Collection.

I was not only captivated by its colors, but I was impressed by this Fashionisto’s decision to rock so many bold and beautiful hues during winter. So as we head into the dark of winter (and finals), add some color to your otherwise gray surroundings. Grab yourself your very own technicolor dreamcoat and brighten your winter wardrobe (and day).

Hint: When wearing such a bold coat, be sure to keep the rest of your look more streamlined and subdued. I like how this Fashionisto opted for dark skinny jeans, a khaki green shirt and desert boots to balance the vibrancy of his coat.

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It’s December so it is time to face the facts. It’s getting cold out there, and not in the, “oh no, its chilly—let’s throw on a sweater” cold. We are on the brink of “my skin is red/I can’t feel my fingers/let’s just stay in” kind of cold. I know I personally struggle finding ways to ward off frostbite while still remaining fashion-forward.

But then I spotted this Fashionista and my faith in looking chic while cold was restored. Besides her sleek leather boots and all black varsity jacket, what impressed me the most was this Fashionista’s scarf/hood. The accessory was one I had never really seen before and it seemed like something legends are made of. One part scarf; one part hood; 100 percent amazing.

Let’s break it down further, shall we. The thick, waffle knit is not only a nice little detail, but also protects the Fashionista against harsh wind gusts. By opting for a tighter knit, it only makes the pattern more vibrant and adds further warmth. Another pro? The oversized nature of the scarf. It really makes a statement and provides plenty of coverage. I also love that she opted for gray over black. The added color against the otherwise dark ensemble brings some light to the look.

So instead of stacking your Netflix queue and stocking up on canned goods in preparation for hibernation, embrace the cold in style by wrapping yourself up in schood (scarf + hood).

Spotted: Marc Jacobs’ fall 2012 runway show was the true embodiment of taking this oversized scarf trend to the extreme.


One of my absolute favorite movies is Almost Famous. From the killer soundtrack to the portrayal of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, that film always makes me wish I was around during the ’70s. Perhaps what I love most about that movie, however, are the costumes. Kate Hudson’s character Penny Lane’s wardrobe in the movie is filled with statement platforms, oversized sunnies and, my personal favorite, standout coats.

When I spotted this Fashionista, she looked like a modern day Penny Lane. Her look screams 1970s groupie in the best possible way. But fashion choices make her a total 21st century Fashionista. Let’s start from the bottom up. Her wedge sandals are anything but basic. This Fashionista’s pair (which happen to Prada—swoon) may look just like basic black leather. But, upon further inspection, you will notice the intricate baroque detailing. The trippy swirls are nice added touch, as is the pop of blue on the sandal’s sole. All these little details make this Fashionista’s footwear choice something to be admired.

Another accessory to admire are her sunglasses. Traditionally, the 1970s era sunglasses were oversized round frames. This Fashionista stayed true to the oversized silhouette, but modernized her pair by opting for a more square frame. The wire frame is a nice choice as it really disappears and let’s the gradient frames be the focal point.

The pièce de résistance of this Fashionista’s concert ready look, however, is her coat. I mean, how amazing, right? There is no easier and chicer way to create drama then with a statement coat. This Fashionista’s leopard print number is always on trend. Animal prints, especially leopard, is a classic print and sure fire way to make any outfit feel and look special.

So the next time you are getting ready to a concert, let your hair down, throw on the Almost Famous soundtrack and get inspired by this Fashionista. Your look is destined to make you a star.

One Simple Change: Heading straight from an all night concert to class? Simply swap out the coat for a boyfriend cardigan and you are set to at least pass as attentive during lecture. (However, leave on the shades to cover up the bags under your eyes from your lack of sleep.)

CollegeFashionista X Miss Ladyfinger: School Spirit Style

A common dilemma our readers often face is how to show school spirit while still staying on trend. No Fashionista wants to get lost in the sea of thousands with another basic college T-shirt, right?

With basketball season right around the corner, we partnered up with one of our favorite bloggers, Taryn Multack of Miss Ladyfinger, to take the problem of fashionable school spirit into our own hands, literally. Taryn, whose site takes runway looks and interprets them into nail art, showed Amy how to transform her Indiana University pride (Go Hoosiers!) into a chic, creative and noteworthy nail art look. Not to be outshined, Taryn interpreted her own alma mater, Syracuse University, into an equally chic nail art design.

Have a creative way you show school spirit? We want to see! From now until December 13, we will be collecting submissions and showcasing our readers as they show their school spirit in a fun, unique and fashionable way. The entries will be uploaded to CollegeFashionista’s Pinterest page. The individual who gets the most repins by the end of the contest will win a one-on-one Google+ Hangout with Miss Ladyfinger herself, Taryn Multack, and StyleCaster’s Laurel Pinson. How amazing is that?! For more information on how to enter, click here.

To spark your creativity, we sat down with Miss Ladyfinger’s, Taryn Multack, and CollegeFashionista’s, Amy Levin, as they discussed nail art, their own college style and more!

CollegeFashionista: Nail art can often seem overwhelming to those who are inexperienced with it. How can a first-timer experiment with nail art?

Taryn Multack: Don’t be afraid to make a mess! Some of the best nail art happens organically, so loosen up and color outside the lines (you can always clean up afterwards). Sponges are fun, fool-proof way to experiment. It’s like tie-dying T-shirts—no two looks turn out the same. 

CollegeFashionista: What are some nail art ideas for showing school spirit?

TM: For simple (non-committal) nail art, start with a full manicure in one of your school colors and then paint along your tips in the other color. Or start with a white base and switch off your school colors for a French tip. Get more advanced by creating patterns using nail stripers or dotter tools. Start with black or white for base and layering your school colors on top. 

CollegeFashionista: How do you show school spirit outside of nail art?
TM: I’ve been really into temporary tattoos recently. I wish they were more available when I was in college, because I would have totally rocked Otto the Orange all over. And I always have fun with colored hair extensions. How could you not? 
Amy Levin: There are so many fashion forward ways to show school spirit. I always loved wearing flannel shirts to basketball games that had my school colors in the pattern. Or friendship bracelets stacked with your school colors is always cool.

CollegeFashionista: How does your college inspire your style?

AL: Bloomington, Indiana is the most charming town filled with students from all over the world. I was constantly inspired by my peers, the landscape of the college and the heavy influence of art in the town as well. I got really into vintage clothing in Bloomington and still adore vintage shopping and accenting my basic uniform (leather pants/T-shirt) with an awesome vintage add on.

CollegeFashionista: How has your style changed since you were in college?
TM: In college, my main focus was comfort and warmth. Trekking through three feet of snow and sitting in four hour studio classes will do that to you. I lived in cozy sweaters, layers and leggings. Now that I’m a fashion entrepreneur in New York City, first impressions are key. I am networking all the time and constantly meeting new people, so I never leave my apartment unless I look and feel perfectly polished. 
AL: I am way more of a minimalist now. In college I was always evolving and playing dress up in sense. One year is was the grunge dirty look and the next year it was feminine chic. Now I am in a less is more stage where I love quality items and wear them day in and day out. A good white T-shirt could not make me happier!

CollegeFashionista: Why did you choose to attend your university?

TM: I am super indecisive, so I actually applied to 12 different schools all over the country. Ultimately I knew I wanted to major in Fashion Design which helped me narrow it down. Syracuse University has one of the top programs in the country. Plus, a couple of my family members were SU Alumni, so they were definitely rooting for it. 
AL: My sister [CollegeFashionista Editorial Director, Melissa Levin] was at school there and I couldn’t stand the thought of being too far away from her! And it has the perfect mix of academia and social life that I wanted in a college.


Besides clothing trends, every season there seems to be a new beauty trend that sweeps over the fashion world. While oxblood was a popular color last fall for clothes and accessories, it seems that the dark, rich color has made its way into the beauty world. This fall, it seems to be all about the dark lip. From the bold pure black to a deep berry, it seems like the latest beauty trend is crossing over to the dark side.

This Fashionista served up some major drama by rocking the perfect dark lip. While going for a pure black lip may be too aggressive for an afternoon lecture or group meeting, this Fashionista’s dark plum lipstick gives the same effect without feeling like a costume. The matte finish of this Fashionista’s lip color really makes the color that more vibrant and powerful.

You can check out my latest collection on eBay to see how to recreate this Fashionista’s look. But when wearing a bold lip color, there are several important steps to follow to make sure execution of this trend is flawless. The good news is that everyone looks great in a plum lip. The important thing to remember, however, is to find a shade that best complements your skin tone and eye color. A dark lip color can look messy very easily so be sure to apply your lipstick with a lip brush to insure accurate application. After you have applied your lipstick, be sure to line your lips with a burgundy lip pencil to create a perimeter and contain the color. When wearing a dark lip, like this Fashionista, skip the gloss—the color makes a statement on its own.

Finish off the look with a cold weather look, a ton of confidence and you are ready to give the world plenty of fashion-forward lip service.

My eBay Collections are curated as part of my collaboration with eBay and Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT