TREND: Layers

With the varying temperatures East Lansing can experience within the first month of school, I like to layer. Cardigan on top of tank, blazer over tee. Warm enough for the mornings but then cool for the sunny afternoons. This Fashionista was all set for classes and with a quick removal of bag and cardigan she was ready to go out to the Peanut Barrel an celebrate her first day of classes.

Hint: Wear shorts with a bright hoodie or dress it up with a summer dress and cardigan. This is the perfect way to take Christina’s advice and use your favorite summer tank through the fall.

Style On,



Whether you spend your Thursday nights at Rick’s or Studio, this is definitely a look to save. Mini dresses and heels have always been obvious choices, but adding in two trends(the cut out back and fringe detail) make the outfit look fresh. Black is the key here: the neutral palette is both slimming and simple, so the look is casually sexy without being over the top.

Hint: The best part about this outfit? The price tag! The dress is just $42 from American Apparel, leaving extra money for Cheesy bread (with marinara AND ranch of course.)

Style On,