ACCESSORIES REPORT: Sneaky Sneaky Fashion

I will admit: for most of my “adult” life, the thought of mixing sneakers with anything beyond running shorts and a tank top seemed like fashion suicide. If my mom wore sneakers anywhere besides the gym, I would go into a 10 minute rant about how “uncool” that was.

But since the resurgence of sportswear, it seems like sneakers are the new stiletto. From fashion weeks to models off duty, sneakers are having a major fashion moment. When I spotted this Fashionisto rocking his Nikes, it seemed like sneakers never looked so chic. The key to wearing sneakers without looking like you are heading to the gym is all about color and silhouette. This Fashionisto’s black pair is sleek and ties seamlessly in with his skinny black pants. At first glance, it doesn’t actually appear that he is wearing sneakers. The bright white soles give a pop of color and an edge of sportswear to really make the shoe relevant to fashion and practical for a long day of classes.

The cut of the sneaker is equally important to the color. Bulky sneakers with tons of support are great for long distance running. But when jotting between class, the coffee shop and the library, that kind of shoe is just unnecessary. The Nike Free is a favorite among Fashionistos and Fashionistas alike for its snug and flexible fit. The lightweight sneaker gives you the feel of sportswear without sacrificing style.

Instead of going for a full-on gym time look, this Fashionisto elevated his look with a modern camel coat, an oversized green bag and lust-worthy scarf. With all these other fashionable garments, the sneakers sneak their way in there to make the total package a must-have look.

Spotted: Louis Vuitton recently has had runway show after runway show filled with enviable sneakers. The spring 2013 show was one of our favorites for sporty footwear.


Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers, Fashionistas, Style Gurus, friends and loved ones in the states and around the world. Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy a delicious meal (and a slice of pie…or three), catch up with family and really reflect on the things for which we are most grateful.

We here at CollegeFashionista are thankful for all the Fashionistas and Fashionistos, who make their campus their own personal runway. We are blessed to have our hardworking and talented team of Style Gurus, who inspire us constantly with their cunning eyes and unique perspectives. We are lucky to have a network of friends, colleagues and family who constantly encourage us to continue to pursue our dreams.

And last, but certainly not least, we are thankful for our readers—without who CollegeFashionista would not be possible. Your support and loyalty drive us to continue to grow as a company and individuals, inspire more people and make CollegeFashionista the best it possibly can be.

So, from our CollegeFashionista family to yours—have a very happy (and fashionable) Thanksgiving.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Purrr-fect Fashion

Is it just me or are cats having a major moment right now? From YouTube videos to memes and everything in between, it seems as if the whole world has turned into “crazy cat people.” I would like to personally thank Instagram for two of my favorite felines: Grumpy Cat and Pudge the Cat.

Cats have also made their way into the fashion world. This Fashionista was feeling the feline movement by rocking some impressive leggings. If the bubblegum pink color was not enough to grab your attention, then the adorable kitten faces splashed across them certainly would do the trick. Their angelic faces are a fun and cheeky way to sport a non-traditional print. She kept the rest of her ensemble in darker color palette to really let her leggings be the purrr-fect pop.

Cat leggings aren’t your thing? For more ways to get your paws on some cat-inspired fashion, check out my latest eBay Collection! You can still support your feline friends with plenty of other fashion options. From T-shirts to hats, hoodies to flats, go cat crazy with these endless options. Or you can keep your inspiration more loose by rocking a pair of classic cat-eye sunglasses around campus.

This week, no matter if you are cat person or not, embrace these cute little creatures in the name of fashion. Find your inner feline and get fierce with fashion this fall.

My eBay Collections are curated as part of my collaboration with eBay and Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT


It seems like all anyone can talk about these days is the Netflix original series, “Orange Is The New Black.” And while TV fanatics are hooked by the never-ending drama, Fashionistas are intrigued for a whole different reason. No, it’s not the orange scrub-like ensembles that Piper and inmate friends are forced to wear. It’s because the color orange is really having its moment in fashion as of late.

However, an all orange outfit can be overwhelming and leave you looking more like Piper Chapman post-arrest then pre-. In my opinion, there is not better way to sport this bold color then in an accessory, and this Fashionista seems to agree. She kept the rest of her ensemble neutral, opting for a chambray shirt, black skirt and simple sandals. But what makes this Fashionista’s look pop is bright orange clutch. The color is bold enough to add some much needed color to her look without being obnoxious. And, given the changing colors of the leaves, there really is no better time to rock orange then in the fall.

The size of this Fashionista’s clutch is also spot-on. Oversized clutches for day are a huge trend as of late. It infuses some of the chicness of evening wear with the casual feel of daytime apparel. The right size clutch can fit just about anything you really need—your cell phone, keys, wallet, headphones and even a lipgloss if you are so inclined. There is something about a daytime clutch that just elevates the look so easily. This Fashionista’s orange embossed clutch instantly makes her look seem instantly polished and cool.

So as you start looking for that perfect fall-winter accessory, don’t settle for the standard neutral colored bag. Pick up a bold clutch and show the world that orange really is the new black.

Spotted: Narciso Rodrigeuz’s fall 2013 collection was all about orange. Models sported chic orange ensembles with matching oversized orange clutches for a full on celebration of this gorgeous color.


Overalls, once favorited by farmers, factory workers and toddlers, are having a surprising fashion resurgence. No longer are these garments just for function. Overalls are a favorite among fashion risk-takers and trendsetters.

This Fashionista is among those who are making overalls the next “it” look in fashion. Her light-wash pair have a relaxed and casual feel. The longer pant length is perfect for mid-autumn weather. For a college student, overalls are a practical garment, as they are comfortable for long lectures or late nights at the library.

But in order to avoid people saying, “She could be a farmer in those clothes” (yes, that was a Clueless reference) it is important to get the styling down right. This Fashionista makes her pair of overalls sophisticated. She paired her overalls with a basic black T-shirt. The classic cut and color of her T-shirt make the overalls instantly chic. She then topped off the look with a pair of caramel clog sandals. The rich hue of the leather combats the strappy silhouette, making them totally fall appropriate. The exposed ankle is chic in a subtle way.

This week, instead of wearing your overalls as a Halloween costume, embrace this must-have trend and wear them to class. Focus on styling them in a chic, pulled together manner, like this Fashionista, and you will have people choosing overalls over all other trends this fall.


Confession time. When I was in the third grade, I really wanted eyeglasses. My parents both had glasses, my older brother had glasses and, therefore, I thought it would only be right if I had glasses, too. So, I complained to my teacher about not being able to see the board. She sent a note home to my parents and, shortly thereafter, they took me to the eye doctor. While at the eye doctor, I may or may not have purposely messed up some letters in the vision exam. Needless to say, I walked out with a killer pair of wire frame glasses and the biggest smile on my face.

Flash forward and my obsession with glasses has grown as my vision has gotten worse. While for so long, glasses were deemed “nerdy” or “weird,” nowadays glasses are cooler then ever. (Thank you, Jenna Lyons!)

This Fashionista is on board with this geek-chic trend. Her dark, thick-rimmed glasses are definitely a statement accessory. The style of her glasses have a great vintage, menswear-inspired feel to them. They really draw attention to her face and are oversized while still being proportionate to her features. By sticking with a black frame, the color is neutral and flattering to the rest of her ensemble. A great pair like this Fashionista’s are sure to spice up just about any outfit.

Instead of hiding behind your frames, embrace the look. Find yourself a pair of spectacular specs and see what all the buzz is about.

Spotted: Diane von Furstenberg rocked the fashion and tech worlds by having several of her models sport Google Glass eyeglasses during her spring 2013 runway show.


Back before Gossip Girl and The Carrie Diaries; even back when The CW was The WB network, the TV show Felicity set the stage for these fashion dramas. For those of you who don’t know the brilliance of this show, it starred Keri Russell as Felicity Porter and it chronicled her journey through life, friendship and love as she attends the fictitious University of New York. (Netflix it, people. You won’t regret it.)

So when I spotted this Fashionista on her own New York campus, I felt as if she was the real-life version of Felicity Porter. Iconic curly hair? Check! Simple, classic and chic ensemble? Check! Leather backpack? Serious, check!

As this Fashionista can attest, leather backpacks are having a major fashion moment as of late. The quintessentially collegiate accessory has been popping up everywhere, from runways to celebrities to Fashionistas everywhere. What may have started off as a mere trend has transformed itself into a fashion staple.

But just because you have been toting a backpack since kindergarten doesn’t mean it can’t be sophisticated. It is all about material. This Fashionista’s leather backpack is the perfect option for those of you looking for a classic, refined look. Leather is great because it only looks better the more you wear it. The mahogany leather is rich in color while still being versatile.

Plus, the proportions of this Fashionista’s backpack are perfect. It is large enough to fit her books and a laptop without looking cumbersome. Even better, the perfect backpack doubles as a great bag for a weekend filled with errands.

Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista (and Felicity Porter) and use your backpack to your advantage. The right backpack is a great way to make a statement on and off campus.

Spotted: Everyone’s favorite rapper-designer Kanye West showcases models wearing oversized fur backpacks in his spring 2012 show that people are still talking about.


After a weekend trip with friends to Nashville, Tennessee, this city girl has a new found obsession with all things country. From their music, boots and even the twang in their voices, I have an obsession with the country lifestyle.

The fashion world has always had a bit of an obsession with western wear, as well. From fringe to studs to suede, western-inspired accessories are a favorite among Fashionistas.

This Fashionista’s look transported me back to good ol’ Tennessee. From her oversized flannel to her light-wash jeans, this Fashionista’s outfit has a refined country flare. But perhaps it was her belt that caught my attention the most.

In Tennessee, it seems like belts are a way of life. This Fashionista’s belt has a bit of a cowgirl feel. The simple black leather is accented by brushed gold hardware. The hardware really makes the belt pop and allow this accessory to be the focal point of the outfit.  You can keep your belt simple, like this Fashionista, by opting for a leather belt. Or you can try to go full-out country by choosing a more over-the-top number, like this turquoises and studded option by GUESS.

Whichever you chose, make sure to tuck in your shirt to show off your belt. With your belt buckle proudly showing, let the fashion world know you are a little bit country and a whole lot of style.

Spotted: One of my personal favorite runway shows ever was the Isabel Marant fall 2012 collection inspired by the frontier, which was filled with floral button-downs, unforgettable heels and, of course, amazing belts.

WHAT TO WEAR: Fancy Date Night

Ask any Fashionista who her style icon is and I bet you she will say Carrie Bradshaw. Even though Sex and the City premiered 15 years ago (!), the show and its characters’ influences, especially when it comes to fashion, are still as palpable as ever. Carrie’s bold sense of style, individuality and iconic fashion moments still continue to inspire today’s Fashionistas. Ask any Sex and the City fan and she remembers Carrie donning that tight, nude colored number (rather appropriately referred to as “The Naked Dress”) on her first date with Mr. Big.

While I don’t advise wearing a sheer garment on a big date, this Fashionista paid homage to Ms. Bradshaw by rocking a nude colored dress of her own. This Fashionista’s dress isn’t as obvious of a choice as a LBD for a date, but it is definitely more memorable. The fleshy, pale color is both sultry and feminine at the same time, a perfect combination for a fancy date night. The low V-neck shows off her décolletage while the cap sleeves keep the look grounded. The skater skirt is not only on trend, but the perfect silhouette for a night of dancing under the stars.

To keep the dress from looking too precious, I love how this Fashionista toughened up the look with a leather jacket. The leather jacket will keep her warm while walking to dinner. The leather jacket also makes the light color dress more seasonably appropriate. The black of the jacket also ties in with her simple black flats.

So next time you have a date with a Mr. Big of your own, channel your inner-Carrie and make the evening memorable with an iconic look.

One Simple Change: This dress is a great basic that can be dressed up and down based on the occasion. Simply swap out the leather jacket for a button-down cardigan and belt when heading to your internship.


The best thing about fall (besides pumpkin-spiced everything) is layering. When I am in the thick of mid-July heat, there is nothing I crave more then 55-degree days where I can dress myself three layers deep.

This Fashionista clearly shares my fondness for layers as she takes on fall in style. From her sweater over her dress to wearing socks under boots, she understands that there is strategy to layering.

First, start with a great base. This Fashionista opted for a floral silk dress. Not only is it a great lightweight garment, but it is also an ideal way to take your summer dresses into fall. Talk about two-for-one!

Next, throw on a lightweight sweater or cardigan. Crew-neck sweatshirts are all the rage this fall. This Fashionista got on board with this sportswear trend as well as fall’s hottest color: navy. Navy is black’s chicer, more autumn-appropriate sister.

Finally, top off the layering look with the perfect mid-weight coat. The trench coat has always been a favorite option among Fashionistas. This Fashionista’s coat is a modern take on the trench; mixing elements of this classic style with the edgier military-inspired trend. The olive-tan color of the coat stays true to the overall look’s color palette and is the preverbal cherry on the top of this standout ensemble.

This week, add some layers to your everyday look. Follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps a build a cohesive and fashion-forward outfit perfect for the season