WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Getaway

Some crazy things start to happen three weeks into university. Work begins piling up on your desk, stress levels have escalated by 1000% and you find yourself pulling all-nighters. In this situation, only one thing will save you—a weekend away. Taking just a few days off from your busy schedule will have you feeling reinvigorated in no time. But what’s just as important as the destination? The outfit! Whether it’s a weekend in the snow, the spa or an interstate mini break, your “on the road” style is essential. This stunning Fashionista shows us how to get ready for a getaway.

For me, it all starts with the bag; your travel bag will set the mood for your escape. As this is just a weekend, there’s no need for excessive luggage. This Fashionista has a simple and chic canvas carryall. It’s big enough for the essentials but not so big that you end up carrying excess baggage. To take your travel bag to the next level of luxury, try something monogrammed. As much as we’d all love to have custom Louis Vuitton or Goyard luggage, they are a tad expensive. A fabulous alternative are these weekender bags on Etsy that can be customized with your own monogram.

After you have your luxury luggage down, all you have to think about is your comfort. Keep it simple with some woollen leggings and a jumper. Next, throw on some layers. This lovely Fashionista has chosen a cozy parka and accessorizes with a felt hat and scarf. The look is very relaxed, super chic and perfect for any getaway.

Wherever your weekend takes you, keep it simple, keep it chic, relax and have a wonderful time away.

One Simple Change: Are felt hats not really your style? Why not pull back your hair into a sleek pony and accessorize with some oversized sunnies instead. Escape in style? Check!


Hands up if this happened to you. At the end of a long semester, UGGs became a daily occurrence, your hair resembled Oscar The Grouch and pajama pants were incorporated into your wardrobe. We’ve all been there; the point when you’ve showed up to class literally wearing what you fell asleep in. Luckily, a new semester has rolled around and there’s no better time to revamp your class style.

Pay attention, this is a crash course in Back to School Style 101. I’ve enlisted the help of an amazing Fashionista to show us how easy it is to master.

Step 1: Find your niche. Think of what inspires you and draws your attention. If you could dress in anything what would it be? This Fashionista is obsessed with the ’70s and loves big hats and even bigger heels.

Step 2: Take your look from runway ready to the classroom. As much as we’d all love to rock an Oscar de la Renta gown for class, it wouldn’t be that practical. Instead, if you love all things ruffles and pearly, why not try a cute skirt and a tailored blazer with elegant accessories. It still screams de la Renta, but won’t shock your classmates.

Step 3: Don’t be afraid to take a risk. The great thing about going to University is you have the freedom to dress however you like! Take advantage of that and if something doesn’t work for you, just change it up. This Fashionista shows no fear in her heeled booties and neon felt hat. Sure, the more daring you are the more looks you’ll get (but who doesn’t love the attention).

This semester, go bold. You never know, the more stylish you dress in class, the better chance you have of grabbing the attention of that cute guy who sits across from you.

One Simple Change: If you feel you can only step before you jump, don’t stress. Instead of putting together this Fashionista’s head to toe look, just incorporate smaller elements of it. Swap the thigh high socks for a pair of skinny jeans. You’ll be able to keep the feel of the ’70s with the hat and shoes without jumping into the whole look.


Formal time is that special time you love and dread all at once. Between finding the perfect dress, shoes, accessories and the million appointments you have, it can all seem a bit stressful. When I’m on the brink of a complete outfit meltdown I think of the wise words of Duchess Wallis Simpson. “When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place.”

This stunning Fashionista shows us how a modern take on a classic black dress can be an absolute showstopper. Think Audrey Hepburn meets Balmain. This Fashionista has chosen a perfectly tailored black column gown that give a Breakfast at Tiffany’s feel. The gown also incorporates edgy cutouts and front slits which give it a modern twist.

When accessorizing, keep it light. A cocktail ring and a cuff or some statement earrings will more than complete the look. As for shoes, I would definitely go for some killer stilettos. If your budget will allow it, splurge on some Louboutins! To finish off the look, who can resist a bold lip? Remember, when doing a bold lip, focus primarily on the lips and eyes. Don’t go overboard with eyeshadow and blush; keep it simple and bold.

When formal time rolls around and you have no idea what to wear, just think classic and tailored. If all else fails, go for an LBD. Believe me, in a sea of sequins, feathers and patterns, if you’re wearing a killer black dress, all eyes will be on you.

One Simple Change: If a long gown doesn’t suit you, you can get that same classic style in a shorter LBD. For a formal, just please keep it classy and make sure your hemline does not go too far north.


WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Night Out

Look great and stay warm—isn’t that impossible to do during the winter? Not at all, but it does require some thought. I like to think of it as glamorous layering, like ensuring that your coat is as fabulous as your top or dress. This stunning Fashionista knows exactly how to work it for a chilly night out.

You could wear a mini skirt or a little dress but what’s the point of freezing? Instead of exposing your legs, I would go with some dressy pants. These wax-coated jeans are very warm and give a perfect evening look. Pair them with some sexy stilettos and you’ve already taken care of half of your look.

This Fashionista has paired her pants with an amazing crop top. Crops were a huge runway trend this season and can easily dress up any outfit, like this one from Shakuachi. For outwear, I would go straight for fur (faux or real). Fur is always glamorous and will ensure that you stay toasty during those cold nights. Lastly, don’t forget to accessorize. This Fashionista has chosen a statement cuff that complements her crop top and jeans. These earrings or a cocktail ring would work just as well with the outfit and still ensure that you’re ready for a night on the town.

When you’re braving the cold, don’t compromise your fashion all together. Remember that you can look great and stay warm. Just keep glamorous layering in mind and you’ll look fabulous despite the winter conditions.

One Simple Change: Heading to a cocktail party? Swap the pants for a structured maxi skirt. You’ll still feel warm and look great!

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weekend is by far the happiest time of the week. It’s the two days during the week when you can kick back, relax and do whatever you please. So when that magical time rolls around, you want to dress in a way that reflects the joy of your two days of relaxation. When strolling about on my weekend off, I came across this super cute Fashionista whose cozy clothes, flower halo and matching nails definitely embodied the spirit of the weekend.

This Fashionista knew exactly how to keep it casual and comfortable while still injecting her own hippie-chic style into creating the perfect weekend look. Dr. Martens, an integral part of this outfit, will assure you that wherever the weekend takes you, you will be incredibly comfortable. Dr. Martens are amazing shoes because the various colors, prints and patterns will allow you to pick the perfect pair to suit your style.

In addition to keeping it comfortable, this Fashionista ditched a heavy handbag and kept her weekend baggage light with a cute clutch. When breezing through a lazy weekend, all you’ll need is your phone, wallet and maybe some beauty essentials, so why bother with a big bag? Clutches are a great way to keep it simple and carry your essentials without feeling weighed down.

Another thing I love about this Fashionista is that her weekend involved pampering herself with some fun nail art. If you have the time, I’d definitely suggest investing in some nail art packs and experimenting on your own nails. If you’re not so confident why not check out nail art salons with your friends for a weekend treat.

One Simple Change: Feel the weekend heating up? Lose the cardigan and shorts and go for a flowy bohemian dress.

WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

While half the world is busy soaking up the summer sun and getting into the holiday spirit, Melbourne is stuck in a winter abyss. Today, however, the sun came out for a few minutes, the air was warm and just for a moment it felt like the black winter of Melbourne was transformed into a summer party. Along with the shining sun, this Fashionista popped out of nowhere in all of her colorful glory.

Dressed in head to toe in color, it felt as if the sun came out to shine on this amazing outfit. This Fashionista proved that just because it’s cold does not mean we should shy away from summer colors. The key to summer dressing in the winter is layering. Start with all of your summer essentials such as bright shorts and a fun shirt and then layer up.

This Fashionista paired her cut-offs with some tights and socks to ensure she kept out the cold. Instead of wearing conventional black tights, she went with some burgundy patterned stockings with thick wool tie-dye socks. When the sun isn’t shining and the cold wind breaks through, this Fashionista is prepared with an Aztec print jumper and collegiate bomber jacket.

A fun outfit is always perfect for a day out with friends. There are absolutely no rules, you can feel free to experiment with your fashion and make it as different as you like!

One Simple Change: Put on some bright ankle boots and a skater skirt and you’ll be ready for a night of partying.

WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Break

During most winter days in Melbourne, it would be easier to just leave the house in a snow jacket, tracksuit pants and UGG boots. Although the weather around this time of year is miserable and the air is icy cold, I would never advise someone to dress like a snowman. So how do we beat the cold and still look cute and stylish? This Fashionista has the easy answer.

First, go for your winter essentials that will combat the cold. This Fashionista’s go to piece is a fur-lined overcoat. I love that it’s not so chunky that it gives her a marshmallow silhouette; it will do wonders to keep in the heat throughout the day. In keeping with the “warm” theme, this Fashionista pairs a woolen dress with some thermo-tights and chunky boots.

Grunge boots have become a Melbourne winter must-have, especially after Balenciaga showed their edgy take on them in their spring/summer 2011 ready-to-wear collection. Instead of spending a small fortune on the Balenciaga “it” shoes, there are many alternatives that are just as comfortable and wont break the budget.

This outfit has the perfect elements for staying warm throughout the cold months without suggesting that you’re about to hit the slopes. Staying stylish during the winter can be hard, but remember that instead of piling on clothes you should pick ones that are practical. Swap tracksuits for thermo-tights, puffy jackets for fur-lined anoraks and UGGs for thick boots. I promise that you’ll be just as warm and one hundred times more stylish.

One Simple Change: If you have a formal evening event, change your daytime anorak to a wool overcoat and you’ll be good to go.


When going to a concert, you could just be another girl in black sneakers, jeans and a casual top or you could be that girl who dresses up, looks awesome, stays comfortable and catches the eye of the drummer. This week’s Fashionista proves that concert fashion can go beyond boring and predictable and still allow you to jump around and let loose.

The rebirth of the rock chick was seen in 2009 when Christophe Decarnin designed the ultimate over-the-top glam rock collection for Balmain. The fashion world was in frenzy over his heavy embellishment, exaggerated shoulders and rock star sandals that were sure to get any girl an instant backstage pass. As much as we would all love to look like a Balmain girl at a rock concert, most of our budgets would never stretch that far.

This week’s Fashionista has the solution—rock fabulousness that will turn heads without draining our bank accounts. First, she starts with basic black pants and a comfy top. This Fashionista has steered away from conventional skinny jeans and opted for some comfortable, loose fitting pants which are both fashionable and functional. On top she wears a striped cotton T-shirt underneath a rocker leather jacket. To finish her look, she amps it up with some amazing exposed lace-up black sandals.

While we may not be able to go full-blown Balmain to a rock concert, this Fashionista has shown how to come very close to it. Next time you’re getting ready for a concert, don’t just go for the conventional concert style. Dress it up a bit, get your glam on and remember to thank me when you’re partying with the band.

One Simple Change: If you need a quick change from concert to after-party, swap out those slacks for an edgy leather pencil skirt or skater skirt and get ready to party all night.

WHAT TO WEAR: Girl’s Night Out

As you walk out of your last class at the end of a long week, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Girl’s night out! That cherished night that means not having to worry about assignments, exams or anything else that’s been weighing you down. So, the question is, what do you wear?

If you’re like me and stuck in the Melbourne winter, then you’ll be quite limited in the way of cute party clothes. Wear a mini dress and your legs will freeze but wear pants and you’ll be too hot inside. So what’s the happy medium? This week’s Fashionista has it all figured out. First, throw on a bodycon dress (preferably long sleeved) to give you that sexy night on the town edge. To avoid getting frostbite, pair the dress with some fun tights like these patterned ones.

If your night is going to involve dancing, do yourself a favor and wear cute, comfortable ankle boots with a stacked heel. They are perfect for dancing in, your feet won’t be in excruciating pain and you’ll still have that extra height. To finish off your outfit, add a cute jacket. This Fashionista’s candy coated cropped leather jacket was a huge trend on the Erdem pre-fall 2013 runway, where the designer showcased the apple green hue. Getting ready to go out in the wintertime may seem like a drag, but if you keep in mind warmth and a sexy silhouette, you’re guaranteed to have blast.

One Simple Change: If your girl’s night is more low key, like having dinner or a coffee, but you still want to dress up, swap a cropped leather jacket for a warm pea coat. You’ll still look super cute but you’ll also be very comfortable.


Most normal people use the quad as a nice place to sit and chat, relax on the grass or as a pathway from lecture to tute. When I’m on the quad, it may as well be front row at Paris Fashion Week. Although most of the students aren’t strutting around in couture and Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t pop up from behind a tree, there’s something to be said about the unique fashion that can be seen on the Monash University “runway.” It may be the smallest details, but you’ll be sure to always spot something fabulous when you’re people watching from the sidelines.

This week, I was fortunate enough to stop this lovely Fashionista, whose vintage leather jacket and worn brown brogues just had to have a CollegeFashionista moment. The students who attend the Clayton campus of Monash University must be very aware of the extreme weather conditions. For those of you who don’t, picture the cyclone from The Wizard of Oz and multiply that by one thousand. That’s exactly what it feels like walking around campus on most days.

This Fashionista’s outfit has the perfect mix of utility and style to beat off the weather and still look amazing. Her oversized vintage jacket will keep her warm throughout the day and won’t flop around in the wind while her brogues will help her successfully get from point A to point B without risk of being blown over by the Monash twister. In addition to practicality, this Fashionista is showing off two of the biggest trends from the Fall 2013 runways. Her worn leather is very representative of the Punk trend, which was the theme at the Met Gala this year. Her cute brogues also add a menswear touch that was present in collections by Lanvin, Comme Des Garcon and Tommy Hilfiger.

One Simple Change: Swap out the black jeans for a pair of punk tartan pants and you’ll be ready to join the models on the runway (or have a fun night out).