It's the most wonderful time of the year! To many that phrase says Christmas time, but to me it says Memorial weekend. The start of summer is officially commenced after May 28th for all the Hampton goers, Cape Cod weekenders or those who just like to barbecue in their backyards. Memorial weekend also means it is time to kick-off the summer wardrobe. This week's Fashionista is breaking in her Memorial Day's best pieces — a nude sweater, white jeans and gold sandals. Nothing screams weekend away more than a pair of white jeans. Whether male, female, young or old, white pants are a staple summer piece and a must-have jean.

Name: Alexandra Mylon

Major: Marketing

Year: Fordham University Graduate

CollegeFashionista: What is the best trip you have ever taken during the summer?

Alexandra Mylon: Every summer my family and I drive out to Nantucket and stay for two weeks. I spend everyday in the sun, eating amazing food. It is a time for me to get my much needed relaxation in because my schedule is busy, to say the least.

CF: Do you do a bulk shop before each season or do you continuously shop throughout the year?

AM: I definitely continuously shop. Like many people I have an addiction, which some may say is unhealthy (like my father), but how can I resist? I'm in need of a mini shopping spree since the weather has been unbelievably beautiful!

How to: The key ingredient to this Fashionista's look is white jeans. Don't be afraid to spend a little extra money on these because they are a classic piece that will never go out of style. So when shopping around, be sure to find a cut you like and a size that fits perfectly. Try a mid-rise skinny leg pant or a simple boot cut jean. Department stores like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom have numerous selections of sizes, shapes and designers. Find a light colored top — like this Fashionista's neutral tone — to keep a summer vibe. Last, grab your favorite sandals or wedges. These brown and tan Ivanka Trump wedges are meant to be seen in a summer town village. Overall, trust your instincts and your Memorial weekend outfit will shine.


After living in Europe for four months I determined that Paris is my second favorite city on the continent, after Rome. So when I saw this week’s Fashionista strolling along in her summertime-in-Paris inspired outfit I had no choice but to photograph her. Combining a chambray top with matching striped skirt is ingenious and leaves me wondering, why didn't I think of this? This chic, comfortable look makes me miss macaroons, escargot and french onion soup! Can someone give this girl a baguette and a bottle of red wine, please?

Name: Whitney Igual

Major: Women’s Studies

Year: Hampshire College Graduate

CollegeFashionista: What kind of girl are you – urban or rural?

Whitney Igual: I am definitely an urban girl. I love the fast-paced atmosphere of a city — in fact I thrive on it. The variety of people in cities is amazing and everyone has a different style, which can be so inspiring. Plus, I love the many shopping options you get in cities, from high-end fashion to vintage stores.

CF: If you could choose one city in the world to travel to tomorrow, what would it be?

WI: Besides Paris, I would love to travel to Tokyo. The fashion in Japan is interesting and like nowhere else, so it would be cool to see it first hand. In addition, I love food and the food culture in Japan is awesome — Japanese diners, noodle carts and the best, freshest sushi in the world!

CF: What kind of music do you like? Describe a typical concert outfit.

WI: I mostly like indie music, but can get into many different genres. Lately I have been really into Mayer Hawthorne, who plays soul music — it's just fun to dance to. I like to be comfortable at concerts, so I can dance. I am obsessed with plaid so I will usually wear one of my favorite plaid shirts with skinny jeans and Chuck Taylor's or boat shoes.

CF: If you could live in another era what would it be and why?

WI: It may seem cliché, but I totally love the 1960s fashion portrayed on shows like Mad Men.  I love the style of Jackie Kennedy and then the mod style as well with its bright colors. So many different trends emerged during that time and they were all so unique and fantastic.

How to: Sometimes finding pieces to get the exact outfit desired is complicated and exhausting. Therefore, I'm going to take this Parisian outfit and give it a little spin! When I think of button ups I immediately think J.Crew, and while browsing the website I found the most amazing striped white and chambray top. I then found this chambray skirt on the Lord & Taylor site. The buttons down the front make it playful and girly and go perfectly with the Madewell Sunset Sandals seen on the beautiful fashionista. Lastly, throw your hair in a side braid and grab a tote with an animal embroidery — like this Kate Spade tote — and you're ready for a picnic under the Eiffel Tower. 


Spring 2012 is all about flower power. The trend takes over the industry with designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Milly and Marc Jacobs replicating the pattern on pants, dresses, tops, etc. The real challenge associated with becoming a blossoming beauty is not what kind of pattern or style to choose, but how to accessorize your selection. Trends are labeled “in style” for a reason and the more popular one is, the more you see it day-to-day. So if you’re worried about getting the same flower printed tank and/or dress as everyone else, think accessories! This flowery Fashionista turned her blue, beige, pink and brown botanic sundress into a southern influenced getup. Her inspiration, you ask? Preparing for her Teach For America Teacher Certification Exam, enabling her to teach in San Antonio.

Name: Lexi Heller

Major: Political Science

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Katherine Middleton has become an influential figure in the fashion industry domestically and overseas. What do you think of Kate's style? What do you think of Kate in general?

Lexi Heller: Girl-crush much? Kate is a flawless girl next door — classically beautiful and elegant, but somehow so easy to relate to! Her ability to pull off bold colors is definitely something I admire.

CF: What would you suggest to someone who asked you for some Mother's Day gift inspiration?

LH: The best gift is a unique and thoughtful one. Think about what makes your mother special to you, and then flatter that.

CF: What are your secrets to maintaining sanity during finals week?

LH: Icy water in my U (Miami) Nalgene, go-to comfy clothes and a few inspirational videos queued on YouTube. It sounds silly, but nothing re-motivates me like a reminder of the larger goal.

CF: Looking back on your college experience in Miami, what is something you are really going to miss about the city?

LH: Miami is bold, bright, engaging and diverse. In a city like this one, there is no pressure to be anyone but you. I feel like that attitude brings out the most unique [aspects] in people, and that makes for a great community.

How To: There are options upon options of floral print dresses — and all other clothing and accessories — in the current market. I am obsessed with this Tucker Printed Silk Dress and this Juicy Couture Iris Print Crepe Dress. They are both feminine but allow for room to play with accessories. Slip into a solid colored cardigan, cowgirl booties and a belt to match your sweater or boots. This look is Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City) meets Carrie Underwood. The only things missing to be mistaken as a Southerner is a cowboy hat and some stirrups. Follow this Fashionista's influential style and you will definitely stand out against-all-odds — or at least in a field of flowers!


I recently learned about the OBEY Clothing line (even though it has been around since 2001) from a good friend. Creation of the line was founded on the art, design and ideals of the contemporary graphic designer and illustrator Shepard Fairey. Fairey is most famous for his unmistakable Obama poster design for the Rock the Vote campaign. The OBEY brand represents a collective group of individuals (irony) living a life of style and culture deviating from the status quo. The website describes Obey as being “about variety and experience, thinking about your surroundings and questioning the purpose”. The uniqueness of the line has caused it to rise in the fashion industry, bringing in artists to create and collaborate collections. And like the similarly hipster-style brand Warby Parker, OBEY Clothing is engaging in corporate social responsibility and devoting some profits to charity. The OBEY AWARENESS campaign targets specific causes — i.e., Adopt-a-Pet — and creates entire collections based off of the specific issues. I feel drawn to companies that serve a business value while simultaneously maintaining a philanthropic function. I strongly believe that individuals’, businesses’ and organizations’ responsibilities stem further than providing a product or service; they must give back to the community as well. After learning about the company I knew I had to stop this weeks Fashionisto when caught sporting a shirt from the OBEY Clothing line. Regardless, he rocks a casual, trendy style with a salmon colored tee and dark jeans by Levi's — something every boy should own.

Name: Mason Clark

Major: Public Relations and Sociology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Who do you think is a male figure in the public eye that represents a fashion icon?

Mason Clark: It would have to be a toss up between David Beckham and Ryan Gosling. Both men have a very relaxed style that seems comfortable but always put together and tailored, which I think is important for men’s style.

CF: Describe your typical beach day attire.

MC: Graphic board shorts by RVCA, tank top from Urban Outfitters, thong leather sandals by Rainbow Sandals, a simple black backpack and to top it all off a “killa” pair of oversized shades from VonZipper.

CF: Do you find being a male in a female dominated major an advantage or disadvantage?

MC: I find it an advantage. I’m able to stand out in my classes, groups and projects with so many women surrounding me.

CF: Do you enjoy shopping for clothing or is it more of a task than a hobby?

MC: I enjoy clothes shopping when I can just browse and look at everything; I compare colors, materials and get what I like without the pressures of specific styles or needs for clothing. However, when I'm looking for clothes for a certain event — like a job interview or wedding — it feels like a task and I don't enjoy it as much.

How to: Recreating this look does not require an OBEY Clothing tee, but why not get something you like while donating money to a good cause? The current OBEY AWARENESS lines are Adopt-a-Pet, Urban Roots, Dark Wave/Rising Sun for Japan Relief and Keep a Breast. Pick the charity you feel most connected to and then pick a shirt! For example, I love this Dark Wave/Rising Sun basic tee because it is simple, relatively inexpensive and a portion of profits go towards Japanese relief! To replicate his jeans, like I said, buying a pair dark Levi's is a must. These straight leg jeans come in various dark colors and are on sale — win-win. Get on the OBEY Clothing and Levi's sites and browse, browse, browse! I guarantee you'll find pieces you won't regret purchasing.



Go to Google and type in “’90s blogs,” and you will see why it felt fitting to spotlight a Fashionista in a jean jacket. Nostalgic ‘90s babies — and others that experienced it — are reminiscing on the goodness of the past and reliving the era. Although I don’t think I’ll being seeing my friends whipping out their Tamagotchis over their iPhones, or playing Skip-It between classes, I have been seeing a resurgence of the jean jacket. Ask me three years ago if I thought I’d be wearing a jean jacket again and I would have said — as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air would say — you’re buggin’. Yet, to my surprise, I’m an avid jean jacket wearer and find myself scoping the street fashion for different styles. This fashion forward gal looks all that, using her jacket to the utmost potential. Not only is her jacket perfection, but also her urban jungle skirt expresses the season’s modern twist on animal print, while her white tank top pulls the look together — any other color just wouldn’t work! I give this Fashionista a round of applause, two thumbs up and a gold star.

Name: Alison Sambrook

Major: Broadcast Journalism and Political Science

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are your thoughts on the takeover of social media? Do you like it? Can you remember your life without Facebook and Twitter?

Alison Sambrook: As a communication major, I am an avid supporter of the social media takeover, especially because it could potentially be a career move. I think it’s a really unique way for companies to reach out to their target markets and clientele in order to be more accessible. It also gives brands a personality that was never an option before which I think can be a very good thing.

CF: I recently watched an “E! True Hollywood Story” on Giuliana Rancic, in which she explained how she got into broadcast journalism in the entertainment industry. What genre of broadcast journalism is your favorite? Is there any broadcast journalist you look up to specifically?

AS: Giuliana Rancic is probably one of the women I look up to most in the broadcasting industry. She knew what she wanted and went for it, and never even considered having a back-up plan. She took a chance in asking celebrities the kind of questions she wanted and got fired, but once the E! Network realized this was the kind of entertainment journalism viewers wanted to see they rehired her. She has revamped the entertainment news industry, publicly battled a life threatening disease and created a brand personality of her own — all while looking insanely fabulous.

CF: What are your secrets for maintaining beautiful blonde hair?

AS: My hair is probably the thing I care the most about and try to maintain regularly. I'm lucky I have such thick hair but a big secret is making sure to not over work or over process it. I try not to blow dry it during the week and limit heat products. I have also recently started doing balayage coloring rather than foiling. [This treatment is] French-inspired, free hand highlights that don't start at the root so it gives you that just-off-the-beach summer look.

How to: One way to get the ‘90s inspired denim jacket is to go rummaging through your attic for the one you — or someone in your family — used 13+ years ago (because someone definitely had one). If that doesn’t work, a fashion site like Polyvore, which is comparable to airline sites like Expedia, enables you to type in “denim jackets” and then explores the Internet, comparing prices and providing multiple resources. My favorite result is a bleach washed, vintage looking, cropped denim jacket. If that isn’t your style you are guaranteed to find one that is. Like the many choices of jean jackets, there is an endless number of urban animal print and style skirts. From snakeskin to zebra to cheetah to leopard, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now you have the key to looking fly, dope, fresh and the bomb. Like Cher from Clueless, I’m outtie!


Lauren Conrad’s May 2012 Glamour shoot is causing some buzz due to her not so covered cover. Nonetheless, she undeniably looks as young, healthy and beautiful as ever. But Conrad’s topless cover is not what sparked my attention. The spread includes shots of this Los Angeles native in a black and white striped tee and white shorts. I fell in love with this outfit immediately because it is chic and feminine. The striped top is playful and girly and a spin on the normal spring style. That is why this week's Fashionista is caught rocking a black and white striped top. To make things even more in vogue, the top is collared — one of spring 2012’s many trends. Her blonde locks, green eyes, black and white stripes and red-orange cage sandals define beauty and style. Think about it, everything is better in black and white: Zebras, movies, photographs, cookies, Kim Kardashian's wedding theme … (just kidding).

Name: Caroline Craffey

Major: Public Relations and International Studies

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: From 3rd to 5th grade I went through a tomboy phase. Has your style been consistent or have you watched it evolve?

Caroline Craffey: I think my style has consistently been a combination of girly, preppy and trendy, with one more dominant than the others at times.

CF: Do you use Pinterest? If so, what kind of boards do you have? What kind of boards and people/brands do you follow? Have you found inspiration from it?

CC: Yes, I love Pinterest! I probably spend more time on it than any other website. I have a pretty widespread variety of boards ranging from places I want to travel to decorating ideas. I always kept an inspiration binder but now I am able to virtually bookmark things I want to wear or make. I mostly follow friends on Pinterest since we tend to look for the same things, but I also frequently browse through the popular tab to see what items get the most “repins.”

CF: Do you read blogs? What is your favorite blog and why?

CC: My favorite blog is Cupcakes and Cashmere, written by a 26-year-old female from Beverly Hills. What I find most attractive about this blog is her amazing photography. She successfully combines fashion, do-it-yourself crafts, decorating tips, recipes and travel stories to create an exciting blog to follow. I love her style and the variety within her blog.

How to: Luckily, this Fashionista had time to share her fashion secrets with me. I assume this striped top was $100+, but boy, was I wrong! You can find this variegated stripes button up at Forever 21 for $15.80. I instantly began browsing the site and came across some fun alternatives: a striped trapeze tank, a striped tie hem top and a sheer stripes button up. Each of these is a feminine spin on black and white stripes and can be paired with jean shorts — like this week’s chic gal, white bottoms — like Lauren Conrad or any other style bottom you feel fits. Tie it all together with a fun pair of sandals. This Fashionista got hers at Topshop, but unfortunately, you can't find them there anymore. So, a pair of red bow sandals or leather fringe aqua sandals will do the trick! Find black and white striped apparel, put it in your shopping bag (online or in store) and feel effortlessly chic.


As David Bowie (almost) said, “Rebold, rebold, you’ve torn your dress.” While the actual lyrics are “Rebel, rebel …”, I have a sneaking suspicion Bowie was really singing about the style this weeks Fashionista (and much of Hollywood) has embraced — bohemian bold. Well, she may not have exactly torn her dress, but her statement shoes can definitely be described as rebellious. Like baking a cake, this ultra chic chick mixes her ingredients — a mint green crochet tank, with a bralette and some frayed jean shorts. She added in oversized sunnies, a feminine backpack and a feather necklace — to make her end product. We all know the icing is the best part, so she put her icing, or in this case, her cherry red sneakers on. I may not want to eat it but I definitely want it (like all cakes).

Name: Kylie Karp

Major: Broadcast Journalism and Sports Administration

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Your sorority, Sigma Delta Tau, has an annual LF Trunk Show this time of year and is all the rage of Fashionistas on campus. Tell me a little bit about this event.

Kylie Karp: LF approached us 3 years ago to do a trunk show with them and how could we resist? Once a semester they come to our sorority suite on campus and 10% of profits from the event goes to Sigma Delta Tau's national philanthropy, Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA). It's everyone's favorite event of the semester!

CF: Who is a figure in the public eye that you identify with and view as a role model — based on style, personality, etc.?

KK: I would definitely have to say Blake Lively. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she is also always perfectly put together. She can literally pull off any look — flirty, sophisticated, boho chic, everything.

CF: Instagram was recently bought by Facebook for $1 billion. Do you Instagram? Do you follow any fashion-associated accounts?

KK: I don't really use it to look at companies, brands, etc., but I literally Instagram every picture. I love it!

How To: To achieve a bohemian look, a Fashionista must get in tune with her inner 1960s. A '60s icon to undoubtedly give inspiration is Jimmy Hendrix. Taking his look and making it boho bold and feminine modern, however, is in your hands. Find yourself a bralette that feels comfortable and is a color and/or pattern you love. Make sure that the crochet tank you find works with your bralette, otherwise it will look too fussy. Pair this combination with any denim shorts you have — the more worn-in the better. Now that you have your top and bottom, you can pick a pair of statement sneakers, boots, sandals and so on, as long as they scream bold. For example, try color block wedges, or vintage booties or wedge sneakers, etc. After that, the rest of your accessory choices will fall into place. Whoever said time travel is impossible never met a Fashionista/o.



The word “spring” has many formal and informal associations. Formally — to name a few — it can mean jump or skip, origin, body of rushing waters and of course, the season. A few informal associations are weddings, second semester, baseball training and of course, fashion. The only thing all of the above have in common is the actual word “spring”; otherwise, individually they seem as related as sushi being served in an Italian restaurant. Like the formal and informal associations of the word, the individual styles of the spring season seem random without the word “trends”. This weeks Fashionista’s use of navy blue and pop of neon pink may seem like a random mix, but when referring to trends, there is nothing out of the ordinary about her styling choices. She carries this season’s hottest trends to a T — appropriately, with confidence and poise.

Name: Aryana Mohtasham

Major: English and Pre-Medicine

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: When it comes to clothing, I am definitely a hoarder (and I know I am not the only one). Do you find it easy to give away clothes you don't wear or do you always find an excuse to keep them?

Aryana Mohtasham: I definitely suffer from hoarding tendencies when it comes to clothing. I always begin the process of cleaning out my closet optimistic that I'll have a huge load to dispose of (and thereby justify lots of new purchases), but as I rifle through my collection, this optimism is quickly quelled. I always become anxious that I might regret giving a certain item away, I may need that piece some time soon, I can match it with other pieces to reinvent it and/or it'll come back into fashion in the (distant) future. The only way to rectify my amassed clothing is if my mom is donating to, for example, The Salvation Army.

CF: What is your favorite trend of spring 2012? Have you tried it out yet?

AM: My favorite trend so far is tail skirts/dresses. I see this style everywhere, especially since I live in Miami. It's a comfortable, trendy and sexy style decision in which you get to show off your tanned, toned legs — we do live in Miami, after all, where exposed skin is a fashion necessity — without seeming overeager. I actually recently purchased a red cotton tail skirt and a black chiffon-tail evening dress from LF.

CF: If you received a “black tie optional” invitation, would you choose to dress-up or down? And why?

AM: 100% dress-up. It's in my nature to always want to look my best and to be put together, and dressing-down is too casual and too sloppy a decision for me. As long as it's not ostentatious or inappropriate, dressing-up draws good attention to oneself, which is always a plus.

CF: With graduation approaching, has your shopping eye begun to wander towards professional attire in lieu of party attire?

AM: Definitely. Next year I'm attending University of Virginia Law School, and all of my crop tops, backless blouses and skimpy South Beach dresses are far from appropriate if I want to be taken seriously. My attire may be appropriate for the UMiami lifestyle, but it's way too revealing for a professional setting. I've been trying to emulate a more refined and elegant style — something along the lines of Zara, for example.

How to: Like pieces to a puzzle, finding the right clothing or accessories for trends involving color must fit you, and only you, perfectly. So, I won’t tell you what to buy but I will suggest some options and, at the least, inspire your fashion senses. Navy blue and neon can be found on all types of clothing and accessories now a days. If you want more neon and less navy blue, a great option is orange neon shorts, a plain, contrasting top and a navy blue tote. If you want this Fashionista’s look — more navy blue and less neon — a casual navy blue dress and either a pink neon bag or color blocking neon flats (or any other accessory) will do. Tickle your neon fancy, fill in your wardrobe's missing spring pieces and clutch onto a navy clutch. Spring has kicked into high gear and there's no turning back now, only moving forward.


The cold shoulder has been a cultural taboo for many years now and has, in short, gotten a bad rep. No one wants to be in a situation where he/she has to give the cold shoulder and no one especially wants to be on the other end — receiving it. Even the beloved Adele — whose songs articulate the raw feelings of love, heartbreak and life — sings about the dreaded and ego-shattering cold shoulder. Somehow the fashion industry has taken this undesired action and turned it into a very desired spring trend. Zac Posen and Ralph Lauren are only two of the many household names making an appearance of the open shoulder trend on the runway. Attitude inevitably transpires when giving the cold shoulder and is paralleled in the trend, but has transformed from an emotion into a lifestyle. This Fashionista exuberates with confidence and attitude translating via her style, and, ironically, I want her cold shoulder (blouse)! The small touch of her exposed scapula is indubitably sexy, as well as her long legs, tanned skin and luscious hair. Asking her to be this week's subject is seemingly arranged by the fashion gods. Not to be too cliché, but as her hair waved in the wind and the sun reflected flawlessly, I couldn't help but notice the perfection of the situation; it was as if she was being photographed for the next Vogue cover.

Name: Sarah Altajar

Major: Biology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Every Fashionista (and girl for that matter) is aware of what she likes and doesn't like to accentuate when picking out an outfit. What do you like to show off most (i.e., legs, midriff, feet, shoulders, etc.), and what shows it off the most?

Sarah Altajar: I am very comfortable accentuating my midriff so crop tops have become a staple in my wardrobe recently. I also love shoulder cutout tops because I think the amount of skin that they reveal is just perfect and they are a pleasant change from the off the shoulder look.

CF: I think a guy can be sexy from his outfit alone. Describe your ideal clothing choice for a man.

SA: I think it's more attractive when a guy dresses up a little. My ideal man would be wearing dark jeans with a sports jacket or blazer over a white, casual V-neck.

CF: Does your heritage influence your style? To elaborate, do you think that your mother's style has influenced you over the years?

SA: Definitely! I find myself drawn to clothing and accessories that are Middle-Eastern inspired and I think it all traces back to looking up to my mother and her style growing up. I find myself branching out as I get older but there is still a little bit of my mother in my head influencing how I dress.

CF: Your belt and sandals match perfectly, giving your outfit a touch of camel colored accent. When shopping for accessories, do you purchase items based on what you already own so you can include small matching touches to your outfit (like today)? Or do you just buy what you like in the moment?

SA: I usually just buy what I am drawn to in the moment but it is a bonus to find things that match, like in this case with the sandals and shoes — it is so exciting when they do!

How To: The beauty of an open shoulder top is that you can find them in an array of styles. NASTY GAL is the model site to find such a style; it’s edgy, affordable and on-trend. You can go with — but are not limited to — a cutout chiffon blouse, a cutout racer tee or a cutout body suit. This Fashionista has paired her top with a pair of jean skinnies, but your bottom options are endless! Stores like Gap have a large selection of bottoms — from jeans to skirts to shorts — and, in turn, are a great one stop shop. Here are a few pieces for inspiration: skinny jeans, canvas shorts, boyfriend roll-up shorts and/or a pleated skirt. This spring trend will get the boys buzzing and will barely make a dent in your finances.


I couldn’t have picked out this trendy, tropical outfit any better if I tried. Two of this season’s hottest trends — tone on tone and embellished flats — are matched together, awarding this beauty a Fashionista Spotlight. This week's Fashionista’s style emanates the complexities and simplicities of choosing the perfect outfit for an 80 degree weather day at the University of Miami. I’ve always loosely followed the motto (like Charmin) “less is more”. At the school of mini shorts and sun dresses, following this is an essential. The city of Miami, in general, is filled with flash and sparkle, but UMiami is a whole different territory. Don’t be fooled, the school’s Fashionista/o’s manner looks easy enough but it takes serious thought and a hefty amount of tender, love and care. The university’s style involves minimal sweat marks, compensation for hair frizz, an assortment of sandals and choosing a weather-friendly outfit while keeping up with the latest trends. This fashionable Floridian student’s ensemble is the perfect example of what to wear. From her blonde locks to her purple painted toes, this Fashionista deserves to be, well, a Fashionista!

Name: Noel Seriale

Major: Marketing

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: In a sentence or two, describe what you think Miami's style represents.

Noel Seriale: When I hear Miami style I think warm weather and a liberal culture represented by bright, vibrant colors to accompany the tropical climate, as well as short dresses and high heels to show off our constantly exposed legs. Style here is quite different from any other city, but I love that it's so self-expressive and everyone dresses to impress.

CF: What is your ideal sightseeing outfit; style over comfort, vice-versa or a little bit of both?

NS: Since I know I'll be taking pictures while sightseeing, I try to lean more towards style. Lets be real — everyone likes to look good in pictures, so when I'm wearing a nice outfit I'm able to feel confident about that. And I'm all about dressing it up with accessories, however, I want to be comfortable enough to walk all day so I'll usually go for cute sandals, boots or my go-to Tory Burch flats. 

CF: If you could work for any designer in the industry, who would it be and why?

NS: Without a doubt I’d choose Marc Jacobs. I’ve been a huge fan since as far back as I can remember. He's so influential, has so much experience in all facets of the industry and is always thinking outside the box with his innovative designs. I always feel inspired when shopping his collections and watching his shows.

CF: What piece of clothing or accessory do you have your eye on to add to your wardrobe?

NS: I'd love to get my hands on a cute peplum dress or jacket, either would be super fun and girly!

How To: Although Miami is warm most months in the year, spring’s warm weather has officially sprung everywhere else (well, almost everywhere), and students’ outfits are paralleling the season. Four accessories, a tone on tone blouse and black shorts are all you need to achieve a sensible warm weather outfit. The smile on this Fashionista’s face can only be the expression of someone who feels good, which is undoubtedly in-line with how she looks. To start off choose a bright, solid-colored, loose-fitted blouse. I know that’s a mouth full but saying it is the hardest part; this style of top should be easy to find. Black shorts will let the top stand out and from there you can choose accessories accordingly. A Marc by Marc Jacobs Gold Cuff, a Melinda Maria Pinball Ring and a T Tahari Essential Pendant Necklace can all be purchased at Bloomingdales and are the exact touches that will give your wardrobe more emphasis. Pair the blouse, shorts and jewelry with embellished sandals, preferably ones with gold or silver trim (depending on jewelry choice), and you’ll be fuss free and fashionable from head-to-toe.