STYLE GURU STYLE: 1950s Nostalgia

If asked to describe my style, I say that it is comparative to a chameleon; it is always changing and evolving. Some days I can be seen in sneakers, jeans, and my beloved Beatles band T-shirt, and others I am wearing my best dress with heels and diamonds. I try not to be too predictable.

However, if there is one look that I am always going back to, it would have to be the feminine, vintage, modern-inspired looks of the 1950s. I have always been nostalgic of this era I never knew. I have cited Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Tate, and Audrey Hepburn to be among my style icons as they were the women who greatly represented this era and the style I have always felt most comfortable emulating.

Since I was a little girl, I have always been obsessed with polka dots. When I found this polka dot bodysuit that reminded me of an outfit I once saw Marilyn Monroe wearing, I knew I had to have it. Polka dots are a fun print, which can add character to any outfit, especially as the warmer months quickly approach. I personally like that the polka dots in this bodysuit are reminiscent of the 1950s pin-up girls.

Thanks to the recent Beauty and the Beast live-action revival, yellow has become the color of the season. Yellow has always been a color that I was too afraid to experiment with because it is a difficult color to work with. I decided to be brave and take on the challenge when I found these culottes. Now that I have worn yellow, I can easily see why this is the color of the season. Yellow is not an in-between color. When you wear it, you have to go for it. It is a very freeing color.

Of course, a girl is nothing without her accessories. These high-heel backless shoes are a modern design of the classic 1950s kitten heels—bows and all. In the eternal words of Marilyn Monroe, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” I couldn’t agree more. These rings are both classic and simple, adding a little extra sparkle to any outfit you wear.

If asked why this is my perfect summer outfit, I would say that there are a number of reasons. Of course, the first is that I love the nostalgia this outfit represents. I love that this outfit is girly while also emphasizing the fact that I am a woman. Finally, I just feel good and happy when I wear this outfit. Fashion is an art form—you use it to express yourself and create something beautiful, and that will forever be my life’s mission when dressing myself.

BEAUTY BAR: Mona Lisa Smile

If there is one thing that I am hoping to be more skilled in, it is in mastering flawless makeup. When I do makeup for myself, I tend to go for a more natural look, mostly because I am too afraid of experimenting with bolder looks, in fear of looking like a clown.

While I have met many people who are capable of pulling off these bolder beauty looks, I don’t think I have worked up my confidence to that level just yet.

When I bumped into this stunning Fashionista as I was leaving campus, I learned that you do not have to have the over-the-top makeup to make a bold statement.

The first thing I noticed about her look was her beautiful long white vest, which made me feel hopeful about warmer weather and sunnier days. When I got closer to her, I realized that the simplicity of her outfit made her makeup the focal point of her ensemble. I assumed that she had her makeup done professionally but, as it turns out, this Fashionista is just that good.

My favorite part of this makeup look is her Yves Saint Laurent lipstick. The color is a shade that complements every skin tone. This soft shade can also be used for every look, whether it is a casual day in class or a dressed up night on the town. This lipstick emphasizes this Fashionista’s pretty smile.

This Fashionista amped up her eye makeup in the subtlest way that the results were stunning and dramatic. While she credits her long lashes to eyelash extensions, the Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner helped to give her eyes the astonishing pop that she needed to complete the look.

If you want to go for a bold look with your makeup, go for it. If that is not what you are most comfortable with, that is okay too. Sometimes a classic lipstick color and subtle eye makeup will make a bigger statement. It’s all dependent on how you own it.

STYLE ADVICE: Black is Not Boring

Christian Dior once said, “You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.” I have never heard anything truer in my life.

Being half Italian, my wardrobe has always been predominantly black. Not only does it symbolize mysteriousness and sexiness, black goes with everything. Wearing black will always be in style.

The problem with black is that it is sometimes misconceived as being boring. People tend to think that by opting to wear all black ensembles, you are being too “safe” with fashion because you are not experimenting with colors and prints.

When I bumped into this handsome Fashionisto on my way to class, it reaffirmed what I have always believed: black is not boring.

The first thing that I noticed about his outfit was the Topman shearling collar jacket. While the forest green coat acts a statement piece, it is not so light that it contrasts against his outfit. It is dark enough that it complements the black underneath. Additionally, the black faux fur trim stays true to the outfit’s original intention.

His outfit includes a black Marshall Amplification t-shirt, Levi slim fit jeans, and oxfords from Call it Spring. His accessories also followed the all-black rule, with the bracelet set coming from H&M, aviator sunglasses from Tommy Hilfiger, and bag from Roots. This Fashionisto also shared with me that he maintains his beard with Lush Kalamazoo.

What I like best about this outfit is that it can be worn for different occasions, not just when going to class. Whether he is going out with friends, attending a concert, or going on a date, this Fashionisto is going to do it all in style.

The next time you find yourself saying that black isn’t interesting, just remember this: people who wear black lead colorful lives.


We all have those days where we would rather wear pajamas and sweatpants to class, simply because it is easy and comfortable. While comfort should always be key when choosing an outfit, it is hard to get motivated to get back into the habit of dressing up for class.

When I stumbled upon this Fashionista on my daily stroll on campus, I knew that dressing well for class could be both comfortable and stylish.

The first thing I noticed about her outfit was the multicolored pencil skirt. This skirt, which she bought from Strawberry, is a deviation from the jeans and t-shirt look that is often spotted on campuses. If she has an event to go to when she is done classes for the day, this skirt is a perfect day-to-night choice.

Her H&M tank top has a pop of color that complements the subtle splashes of yellow hiding in her skirt. To avoid the winter cold, she wore a long sleeve top also from H&M, keeping up with the layered look that has been a hot trend these last couple of months.

To complete the look, she is wearing Capezio ankle booties with a gold block heel. She layered her accessories, pairing her Michael Kors watch and Michael Kors bracelet with a Kate Spade bangle.

You can be comfortable in class without falling into a routine of sweatpants and leggings. You can also be stylish without having to feel like you are overdressed for your studies. Finding comfortable statement pieces that will compliment your outfit will put you at the top of your class!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessories Make the Man

If clothes make the man, imagine what a few good accessories can do.

While the use of accessories has mostly been targeted for women’s fashion, there are a number of key pieces that should be in every man’s wardrobe, especially with the colder season ahead.

Living in Canada, it’s no secret that our winters typically drop below freezing. Dressing warm is a priority but so is dressing sartorially. While some may think that this is a limitation for style, I think otherwise.

This is the perfect time to utilize your accessories, whether it is a scarf, gloves, or a fancy watch. These are accessories that can be seen regardless if you are wearing a bulky winter coat or not.

When I stumbled upon this Fashionisto, I knew that not only was he dressed voguishly, but he also had a perfect balance of accessories that added to his overall look.

His entire all-black ensemble is from Zara, which includes the leather jacket, black ripped-at-the-knee jeans, a black pullover, and Chelsea ankle booties. His Danier fur infinity scarf, Michael Kors wristwatch, and a vintage black Coach bag pulled the look together. Without these key pieces, the all-black outfit would be too simple. As a finishing touch, he wore a pair of Ray-Ban inspired sunglasses from Zara.

What I love so much about this look is that he was not afraid to wear accessories. There seems to be this idea that accessories are exclusively for women and that if men wear them, it looks silly. That is completely false.

This look can easily be used for the colder months and then switched to the warmer seasons by switching out the scarf and leather jacket.

All of these accessories are visible, regardless of the choice of jacket. Accessories help an outfit go from drab to fab!

STYLE GURU BIO: Alanna Fairey

Hi there! My name is Alanna Fairey. I am a grad student at Humber College studying journalism. I am hoping to one day be a fashion journalist and eventually have my own segment on TV.

I have experiences working with The Morning Show on Global, LOULOU Magazine as well as assisting in Toronto Fashion Week, which furthered my love of fashion. As well, I am preparing to launch my own fashion and lifestyle blog in the coming weeks.

As a self-proclaimed fashion and writing addict, the world of journalism and fashion has the tendency to put me in a state of reverie. That being said, being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista has allowed me to bring these two loves together and create something I hope people will relate to!

The question that has always irked me is the one that I am asked most often: What is your style? I hate this question because I don’t have just one answer.

I think of myself as a style chameleon—I am always changing my look and style. We as human beings are complex and have more than one layer. I believe the same can be said about style. Fashion is like art—you’re allowed to be as creative and expressive as you want. You can be your own muse and blank canvas.

I try to be as expressive with my choice of wardrobe, taking into consideration how I feel and what I am passionate about. One day, I can be seen in ripped jeans and a band T-shirt, only to be wearing a printed dress and heels the next day.

For this look, I created a modern nautical inspired look with this crop top, striped culottes, and flats. The bug-eyed sunglasses were found at a second-hand store. These pearl earrings give the look a nice feminine touch, while the Celine purse pulls the look together. I put on some red tinted lipstick for a pop of color.

I hope you all love this look as much as I do! For updates on my latest posts, or even if you’d just like to say hi, make sure you go and follow my social media! I’d love to get to know you and talk about fashion and other things!