I write this weeks post with the sad realization that it will be my last for the year. I have always had a strong belief that regardless of the circumstance, a true Fashionista always looks her best. So for my last post, I wanted to leave all of you with a foolproof wardrobe necessity that will ensure that you look chic and trendy, regardless of the amount of type you put into your outfit.

This Fashionista rocked her classically minimal look on Newbury St. While I could easily rave about all of the spring staples that make up her outfit, it is her top that should be an essential in every Fashionista’s wardrobes. The basic cut of her blouse, combined with the silky material, makes it classic and wearable for any style. The versatility of the piece makes it just as easy to throw on with jeans to go shopping, or tuck into a high-waisted skirt for a most sophisticated occasion.

Another great aspect of a top like our Fashionistas is the fact that you can find a similar version almost anywhere. To get a casual look, similar to hers, pair a basic black version with some deep green cropped pants, classic black flats, and a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses and you are ready to go. You can also stock up on the piece in a variety of colors, whether you are a fan of neutrals or want to embrace the bright colors that are found everywhere this spring. Invest in one of these tops and I guarantee you will be wearing it for a long time.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Suit Up For Your Summer Internship

As BU’s fabulous Fashionistas are beginning their equally fabulous summer internships and jobs, its time to start putting together your office style. It’s important to dress for the warm weather (that is hopefully coming soon) without loosing your professionalism. My favorite way to do this is by wearing a cool suit.

This week’s Fashionista managed to pull together the perfect suit look. Her black short—blazer combination makes her look chic and trendy while making her look professional and ready to work. She spices up her black suit ensemble with a cute polka dot top that keeps the look fun and fresh.

To get a look like today's Fashionista, there are a few rules to remember. First: keep your shorts at an appropriate length; too short is not professional. Second: pair your outfit with a cute pair of nude flats so that you will be able to run around the office with ease. And Third: keep your office environment in mind; see how casual your office is to judge how fun your outfit can be. A nice black combination, or a crisp white suit, is a classic way to wear the trend, like the featured Fashionista.

You can also play with your options by wearing a pair of colored or metallic shorts, or trying a bright or patterned blazer. Make sure to get a few different options that will allow you to mix and match pieces to double your ensembles. Once you have your wardrobe put together, you will be ready for internship success (even if it just requires getting coffee and cleaning the office)!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Shift Into Summer With a Bright Dress

Summer has finally started (whether the weather shows it or not), and wherever you are, its time to relax and take it easy. With that said, what could be easier than a simple shift dress? Just grab it from your closet, throw it on, add basic accessories and GO! When combined with bright colors—a big spring/summer trend—it makes for an impossibly trendy look.

Today's Fashionista proves just how chic and effortless this summer staple is. The floral print keeps the dress feminine, while the mix of turquoise, pink, red and orange colors make the dress pop. To keep the combination tame, this Fashionista styles her look with simple silver jewelry and black flats, letting the dress stand out as the statement piece.

To take full advantage of the bright color trend this season, try a fun shift dress like this Fashionista. You can find a wide range or options at almost any store, whether you are looking for a classic floral version, or a more abstract print. Floral print not your style? Try a solid-colored one with a vibrant hue, or one with fun color-blocked stripes. Throw it on with your favorite flats or sandals and some simple jewelry and you have a summer-ready outfit. However you choose to wear it, I guarantee you will be able to find one to suit your style. This dress will easily become the most versatile piece in your closet—throw it on to go to the beach, lunch, shopping, or wherever else you choose to spend your free time.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Go Natural With Wooden Heels

Today marks the beginning of the dreadful week known as finals week. It’s a week filled with long nights at Mugar, meals consisting of the less-than-healthy items that can be purchased at CityCo, and constant trips to Starbucks to get even more caffeine. However, it is inevitable that at some point your mind is going to wander during one of your intense study sessions. With that said, I will allow you to take a break from studying to make sure that you are up-to-date with BU’s favorite spring shoe trend: wooden heels. I understand you may not want to pull out your best outfit to go study in Mugar, but why not start planning your post-finals wardrobe?

This Fashionista shows off the right way to rock the trend. She struts her trendy footwear down Comm. Ave. with a pair of cropped white jeans and a light pink top. She then tops off the look with a sparkly chunky necklace and side bag for a perfect spring outfit. The light neutral outfit is styled paired with the dark accents on her shoes and bag that make the outfit pop.

To start spring off on the right foot (pun intended), get a pair of wooden heels, like our Fashionista’s Madewell ones. You can also try a nude option, like Diane von Furstenberg’s Mira Wedges (obsessed!) to add a classically chic element to your outfit, or TopShop’s fun coral option to add a punch of color. The best part of this trend is that it can be found at all price ranges. Forever 21 has several fashionable and wallet friendly options, including a pair of lower camel-colored wooden sandals and tan wooden wedges. There is also a super trendy dark brown version of the trend that will add instant style to your spring wardrobe. So, at some point this week, I give you full permission to take a break from all of that caffeine-induced studying stress and treat your wardrobe to a fun new pair of stylish wooden heels.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Channel Old School Outerwear

These days it seems like the easiest way to get fashion inspiration is to look at fashion trends of the past. Fashionistas at BU have been seen in seventies-inspired wide-leg jeans and eighties era vintage jackets. As we continue to wait for spring to come, Fashionistas are looking for even more style inspiration that will look trendy and withstand the rain. With that said, now is a great time to channel the nineties and throw a denim jacket on over your outfit.

This Fashionista looks downtown trendy in her denim jacket and striped dress. The mix of styles and layering gives the piece a modern spin. Her black tights, hunter green hoody and black boots not only make the outfit rainy day appropriate, but they also show just how versatile a denim jacket can be. Hers also has a classic cut and medium wash that can be worn with almost any outfit imaginable.

To channel the nineties vibe like our Fashionista, try wearing a basic denim jacket with any outfit. You can also play with color and choose a light wash denim jacket, a la Saved By the Bell, or a dark wash denim for a more sophisticated look. For a more stylized and edgy choice, get a denim jacket with studded detailing. Any of these options can easily be thrown on with a dress and tights (like our Fashionista proves) or a skirt and tank for a great spring outfit.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Lighten Up Your Outerwear

As spring gradually brings warmer temperatures, students at BU are starting to trade in their heavy winter coats for lighter spring jackets. Since we are stuck in that awkward time when temperatures are too warm for a bulky coat, but still too cool to go sans coat, a trendy spring jacket is a necessity.

This Fashionista is a great example with her green military-inspired jacket. Not only is her jacket of choice super trendy but it also shows that it is time to once again pull out those military-inspired pieces that were so popular in the fall. She also styles her jacket with a geometric tank, chambray button-up and boat shoes to give her outfit an eclectic mix. The layering under her jacket also provides additional awkward weather options that can be adjusted according to the current temperature.

To follow our Fashionista’s footsteps, trade out your heavy coat for a trendy lighter jacket. A similar military-inspired one will add style to any look. You can also try Spiewak's Sumac jacket. The color, clean lines and ruched collar are on-point for spring. An edgy denim jacket is also a chic choice to throw on over any outfit. Or, for a funkier look, throw on a patterned jacket to add instant personality to any ensemble. You can also get creative and wear a blazer instead of a jacket. Try a pale tan one or a vivid pink blazer to make use of two of springs hottest trends. I can’t wait to see how BU Fashionistas get creative and begin to mix-and-match their outfits with lighter spring jackets.


I have never been one to follow the “rules” of fashion. I believe that every true Fashionista should take their chances and try pairing black with blue, mixing different prints, and wearing white after Labor Day. While not everyone is willing to wear bright white jeans in the dead of winter, I think now is a completely appropriate time to take them out of wardrobe exile and back into outfit rotation. However, it is also time to spice up your favorite pair of white denim jeans by adding worn-in distressed accents.

Today's Fashionista rocks her white jeans with a black top and tan boots. However, these aren’t just any basic pants. They take on a funkier attitude with some serious shredding on the legs—a great way to add personality to any basic outfit. She adds an extra rocker attitude to hers by accessorizing with layers of necklaces, bracelets and rings. This Fashionista proves just how versatile and stylish distressed white denim can be.

If you want to look just as hip as this Fashionista (really, who wouldn’t?) replace your white jeans with a shredded pair. Try a basic pair of white jeans with shredded holes, similar to this Fashionista’s. Alloy has the perfect option! You can also try Les Halles’ white ankle jeans for more subtle distressed details. In warmer weather, Urban Outfitters’ ripped denim shorts are the perfect choice to pair with your favorite music festival-inspired top and hipster sunglasses. White jeans are really easy to personalize because of their neutral color and classic quality. Distressed details will only make your ensemble trendier and even more Fashionista-worthy.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Step in the Right Direction with Clogs

As the sun begins to show itself more often on Comm. Ave and Fashionistas pull out their brighter, less bulky clothes, I find myself thinking about shoes. In anticipation of the arrival of spring, BU Fashionistas have been stocking up on '70s inspired dresses, high-waisted shorts and more than enough crop tops. Eventually, everybody’s closets are bursting with warm-weather clothes that still can’t be worn due to the 30-something degree temperatures. With that said, I think it’s time to turn our focus onto footwear. More specifically, clogs. Clogs are the perfect ‘between season’ shoe because they easily slip on and keep your feet protected from the wind and cold.

I spotted this Fashionista looking fashionable while strutting down Comm. Ave. in a pair of tan clogs. My favorite aspect of her pair is the studded detailing that runs along the bottom. It keeps the clogs from looking too basic without being overwhelming. Today's Fashionista also shows how easily this type of footwear is to style. She rocks hers with an outfit of J.Crew-esque layers and skinny jeans to achieve that effortless look that everyone wants.

To follow our Fashionista’s footsteps (pun intended), simply add a great pair of clogs to your wardrobe. For those really inspired by her chic footwear, try a similar pair of clogs with studded details, or a pair of basic peep-toe clogs. Asos’ Sanita High Clog is another option with studs, but adds extra velvet details for a modern and trendy look. For the more daring Fashionistas, try Diane von Furstenberg’s Faye Clogs – the animal print will make sure you stand out in a crowd. You can also try a pair of clog-inspired sandals, like Asos’ Sanita Vela Plateau Clogs. The dusty blue and pink colors are perfect for spring and can easily be worn with various looks. So while waiting for the weather to get warmer, take some motivation from our Fashionista and get your own pair of clogs that can be warn in any weather!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Tame Your Leopard Prints

The leopard print trend has leaked into the wardrobe of most Boston University Fashionistas, becoming a common sight on Comm. Ave. It is no longer shocking to see a leopard scarf or pair of flats spicing up a neutral outfit. However, Fashionistas are beginning to lift leopard from its decent into normalcy by wearing it in fresh ways.

This Fashionista tames her leopard vest by wearing the print as a neutral, rather than a statement. Instead, she allows the vibrant purple of her scarf (specifically, an Alexander McQueen scarf that has become a basic in many Fashionistas' wardrobes) to stand out and take center stage. The vest’s small and neutral pattern allow it to easily become part of a neutral foundation for the scarf to contrast against. This Fashionista also keeps it classy by starting with an all black foundation that does not compete with the rest of the outfit. Because of this, her ensemble takes on a trendy and eclectic look.

Inspired by this Fashionista? To get her look, simply pair a leopard print top with the same McQueen scarf (or for a more wallet-friendly option, try a basic jewel-tone one). Just make sure to keep the rest of the outfit neutral to allow the scarf’s color pop. You can also wear a light chiffon printed tank with a pair of colored skinny jeans for a bolder take on the look. Another way to take on this trend is to pair a basic leopard top with a vibrant cardigan. Your clothes will take on a fresh perspective once you make your leopards neutral and focus your ensemble on one colorful piece.


Sorry Fashionistas, but Spring Break has come and gone. With all of the travelling that has happened in the past week, thought it would only be appropriate to highlight some stylish options to wear while en route to a vacation destination. Whether you are travelling via bus, train, plain or car, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

This Fashionista pulled together a travel look that is both chic and comfortable. Instead of throwing on a pair of sweats or leggings, she opts for a trench-inspired cape. Not only is it easy to thrown on and off (nobody wants to be the bottleneck at security), but it is also a great transition piece if you are traveling between destinations of varying weather conditions. This Fashionista pulls together her look by simply adding a pair of basic black flats and jeans with a long-sleeved shirt and leopard scarf (a winter-to-spring must-have). Her roomy cape will ensure that she can stay comfortable while travelling, while looking trendy when she gets to her final destination.

Inspired by this Fashionista? You can easily imitate her look for your next vacation by wearing a light and neutral cape. Pair your most comfortable black jeans with Topshop’s Camel Cape (the same one our Fashionista has) for an identical look. For a more colorful and bold option, try a vibrant blue hue. You can also try a soft leopard-print piece for a comfortable and fashionable travel cover-up. Another comfortable choice is an oversized cape-shaped hoodie that would be super chic with a pair of skinny jeans and embellished shoes. By outfitting yourself accordingly for your next trip, you are guaranteed to look stylish and chic without sacrificing comfort, no matter what your mode of transportation is.