Blue jeans, white t-shirts and red solo cups: timeless creations that will never go out of style. These ingenious inventions are relentlessly reliable and provide us with a canvas for maximum versatility—think casual Fridays or sultry Saturdays, Natty Ice or an Absolut-soda. Just as these items can be adjusted to our moods, settings or needs, so too can the statement piece in this Fashionista’s outfit.

This Fashionista caps off a basic outfit with a black and white graphic print scarf from H&M. In a neutral color combination, the scarf can serve as the encapsulating accompaniment to an outfit that spans any realm of the color wheel. Just as easily can the piece transform an all black outfit into Coco Chanel couture. As evidenced through black-and white photography, the monochromatic nature of the color pairing creates a severe contrast that emphasizes subject matter—thus the scarf would be the perfect accompaniment to highlight a bold red lip or thick-framed glasses.

Additionally, the size of the scarf makes it just as versatile. Spanning approximately three feet across the diagonal and made of a cotton-polyester blend, the accessory can be easily folded or twisted into a thin neck accoutrement, or tied into a sarong for poolside posh. Yet perhaps the best place to wear a scarf such as this? —the airport. The classic colors instantaneously refine your go-to legging and sweater travel outfit, simultaneously serving as a blanket or wrap during the flight; the crowning coalescence of comfort and class.  

Thus, follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista and purchase a scarf as versatile as this; timeless and chic, your scarf will become the most practical piece in your wardrobe. Soon you’ll be agreeing with Toby Keith, telling your red solo cup of accessories: “you’re more than amazing, you’re more than fantastic.”


While Cinderella may choose a glass slipper, Carrie Bradshaw a pair of Manolos, and Fashionistas a pair of running sneakers before spring break or formal season, my shoe of choice is the combat boot. Rugged, worn and subtley detailed, combat boots instantaneously provide the wearer with a no-fuss, no-frills, badass vibe.

Since late this fall, my adoration for my AllSaints distressed combat boots has been stronger than that of teenage girls and Myspace mirror pictures. In a simple shape with a basic lace-up structure, the boots are effortlessly distressed. Yet double buckles on the side combat the worn appeal with draconian order, rendering the boots into a sharp and modern territory. Paired with black leggings and an oversized black sweater on days I am suffering from one too many the night before, the boots signal an “I’d stay away” warning to my peers, and just as easily transform jeans and a feminine blouse into a confident, girl on a mission vibe. As versatile as these boots are with articles of clothing, so too are they in terms of seasons.

Thus, I was gloating when I found a Fashionista in a similar pair of boots on a warm March day. Paired with denim cutoffs and an oversized T-shirt, her combat boots are a bold and beckoning alternative to the standard sandal warm weather yields. Hitting at mid-calf, the boots are appropriately juxtaposed with the length of the short, creating a streamlined look that makes them appear as though they are a commonplace of the season. (Knee-high riding boots paired with this Fashionista’s outfit would not only distort the proportions of her leg, but would simultaneously have suitors asking how much).

A look similar to this Fashionista's is easily attainable, as it involves the use of items you already have. Pair your boots with simple basics, such as this Michael Stars T-shirt or denim shorts to achieve an effortlessly relaxed vibe. Top your canvas with a structured blazer (à la Taylor Momsen) to channel a rebelliously polished aura, or create an unmistakenly grunge getup by tossing on a flannel button-down and knit infinity scarf over your basics.

As warmer months approach and you begin to pack away winter essentials for summer staples, let this Fashionista deter you from packing away those combat boots of yours; it'll be a footwear choice that rocks your socks and flips your flops.


I have a longstanding vendetta against hot pink. The coruscating color does nothing more than remind me of my childhood calamities: the Barbie jeep I crashed into my garage, the gum in my hair that led to my first bob, or the Limited Too pleather pants that became my first fashion faux-pas. Thus, with recent runways radiating with the life of this hue, what is a traumatized girl like me to do?

Luckily, I was able to find a Fashionista to revive me from my horrors of years past. Wearing a hot pink fitted blazer over a black canvas, she defends the color’s role as an adult attribution. By pairing the color with sleek and streamlined accompaniments, she provides a sophisticated allure to the haphazard innocence of the hue.  Black skinny pants and form-fitting black tank outline this Fashionista’s figure, while black heels complete the outfit with cosmopolitan finesse.

As evidenced by this Fashionista, the elixir to wearing hot pink is choosing structured pieces that redress the color’s jejune connotations for tailored poise. In a timeless style, this button-down is conducive to both day and night when paired with skinny pants and streamlined shoes. Demurely flirtatious, this strapless number is entirely becoming for early-evening cocktails or a spring wedding.  Yet perhaps the hot pink item for which I most lust is this Marc Jacobs two-tone jumpsuit. Sleek and tailored, this piece is the utopian combination of vivacious intrepidity and mysterious coy. 

In spirit of the upcoming spring season, take a cue from this Fashionista and supplement your wardrobe with an effulgent piece of this bubble-gum hue, it will be a trend you are sure to stick to.



What do bump-its, capri pants and mistake children have in common? They were not meant to be created. Let us add the month of March to that list. In my mind, March is a lost cause. I'd rather it be spring already or snow ten more inches, or at least provide me its worth with a holiday where I do not lament my lack of Irish heritage. March provides us with nothing more than unwanted remnants of winter and fleeting glimpses of spring, thus leaving us in a quandary; how do we dress for this month that is a mess?

On an abnormally cold March day, I found a Fashionista with a solution. Sporting a vintage military bomber, she exemplifies the need for verstaile pieces that March necessitates. Here I present my case as to why this coat makes for the optimal choice in transitional elements:

Remaining structured, the coat is roomy enough to fit a thick sweater beneath for colder days, while its flannel sleeves are capable of providing appropriate warmth if worn over a lighter layer. Olive green is a subdued neutral that is capable of harmonizing with multiple factions of the color spectrum. The shade is deep enough to encapsulate the tenebrosity of winter, yet when paired with lighter-colored base pieces, the hue mimics the profluence of green that is spring. With April showers approaching, trench coats of a similar shade are creeping from closets everywhere. Yet brown flannel sleeves differentiate this coat from others, providing the piece with an element of complexity that is noteworthy but not overwhelming. Hitting just at the waist, this piece is suitable to wear with shorts and will refrain from making one approach street-walker territory. Pair a coat such as this with denim shorts, lace-up boots and a knit infinity scarf for a casually cool look that seamlessly meshes elements of your spring and winter wardrobes.

While I know many of you are set to buy this piece, I unfortunately must inform you that is not possible. Found in a vintage collection, this jacket is a U.S. Army Men’s Field Coat. Thus, this piece is far and few among others and differentiates this Fashionista from the rest.

Yet to achieve a similar look uncovetable by others, visit your local vintage or secondhand store, or site such as Vintage Vixen. The majority of pieces found at these stores are one-of-a-kind and will undoubtedly individualize your wardrobe. Pay attention to detail; elements such as patches and embroidery instill a sense of genuine authenticity, while small tears and faded colors create a divinely distressed look.

Thus, why not enliven your March by taking a cue from this Fashionista? Add some vintage versatility to your wadrobe for a look that was surely meant to be.


Peanut butter and jelly, gin and tonic, Juicy tracksuits and middle school: archetypal dyads that remain eternal. Just as we cannot consider one of these items without the other, what would springtime be like without the chastity of pastels? Sweet and subtle, pastels emulate the callowness of the season with gentle ease. This current spring brings freshness to pastels with the birth of a delicate hue: mint.

Melding the blue and green factions of the color spectrum, mint becomes a versatile shade that nearly complements every color. Spring 2012 collections feature melodious pastel mosaics. A look from the 3.1 Philip Lim collection articulately pieced together pastels rounded out with a mint green cropped jacket. Marc Jacobs used the shade as a statement piece to revitalize neutral ensembles while Vera Wang juxtaposed fabrics to create looks made entirely of the soft hue.

Pairing a mint Bluette button-down from LF Stores with a vintage floral pastel scarf, this Fashionista proves to be a refreshing sight on campus. Keeping the base of her outfit simple, she creates a casual look that underscores the mint tone. Yet additional juxtaposition with the vivacity of her scarf prevents the shade from rendering as overwhelming and unveils mint’s ability to serve as a delicate neutral.

Following this Fashionista, incorporate the hue into your wardrobe through simple staple items such as this 3.1 Phillip Lim draped blazer or Marni silk top. Update your spring sundress collection with a Halston Heritage jersey dress; paired with camel accessories the look remains demure and polished yet delicately revitalizing. Bold dressers take note, though soft and ethereal, the color can be amplified by pairing mint jeans with one of spring's prevalent graphic printed tops and neon bag. And for the color weary like me, chic flats or a coat of nail polish make for a safe foray into this refreshingly romantic rouge.

Thus, with spring approaching, reconsider the color palette of your wardrobe and add mint for a refreshing twist. Soon you'll be reconsidering that vodka soda you ordered too… mint mojitos anyone?


If asked when the last time you wore a denim vest was, I presume your response would be one of the following: A. my kindergarten class picture, B. this weekend’s white trash-themed party, or C. never, I save that for Zack Morris and the likes of his fellow '90s television hunks.

Yet upon viewing today’s Fashionista, you may rethink your reply. She dons her denim vest with black leggings, brown lace-up boots, and a thin black shirt beneath. Adorning her simple canvas with Ray-Ban aviators, a Madewell printed scarf and leather tote, she transforms her vest from bad to rad. Her key to avoiding tacky territory? — she integrates all pieces of her outfit together through the use of complementary colors. Black printed words on her scarf integrate her leggings and boots, while additional earth tones found in the green create a link between her caramel colored tote and brushed gold frames. 

This Fashionista spotlights just one of the ways to wear denim vest; consider this item just as versatile as your favorite pair of jeans. A denim vest can mimic a multiplicity of roles. For an edgy ensemble pair a denim vest with a black canvas: a black tank, black shorts over black tights and fierce motorcycle boots with silver accessories. To channel your inner flower child, top a flowy frock with a denim vest and streamlined accessories (refrain from boots or oversized jewlery to avoid looking like Taylor Swift on steroids).  And with spring approaching, what better way to transition your wardrobe than with a denim vest? Pair your vest with printed summer shorts and a chunky winter sweater for a multi-seasonal look, or add dimension to your favorite maxi dress with a cropped vest.

Making your denim vest modern necessitates a regard to color and proportion. To capitalize on the versatility of the piece, choose a vest that hits above the waist in a slightly faded wash to complement a wider array of color. Denim vests are an ingenious alleviation to the most drab of wardrobes and can be incorporated into nearly any look you may already have.

Yet if I may save the vest tip for last: wherever you go, whatever you do, abstain from wearing denim on denim. While it is appropriate to wear an outfit entirely of one color, denim is a material, not a color. As a courtesy to the eyes of those around you, stick to incorporating your denim vest with a medley of fabrics for a sleek yet subdued spin on the '90s staple. Principal Belding will be glad you did.


Finding this Fashionista was the equivalent of discovering a needle in a haystack, the golden ticket in a Wonka bar or Lindsay Lohan out of court. From the front, her outfit is deceiving; from the back her outfit is stupefying. This Fashionista pairs black skinny jeans with a black chiffon heart cut-out top from LF Stores. If the heart detailing were not striking enough, she aggrandizes the shock factor by wearing her top over a sequin tank. These sequins are scintillating, dazzling and entrancingly unexpected. Sequins not only provide dimension against her cotton top, underscoring the outline and shape of the heart, but also foster a sense of flow. Had this Fashionista worn a mainstay bandeau underneath instead, she would have created a jarring hindrance in the heart, depreciating its shape and surprise.

Amplify your cut-out clothing with unexpected details as this Fashionista did. Mix fabrics to create depth within the layers, or pair complementary colors for a proclamation of attention. Cut-outs also make for the perfect excuse to wear those tanks that have become too short or downright look much to awkward to wear on their own. And those cut-out dresses you’ve worn once to a club or date party? Convert them to daywear by covering your skin with a thin printed tank worn underneath. Complete this transformation with a pair of flats or booties and no one will know you were wearing the same dress while dancing on tables the night before (kidding, at least take it to the dry cleaner first).

So for those days you’d like to devise an effortless surprise, take a cue from this Fashionista and couple your basic cut-outs with prints, sequins and color; your look will be the prize of everyone’s eyes.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Take the Grace Out of Lace

Let me introduce you to the latest of a good thing gone bad: lace. While we traditionally reserve the delicate sheer for our grandmother’s house, it is time we take the innocence out of this sheath. How so? Introduce this fabric to the most mutinous material in town: leather. Yes, Elvis may have just rolled over in his grave and Uncle Jesse undoubtedly shouted “have mercy,” but may we let these rebels rest assured. With lace we simply add a touch of sass and class to all of leather that is badass.

Today’s Fashionista rebels in this duo while wearing a white lace blouse with leather shorts. Satin trim and floral décor on her lace shirt impart a flirtatious innocence; this is downplayed by her choice of bottoms. Shorts suggest a sense of risqué in the outfit in that they bare skin, while leather commands attention. Spurring echoes of the grunge era, she renounces the lace’s purity with worn black combat boots. To further temper and unite the fabrics, top your leather and lace with an oversized cardigan and chunky scarf as this fashionista did. Additional elements of fabric create dimension within the outfit.

While a subdued leather and lace look loves the day, this duo is at its prime come nighttime. Lace is a harmonious matrimony of innocence and allure, while leather suggests rebellion, whim, and perhaps foregoing your end of night schlep down frat row for a ride on a Harley. This paradoxical combination instills a sense of mystery that will have suitors aching to know more about you. Transform this Fashionista’s daytime outfit by replacing a sweater and boots with a fitted blazer and black pumps for a rebelliously chic getup. Additional nighttime pairings include leather skinny pants with a form fitting lace body suit or a lace bodycon dress topped with a cropped leather jacket. Complete your look with a dangerously dangling earrings and a smoldering smoky eye to enhance the mysterious allure your outfit exudes.

Whether it be for day or night, pair leather with lace and you'll be the sassiest, classiest vixen in any place.


Unless attending an event associated with the likes of Avicii or Deadmau5, neon is not part of my wardrobe or my vocabulary. My closet resembles that of the night sky, or a night following one too many drinks, i.e., blackout. Yes, some may choose to equate me with Scrooge, but I simply cannot come to terms with the pulsation and vibrancy of neon, nor the lack of flow I am convinced it possesses. Thus, hibernation was my immediate thought following looks of spring 2012 collections. Runways were set aglow with the hues of canary yellow, fuchsia and orange. Where was the dearth of color for which I yearned?

Atelier Versace brought neons to bloom with bold, embellished silhouettes, while Mara Hoffman infused island inspiration with pulsating hues. Karen Walker extended the trend with bubblegum pink clutches, and rose-colored glasses, literally. These designers created cohesive looks that tamed these colors, for which even the darkest of souls could not help but to go weak. While runway looks began to convert me from the dark side, I could not consider myself a zeal for neon just yet. Like many Fashionista's, I was posed with the impending question of translation: how to create runway replicas in real life.

Notorious neon solutions include nail polish and accessories. While both easy transitions and introduction into the world of color, they verge on prosaic and repetitive. To be fully convinced neon was now, I needed real-life inspiration reminiscent of the runways. How fitting it is that I found this Fashionista.

Acknowledging both neon and color blocking crazes, she pairs an oversized lime-green sweater from LF Stores with cerulean colored shorts. She consummates her outfit with an orange bag and Missoni x Converse high tops. While definitely an attention-grabbing outfit, she refrains from venturing into Kim Kardashian-marriage attention by regarding space and color. By juxtaposing a long-sleeved sweater with shorts, she compensates for the surplus of material on top and allows her bare leg to neutralize the boldness of the outfit. While her shoes contain stripes in various colors, they present a duplicity; darker earth tones subdue the outfit while blues and greens complement her top and bottom, creating a link between all elements of the outfit. This is where she had me sold on neon; by finding an elixir that unites all components of the outfit, she creates a cohesive look that refrains from appearing as a neon maelstrom.

So take a cue from this Fashionista and unify your colors. Soon you’ll be thinking black is whack and bright is right; neon is one trend you’ll be sure to agree on.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sequins For Day? Okay!

Move over, no white pants before Memorial Day, there seems to be a new fashion myth in town. Just as some shun the crisp color before summer, similar narrow minds are eschewing sequins before nighttime. While scintillating and reflective, sequins demand attention. Thus, it is easily understood how these flecks of sparkle are associated with ritzy nights on the town and flukes of Moet. Yet before long, the champagne runs dry, night turns to day, and all those sequins are put away.

Rather than retiring your sequins until the next sundown soiree, take a cue from this Fashionista, who dispels the myth that sequins must be reserved for nighttime. She pairs a gold sequin top from LF Stores with a navy and forest green flannel, skinny jeans and chestnut combat boots. By mixing her sequins with relaxed and grungy pieces, she creates a casual look with an understated element of glam. She further downplays the screams of the sequins by topping her outfit with a black and tan knit infinity scarf. This adds dimension to the outfit, detracting from the exuberance of the sequins, and rounding out a cohesive, complete look that is entirely suitable for day.

So the next morning you look in your closet and shake your head “no” at that sequin dress or top, think again. Ignore the myth, pair glitz with grunge, and introduce your sequins to the day. You’ll be glad you let them come out to play.