Basic Summer Outfit Essentials Everyone Should Have

Due to the weather, summer can be a tricky season for fashion. However, if you have the essentials, your summer style will be rocking all season long. While sporting extravagant outfits inspired by mainstream fashion icons can be tempting, summer is a great season to keep it simple and explore your own unique style.

As the weather is warming up it is important to keep cool. Crop tops are a great way to achieve that. While trends have recently moved towards choker band T-shirts, the crop top still remains a timeless and practical summer outfit essential. Due to the vast variety of styles that they come in, there is a crop top that fits everyone’s personal style. Not only is their versatility appealing, their practicality is as well. The material is mostly thin, allowing the Fashionista maximum breathability in the summer heat.

Although crop tops remain timeless in the ever-changing fashion world, there is a basic essential that is being slept on. The heat can discourage many from rocking a pair of jeans. However, not only do they serve as a great option for any outfit, they can also protect you from the potentially damaging rays of the summer sun. While caught up in working on your summer glow, it can be easy to forget sun protection. With jeans, you already have an incredibly fashionable built-in protectant. Similar to the crop top, jeans also come in a variety of styles, leaving you with endless unique fashion options.

To spice up any outfit, accessories are a great option. Whether it be a nice pair of shoes or an expressive makeup look, accessories are a great way to complete any outfit regardless of the season.

Summer is a great time to express your own sense of style, and when you have two incredibly practical and versatile clothing options, you can never go wrong. Tag @Cfashionista in your posts rocking your summer essentials!


Comfort is a necessity when it comes to any outfit, however, it is an absolute must when exploring a new place. While exploring different cities, this Fashionista has nailed the comfort aspect of the outfit while still looking chic and poised.

When it comes to maintaining comfort in an outfit, a good pair of shoes and layers are essential. While discovering all the diverse aspects of a new place, there is no time for sore feet. This Fashionista chose a timeless, yet practical shoe. Not only are these shoes a great choice for the occasion, but they match the black ensemble perfectly.

Another key aspect to achieving comfort is layers. Jackets, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts work best when attempting this look. In this outfit, a jean jacket was selected as the layer of choice to cover the form fitting crop top. This jacket not only helps maintain warmth throughout the day but also adds a fun and unique twist to the look. The faded blue texture on the jacket paired with the camo print provides the outfit with a beautiful pop of color.

To add extra comfort to this look, this Fashionista paired the jacket and shoes with a quality pair of leggings. These pants ensure mobility for any adventure one may take, due to the flexibility of the fabric. In this look, they also serve as a way to tie the ensemble together with their rich black pigment.

So, next time you are looking to explore a new city, remember that fashion and comfort always go hand in hand.

STYLE ADVICE: The Spring Aesthetic

With the spring season upon us, it is crucial to be prepared for any type of weather the day brings. Layers are especially pertinent for beating the frigid morning air while still maintaining a seamlessly fashionable transition into the afternoon heat. Although finding an outfit that can accommodate both climate extremes may seem challenging, it is surprisingly effortless. The secret is layering.

By simply pairing a sleek tank top or T-shirt with a casual cardigan or long sleeve, this look can be achieved. This gorgeous Fashionista chose a classic black tank top and an earth-toned cardigan with intricate detailing. The two pieces together not only prepare her for the different climates she will be experiencing throughout the day but also express her natural aesthetic perfectly. The tank top and cardigan pair is an exceptional way to start off any spring outfit.

To complete the look, and maintain simplicity, this Fashionista chose a dark ripped denim and rich ocher heels. The denim further demonstrates her fashion sense while the heel dresses up the look making it an ideal day to night outfit. Of course, like with any fashionable outfit, accessories are a must.

Heels are a great accessory, but these lacy heels go beyond that. These heels not only tie the outfit together but also add subtle detailing that gives the outfit just the right amount of flare. Aside from the beautifully detailed heels, this Fashionista added a stunning amethyst necklace. Her chic black tank acts as the perfect background for the rich pigment of the amethyst resulting in a subtle pop of color. Although items such as shoes and jewelry may seem like the epitome of accessories, the world of accessories is not limited. The final piece of this fashion puzzle is her strikingly unique tattoo. This tattoo expresses her aesthetic in a way that no article of clothing can making it the ideal accessory for her.

So, the next time you struggle to figure out how to accommodate the many climates of spring, remember that layers are key and accessories are always a must. Find what works for you and don’t be afraid to express your fashion sense.


Intricate details incorporated into casual, or even formal outfits, are a great way to spice up any look. One can accomplish this by wearing striking or subtle patterns or by simply accessorizing more than usual. Both are great ways to show off one’s fashion sense in a unique, yet bold way.

This exceptional outfit showcases many subtle details in an effort to stylize a casual daytime look. The colorful baseball T-shirt makes a statement right off the bat. Its colorful and bold nature captivates any passerby almost immediately. Although the colors are very lively and expressive, the rest of the outfit is made to subdue the color to not make it gaudy. This is crucial when wearing items that are a statement all on their own.

This Fashionisto paired his colorful baseball T-shirt with a dark jean and light shoe. These contrasting colors make for a wonderful toned down complement for this outfit. Not only do the contrasting colors add more flare to the look, but they are subtle enough to not be overwhelming. Instead, they simply enhance the look, giving him an even more stylish appeal.

To finish off the look, this Fashionisto accessorized with a few of his favorite distinguishing items. To complement his lower half, he added a white bracelet to match his shoes, as well as a simple gold ring to bring in a pop of color. In regards to the top half of his outfit, he followed his trend of simplicity and added a silver necklace, as well as a pair of black and gold sunglasses. These sunglasses double as not only a practical accessory for everyday wear but also a way to incorporate an elusive connection to his gold ring.

Details are a fun way to express your style with any look one chooses to wear, and this Fashionisto expressed his style to the fullest extent with this wonderfully executed casual daytime look.

WHAT TO WEAR: The Natural Valley Girl

Napa Valley isn’t just for wine; it is also a place full of gorgeous fashion. Much like the colors that surround The Valley, the fashion is made up of earth tones which are both calming yet intriguing. Being that Napa is known as a tourist destination, it only makes sense to wear comfortable clothing. As demonstrated by this Fashionista, you can see that she embodies both the earth tones and comfort that represent The Valley.

Sweaters and comfy jeans are key to staying fashionable and comfortable when touring The Valley. This stunning Fashionista is rocking her favorite pair of jeans along with an oversize cardigan. To tie the outfit together she paired the look up with some boots, and a belt to match. When sporting such a casual look accessories are essential. Sticking with the natural tone of this look, she chose to keep it simple and use not only her boots and belt to add some spice, but also some freshly painted nails and an intricate ring. When all of these components are pulled together, they create the perfect casual aesthetic.

Much like the outfit this Fashionista is wearing, a majority of the residents in The Valley have chosen the same path, fashion wise. While many may perceive The Valley to be a place of high-end fashion, a common misconception, it is actually a place of laid-back fashion. So remember, the next time you find yourself preparing for a visit to Napa Valley, California, keep it cozy and casual, because it is The Valley way.

STYLE GURU BIO: Alexandria Griffiths

Hello everyone! My name is Alexandria, and I am a returning Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I am so excited to begin my second semester as a Style Guru! So a little bit about me; I am originally from Northern California and I am attending Boise State, pursuing a bachelor’s in communication. I am very interested in photography and hope to one day make the transition from hobby to career. Aside from photography, I also enjoy makeup and the beauty community! Currently, my favorite beauty trend is a cut crease with a bold wing. When I am not photographing my friends or binge watching makeup tutorials, you can find me on the greenbelt riding my bike or at home doing yoga!

As for my fashion sense, it is very eclectic! On a normal day, I am rocking a flannel, vans, and a snapback around campus, however, I also love getting dressed up! My go to look when going out is typically an outfit that is all black. While I love sporting colorful clothing, I find myself being attracted to the chicness that an all-black outfit brings to the table.  In regards to accessories, I chose to keep it simple. I am currently obsessed with silver rings because of their versatility and ability to go with any outfit or look!

Being that this is my second semester with the CollegeFashionista team, I cannot express my excitement enough. I am looking forward to meeting and photographing all of the gorgeous Fashionistas on my campus and sharing their styles with all of you!


While the winter season is the perfect time to bundle up, don’t let the cold lure your stylish attire into hibernation. Although it is tempting to grab that overly worn jacket you have laying around the house, remember the Fashionista inside that is dying to make an appearance. Typically, that jacket would be an idealistic choice, however, there is a multitude of options when it comes to keeping warm and stylish in the cold. Layers are key, but sleeves, headwear and accessories are necessary; as long as you have these components you’ve escaped from the winters unfashionable hold.

This Fashionista is the perfect example of how to stay stylish, even in the chilly temperatures of this season. To keep warm, this Fashionista chose a beautiful blushing pink sweater as the focal point of this chic yet cozy outfit. To add even more flare, and warmth, she topped off the outfit with a trendy black beanie. Beanies, or any form of headwear, are essential to keeping warm while still maintaining a killer look. Of course, like with any look, you can’t forget the accessories, no matter the season. Head to toe this Fashionista is decked out in all kinds of accessories, to add even more style to this cozy look. Gorgeous jewelry is always a must and this look has that covered. Everything from a subtle choker to intricate rings, she has it all.

Next time you go out and reach for that over-worn jacket, remember there are many ways to stay warm and stylish this winter!

WHAT TO WEAR: Leaves and Layers

As the leaves are changing this fall season, so should your style. Fall is the perfect transition time to play with different layers in preparation for winter. The most beautiful thing about layers is their versatility. Whether you are rocking multiple long sleeves, or have chosen to use an outer layer as an added accessory, you will be prepared for whatever weather this fall season throws at you.

This Fashionista exhibits the epitome of fall fashion! Layers, boots and a flannel, this Fashionista has got it all! On top, you can see a simple and clean white short sleeved shirt, paired with a classic black faux leather jacket and a flannel tied at the waist to finish off the look. This is a perfectly practical outfit for a season where the weather is constantly fluctuating. While the flannel adds a dash of color and makes for a great accessory, it is also very handy for some added warmth in case of a sudden cold spell.

On the bottom, he has chosen to pair a classic straight-legged dark denim with a neutral boot and fall themed socks. The dark denim is the ideal way to go when shooting for an outfit with natural cool tones. While a nice pair of denim is essential to almost every outfit, a nice pair of boots is crucial this fall season; not only do they keep you warm, but they are a fashion statement no one can resist. These nice pair of Nike boots add a beautiful warm tone to this virtually cool toned outfit. As a result, it ties the outfit together, all while adding a subtle pop of color. As an added bonus, to this already astonishing outfit, he chose to throw on a pair of fun autumn inspired socks. After all, what is the fall season without a pair of fuzzy socks?

No matter where you find yourself this fall season, remember layers are the perfect essential for keeping you cozy and fashionable!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Piercing Sense of Style

At first glance, this outfit may seem simple to the untrained eye. A pair of high-waisted jeans paired with a classic collared shirt is the perfect outfit for going out on a sunny fall day. While this casual day-to-day outfit may seem simple, if you look closer you can see that this it is filled with hidden gems that tie this look together seamlessly.

When thinking about accessories, many are quick to reach for a purse or a nice pair of shoes, but what about body modifications and hair styles? From head to toe, this gorgeous Fashionista is covered in out of the box accessories. Symmetry is something that many find to be very pleasing to the eye, and incorporating it into an outfit is a great way to give any look a polished and put-together effect. This Fashionista knocked the symmetry in her outfit out of the park.

Most of the detail from this look stems from the symmetrical accessories that frame her face. The first set of details that drew me in were the piercings on her nose and upper lip. The color and beautiful shine that these pieces of jewelry give off a subtle yet very elegant; they are a statement that simply can’t be ignored. Just like the piercings, her bold hair gives the look a unique and personal twist. Her exclusive half black-half blonde bangs are unarguably the most prominent detail in this outfit. To add even more flare, she added some gold seashell earrings and threw on a gorgeous pair of specs.

Another popular aesthetic in fashion, aside from symmetry, is color coordination. Stepping back from the face and looking at the outfit as a whole, one can see that all the colors and aspects of the outfit align. The shirt, although predominantly yellow, has a touch of red that creates a stunning and intricate pattern. Pairing this shirt with a pair of red flats was a creative way to accentuate the details in the shirt, as well as add a pop of color. While the shirt is an outstanding feature in this outfit, another example of color coordination that this fashionista displayed was her jewelry. The three gold rings that reside on her fingers match with her earrings exceptionally well and are a great way to finish off the look.

STYLE GURU BIO: Alexandria Griffiths

Hello, to everyone reading! Starting off with the basics, my name is Alexandria and I am currently going into my junior year at Boise State University. I chose Boise on a whim and I couldn’t imagine my life anywhere else. That being said, I am originally from Northern California! For the purpose of graduating I am a communication major, but I am not entirely sure what I would like to do with my life when my stay at Boise State comes to an end. The dream is to adopt a dog and travel around the globe photographing my endeavors, but we shall see.  As of right now, I am very excited to be part of the CollegeFashionista team!

My fashion sense could be compared to my future, unpredictable. I prefer not to stick to one genre or trend and instead, mix it up. My wardrobe is very eclectic. I can be spotted wearing anything from a flannel with ripped jeans one day, to a sundress and heels the next. While I am constantly changing it up, there are a few essentials I can’t live without. I can usually find a way to incorporate a snapback and chucks into whatever outfit I am wearing. The snapback is particularity crucial to my daily life as it covers up my fivehead quite nicely (only kidding). Aside from those two fashion pieces, I find myself not able to leave the house without a winged eyeliner; personally I think a dramatic eyeliner is just as effective as any other accessory.