WEEKEND FORECAST: Accessorize with a Scarf

Transitioning into spring can be hard when the weather in the Midwest is so unpredictable. However, if you’re as eager as I am to incorporate spring items into your outfit you still can!

This Fashionista stayed warm with a winter jacket and scarf. Even though she was wearing winter apparel her outfit had a spring feel to it. Her white coat was a nice alternative to the typical black winter jacket. The great thing about white is you can use it as a blank canvas to accessorize with. The white coat made this Fashionista stand out, but what initially caught my attention was her floral scarf. I love the floral pattern of this scarf, and I really like how she paired it with this jacket. The colors really popped against the white. The great thing about this scarf is it can be worn in the winter or in the summer. Unlike a chunky knit scarf this material was light weight and airy. You can wear it with a winter jacket like this Fashionista did, or pair it was a tank top and jeans in the spring.

Although there’s still snow on the ground, you can slowly start adding spring items into your outfits!

Hint: For a white jacket try this one from Express. I love the ruffles at the bottom of it. As for a scarf that’s appropriate for spring check out this one from Free People. When looking for a spring scarf make sure you go for a light weight fabric.


A huge trend last spring adn summer was stripes. Now with spring merchandise making its way into stores, we’re seeing that the popularity of stripes has not diminished. Personally I love stripes; I think they are a fresh clean look that goes perfect for daytime or nighttime wear. When I spotted this Fashionista I immediately was impressed by how she incorporated stripes in her ensemble.

This Fashionista was wearing a blue and white striped shirt with a green vest, skinny jeans, riding boots, and a hat. I thought her outfit was so effortlessly stylish. Not only was she trendsetting with her striped shirt, she managed to include another popular trend: army green. Army green has been a huge color this fall season. From utilitarian jackets to t-shirts this color has been worn every which way. I love how this Fashionista included it with the blue and white stripes. Not only was the army green color trendy, the style of her vest was fabulous too. Layering the vest over her long sleeve shirt gave the outfit more of an edge than if she wore the shirt on its own. She topped off her ensemble with a gray hat. I thought this was the perfect final touch. Not only does it look great with the rest of her outfit, it is totally appropriate for February weather. This season stripes are a must! Experiment with bold colors and different size stripes. Whether thick or thin they are all great!

Hint: For stripes check out Forever21. They have a huge variety; this one is my particular favorite. Urbanoutfitters also has a cute hat similar to this Fashionista's.

WEEKEND FORECAST: Add a Pop of Color!

Now that we’re mid-way through February I can’t help but anticipate spring/summer fashion. The best part about my summer wardrobe is the chance to experiment with bright and lively colors. Although I tend to gravitate more towards black until the temperatures start to warm up, I found this Fashionista to be an inspiration.

Her outfit was definitely winter appropriate; she was wearing a black long-sleeved lace turtle neck, black tights, and black, flat boots. What made her outfit stand out was her bright turquoise mini skirt. It was refreshing to see a pop of color in her mostly black ensemble. It also helped her stand out in the crowd. Around this time of the year people are usually wearing black, brown and gray. Style.com mentioned in their Spring 2011 trend report that bright hues are very in for this upcoming season. This Fashionista is ahead of the game, including the bright blue skirt in her outfit.

What helped balance out the summery skirt is the black lace top. Lace has become a very popular trend on campus. Although I used to associate lace with my grandma and doilies, designers are taking it to the next level. This Fashionista showed us how the right amount of lace can make an outfit trendy and stylish. Another element of her outfit that’s worth pointing out is her flat boots. I loved the combination of suede and leather. The two different textures made these boots more interesting. I also loved the buckles down the back.
Remember it’s not too soon to start incorporating spring trends in your winter outfits!

Hint: For a shirt that has the perfect amount of lace try this one from Akira. Nasty Gal has a great tiered turquoise skirt on sale! This would be perfect for adding color into your outfit.


I once said that wearing white after Labor Day is a fashion no no. However, after seeing this Fashionista I take it back. WEAR WHITE IN THE WINTER! When done right it looks absolutely fabulous! It also seems fitting after our very intense Midwest blizzard.

This Fashionista wore a white skirt with a white long-sleeved shirt tucked in. Although typically I would associate an outfit like this with spring or summer she made it winter appropriate with black tights, black over the knee boots, and a brown fur vest. She also accented the white with a black belt and a black necklace. These pieces really popped against the neutral color.

Although she is breaking the cardinal rule of no white until Memorial Day, her trendy pieces make it work. The black over the knee boots are a must for every Fashionista. Not only do they keep you warm they are chic and sexy. This Fashionista sported high heel boots, but flat knee-highs are a good alternative and practical for walking around campus. Another element of her outfit that I loved was her fur vest. I wrote about the fur trend in December, and still see Fashionista’s sporting it left and right. Not only is it one of the hottest trends this winter, it actually keeps you warm in this brutal weather! This trend proves that even in the harshest temperatures you can keep a sense of style.
Remember, people, rules are meant to be broken, go crazy and wear white!

Hint: For a fabulous fur vest check out this one by BB Dakota available at Shopbop. Looking for over the knee boots? Try these by Steve Madden. The best part about these two pieces is they’re on sale! To tie it all together try this white dress from American Apparel to layer with.

WEEKEND FORECAST: The Couple That Dresses Together Stays Together!

One of the emerging trends for Spring 2011 is prints and patterns. Style.com has even noted in their trend report that designers like Roberto Cavalli have included prints in their line. Why wait until spring to sport your patterned shirt, though? This fashionable couple jumped the gun and broke out their plaid shirts.

When I think of flannel shirts my mind automatically thinks of Kurt Cobain and the Seattle grunge scene. However, this Fashionista made her flannel shirt classic with a navy blazer. Although the blazer gives this outfit a polished look, her chunky chain necklace adds the perfect amount of edge. I also loved how she cuffed her jeans. This brings attention to her awesome platform nude heels. This Fashionista was looking very stylish, but so was her boyfriend. I like how he rolled his sleeves. This gave the ensemble a laidback look. Even though this couple matches they can pull it off because the plaid shirts are different colors.

Want to be a daring Fashionista? Try mixing two different patterns like this flannel shirt with a striped shirt under it. Or try a striped shirt with a floral skirt. As for the Fashionistos, pair your flannel shirt with a leather jacket and Ray Ban wayfarers for an effortless bad boy look.

Hint: Forever21 has a variety of flannel shirts for both men and women. My personal favorite is this one for women. For a perfect multi-chained necklace try Cusp. To complete the look try these nude heels by Jessica Simpson.


This winter I’ve seen a lot of people walking around campus in big marshmallow jackets, sweats, and Uggs. Although it’s easy to fall into a rut with fashion when the temperatures are hovering around twenty degrees, I encourage you not to. It is possible to maintain a sense of street style despite the weather.

This Fashionista motivated me to swear off my ugly winter outerwear for good. She was staying warm in a plaid winter jacket that is perfect for class or for a night out. While this season blazers seem to be the go to option for nights out, this plaid jacket would be more practical for staying warm. The best part about this coat is the detail. The fur trim on the hood is a nice touch and fits in perfectly with the fur craze this season. I also loved the leather buckles on the front of the jacket. She matched the leather buckles nicely with her brown leather cross-body bag. This bag is not only a good purse, but an optional backpack for class. Her jacket reminded me of the bomber jacket by Rag & Bone that was seen in their runway show.

Instead of walking around campus in a pair of old winter boots she opted for a suede pair of black boots. I love this choice of footwear and how versatile it is for day and night. Lastly, her patterned tights are an awesome trend that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Mixing the patterned tights with the plaid jacket made her outfit much more interesting.

Hint: For an affordable plaid jacket try this one from Forever 21. I love the toggle buttons on it. They also have patterned tights in different colors. Another jacket option is this plaid trench coat from NastGal.

WEEKEND FORECAST: The Power of Denim

Denim is a timeless staple in both men and women’s wardrobes. Through the years (and decades) we’ve seen denim take on many different styles. From bell bottoms to skinny jeans and every other type that falls in the spectrum, we’ve seen that this pant can really establish an outfit’s edge. Jean style makes a difference when completing a look, but the wash of the denim is just as important.

This Fashionisto showed us exactly how the type of jean and wash can determine the look of an outfit. On the bottom he wore a light washed jean with frayed bottoms and a pair of grey converse. On top he sported a bright blue and white pinstripe shirt with a black blazer. If I saw these two halves separate I never thought they would mesh together as one ensemble, but I found this to be a surprisingly fresh and effortless outfit.

If this Fashionisto decided to do a darker denim jean the whole look would have changed. A darker denim with a button down and blazer would automatically dress this outfit up. Choosing the lighter wash made this look more daytime appropriate and casual. To make this even more laid back a rugged and ripped jean would be suitable.

Even though jeans are part of most people’s everyday wardrobe they are not to be underestimated. The right pair of jeans can help an outfit go from average to awesome!

Hint: For various styles of men’s jeans try Urban Outfitters. They have different fits and washes to choose from. My personal favorite are the Cheap Monday grey jeans

Style Guru Bio: Alex Havlick

Hello Fashionistas/os! My name is Alex Havlick, and I’m a Journalism and Dance major at The University of Iowa. Since I’ve been a little girl I’ve been obsessed with fashion. From playing dress up in my mom’s couture to shopping in Chicago, I’ve always been mesmerized by beautiful clothes and accessories. My personal style is not limited to one look in particular. If someone were to gaze in my closet they would see dainty floral patterns and soft cream and pink hues on one side. On the other side there are the more edgy black dresses, and bright colors like fuchsia and royal blue. One of the best things about fashion is that you can alter your style to reflect your mood. When I’m feeling girly I can throw on a white lacey dress, and when I’m feeling daring I can pick a bold patterned skirt. The possibilities of putting together an outfit are endless, and experimenting is half the fun. I look forward to catching you stylish Fashionistas/os all around Iowa City.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Look Fabulous in Faux Fur

This winter one trend has stuck out to me more than the rest: fur vests. When they were first introduced I never thought this trend would actually make it to the University of Iowa campus but I was wrong. I was also wrong when I thought I disliked this trend because I have actually grown to love it! Not only will a fur vest keep you warm when the temperatures are cold but it makes a definite fashion statement.

I caught this Fashionista leaving the public library looking like a stylish diva in her black long sleeve dress, fur vest and fringe boots. In my opinion, every Fashionista should have a long sleeve black dress in her winter wardrobe. It can look great on its own glamed up with accessories or look comfy cozy layered with a sweater and knit tights. No matter how you wear a black dress it’s the perfect backdrop for any outfit and in the winter long sleeves are not only appropriate but necessary. However, what caught my attention wasn’t her dress, it was her vest. What I love most about her faux fur was the versatility of it. This vest could easily be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a day running around outside in the wintry weather. Her fur wasn’t out of control fluffy; it was softer and relaxed, which I think helped make it more tame for daytime apparel. She also kept warm with tan knit gloves that paired up nicely with the rest of the outfit.

Be as trend setting as this Fashionista and wear a fur vest this winter. Not only will you stay warm you’ll look fabulous!

Hint: Try Forever 21 for this affordable faux fur vest. I love the cream color and the high collar. As for fringe boots try these Minnetonka moccasins that come in an assortment of colors. If you’re feeling really daring and willing to splurge Free People has some awesome fringe heels.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Brave the Cold in Shorts and Tights

We are finally feeling winters wrath with temperatures no higher than twenty degrees and snow flurries. However, that doesn’t mean to put away pieces from your summer wardrobe! This Fashionista showed us even in the winter season, jean shorts can be fashionable.

If I saw someone parading around downtown Iowa City wearing jean shorts in December I would automatically think they were insane. This Fashionista instantly changed my mind. Paired with tights she easily pulled off the look and stayed warmer then she would with bare legs. Another pair of shorts you could try wearing with tights in the winter season is the trouser short such as this one from Forever 21. This will give your outfit a more wintery edge but still follow the trend this Fashionista was sporting. You could also play with the style of tights under the shorts. Patterned tights have been very popular or you could try a color other then black such as gray.

Another thing I love about her ensemble is her silk shirt. I really enjoyed the intricate pattern. It added a lot of flair to her otherwise black outfit and the pattern made this shirt unique. It was unlike any other top I have seen. The mesh detail at the top helped make this shirt so fashion forward. Mesh is a trend I have been seeing a lot of this season from retailers such as American Apparel to stores like Target. It's all over the place! 

Despite the weather whip out your cutest pair of shorts and rock them with some tights!

Hint: For an assortment of tights try Urban Outfitters.