STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Look Stylish Even at the Library

Although studying at the library can be dull that doesn’t mean your outfit has to be! Just because you’re stuck inside working on homework doesn’t mean you have to resort to throwing on sweats. I’m not suggesting that you have to dress up fancy, but don’t forget the world is your runway!

This Fashionista was dressed like a trendy student ready to hit the books. Her outfit was a perfect combination of comfort and style. There were three components of her outfit that I absolutely adored. First was her sweater vest. This season I have seen chunky sweaters all over stores and people on campus. Not only are they cozy but they come in a variety of styles. I love that this Fashionista’s sweater was a vest and was easily layered over a long sleeved shirt. Not only is layering another popular trend this season but it also gives the opportunity to add more color to an ensemble.

Speaking of color this is the second thing I liked about her outfit. She added color by wearing maroon boots instead of the typical black or brown. This color is great for fall and helped make her ensemble stand out. She also added color to her lips by wearing a red lipstick. Not only is this a beautiful shade for walking around campus but it can be easily transitioned to a night out look. Her daring play on colors is something I suggest every Fashionista try.

The third and final fabulous touch to her outfit was her headband. It added sparkle and shine to her outfit, and jazzed up her simple braid! This headband is perfect for adding style to a laid back outfit. It also would look great with a black dress for a holiday party!

Just remember school work can be lame but that’s no reason not to look your best!

Hint: For a sweater vest try Urban Outfitters and for a cool head piece try Forever 21!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Add Some Edge with a Leather Jacket

Blazers and peacoats seem to be the two go to jackets this fall; however, don’t forget about your leather jacket! The leather jacket is not only very fashionable but it can add an edge to even the plainest outfit. This Fashionista is the perfect example of how a leather jacket can amp up an outfit.

This Fashionista was wearing a basic white T-shirt, and a pair of jeans. To add some flare she threw on a leather jacket and cute accessories. Her jacket was flattering because it was fitted and her over sized T-shirt looked great layered under. This leather jacket gives her outfit more edge then a preppy blazer or peacoat could. I also liked how the jacket was brown and not black like many that I have seen. Her long gray necklace was a nice touch. and dressed up the simple shirt. However, her best accessory though was her purple pumps. Over the summer a huge trend was nude heels but now that we’re officially in the fall/winter season it’s time to retire the nude hue. My advice is to experiment with bolder colors this season. Her suede blueish/purple pumps were not only original but helped make this outfit fashion forward.

Although wearing pumps like these aren’t the most realistic for class they are perfect for a night out on the weekend. Also, these shoes would look fabulous with a black, white, or gray dress over the holiday season. Don’t limit yourself to black pumps just because it’s winter – add a splash of color to your feet!

Hint: For leather jackets try Forever 21. They also have a variety of cute oversized T-shirts. As for pumps in fun colors, try Dolce Vita.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Look Fierce for Thanksgiving Break

Last fall one trend that really took over Iowa City was the classic blazer jacket. Although it isn’t a new trend this season I think it is one that should definitely be utilized now that colder weather is amongst us. A perfect way you could revamp this jacket is by pairing it with a bold pattern. This Fashionista paired her black blazer with a leopard pattern dress. Animal print also isn’t a new trend for the season, but together these two items create a very stylish outfit for fall. I loved her dress not just because of the pattern, but the fabric too. Instead of the typical cotton dress this one was velvet. Not only does the fabric make the dress more suitable for fall/winter, it gave the pattern a nice shine.

This Fashionista sported her outfit for work, but it’s also perfect for the holidays! With Thanksgiving break right around the corner this outfit is appropriate for family events. Her boots were also a nice addition to the outfit. Something to keep in mind when wearing animal print is you don’t want it to look too promiscuous. Heels with this dress might have been too much for a regular day at work, but the flat boots tame down the fierce print. If you’re feeling edgy try pairing heels with an animal print ensemble when going out at night with friends.

Hint: For a blazer jacket try Urban Outfitters. For animal print check out Nasty Gal.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Get Preppy with a Nice Jacket

I’ve seen a lot of guys walking around campus bundled up in sweatshirts and sweatpants, but this Fashionisto was looking very sharp on his way to class. The major staple of his outfit was his coat. As the temperatures get increasingly colder, it’s time to bring out warmer jackets. This Fashionisto was sporting a nice dress coat with a stripped scarf and jeans. His jacket not only kept him warm, but looked very classy. Another classic option for men is the peacoat.

Although he was wearing a dress coat he kept the ensemble laid back with a plain white V-neck. This is a perfect look for class and can be easily transitioned to night. All he would have to do is put on a button down and this outfit would be transformed from a casual look to one for a night out. The scarf was casually draped around his neck adding to his laid-back look and also added an interesting pattern to the outfit.

His shoes brought the outfit together. Sperry boat shoes have been a very popular trend on campus for both men and women. They are a good transition shoe for the fall, and go perfect with any outfit! I also love how they give outfits a preppy edge.

Hint: For boat shoes like the ones this Fashionisto was wearing check out Sperry Top-Sider. As for men’s scarves try Urban Outfitters.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Get Cozy with Sweaters and Scarves

Being a Fashionista doesn’t always mean wearing sky high heels, skirts, and dresses. Although these are great items for a night out, they aren’t the most comfortable for a casual day going to class or running errands. However, blending comfort and style can be easily accomplished!

This Fashionista wore a stripped batwinged sweater, paired with a chunky knit infinity scarf, and jeans. I absolutely loved the sweater, and it’s not only very fashionable, but comfortable. Stripes were a popular trend this summer and that trend has carried over in to the autumn season. Designers such as Vince, and MinkPink have both used stripes for sweaters in their line this fall. Another trend that I’ve noticed this season is the infinity scarf. The way it drapes down like a necklace looks really nice, and you don’t have to fuss with how to tie it. I like how this Fashionista paired the sweater and the scarf together creating a laid back look. Again this is another accessory that is cute and cozy for fall and winter!

This Fashionista also had on TOMS shoes. These shoes have gotten very popular around campus. Not only are they comfortable (I know because I just bought a pair) but they also have a good cause. For every pair of shoes you buy they give a new pair to a child in need. You can read all about their movement on the TOMS website. Now you can be fashionable and help children in need!


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Embrace Autumn Colors

The temperature is dropping as fast as the autumn leaves. While some may yearn for the warmer weather, I absolutely love fall. My advice is to embrace this lovely season. One way to incorporate autumn into your wardrobe is to adopt the beautiful colors. The leaves are changing from green to shades of gold, yellow, and orange. Follow in the steps of this Fashionista and use fall colors in your next ensamble!
This Fashionista looked radiant with the perfect scarf for fall. It included different shades of red, yellow, and green in a pretty pattern. Not only is the scarf a perfect addition to her outfit it also kept her warm in the chilly weather. She also had retro red sunglasses that matched the scarf. These colors were really showcased against her black T-shirt dress. The scarf also dressed up her simple outfit.
Another layer that shouldn’t be overlooked is her black tights. Because of the colder temperatures it’s time to bring out the tights!

Although the days of dresses with bare legs are over, this outfit proves that you don’t have to put all of your summer wardrobe items away. This T-shirt is something from summer that can easily transition over to fall. With the addition of a scarf and tights you can easily stay warm and put your summer clothes to good use! When it gets increasingly colder you could easily pair this outfit with a military jacket or a blazer.

Hint: For affordable patterned scarves check out Forever21. For trendy sunglasses try NastyGal.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Be a Beautiful Ballerina

Ballerinas are no longer the only girls sporting leotards and flats these days. It seems that ballet trends have taken a grand jeté out of the dance studios and onto the runways. reported from the New York City Ballet’s Fall Gala about designers such as Chloé and Valentino embracing the ballerina tutu in their runway shows. Even Natalie Portman has adopted the ballet lifestyle for her role in the upcoming movie, Black Swan.

This is all very exciting news for me due to my long love affair with the art, and my current status as a dance major. It is also not the first time fashion has taken a hint from the dance world. Although I wasn’t alive in the '80s, I do know that leg warmers were very in style. Now fashion has come full circle, once again using dance attire as an inspiration for stylish outfits.

This Fashionista was spotted wearing a light blue leotard under a black high waisted skirt. I loved the contrast of the tight leotard and the loose full skirt. The thin gold belt was also a nice touch, and helped accentuate her waist line. She matched the belt with a pair of gold oxfords. These shoes are not only trendy, but a nice break from the platform heels I’ve been seeing everywhere. Also choosing flat oxfords over the typical ballet flat made her outfit even more original! To top it all off she pulled back her hair in a sleek bun. This outfit is incredibly stylish and perfect for a day out with friends. She also looks like a beautiful ballerina!

Hint: To find your inner ballerina go to American Apparel for leotards in a variety of colors. As for the perfect ballet flat check out, and for the oxford shoe try

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Make a Statement with Accessories

In the past I’ve overlooked the power of accessories. I use to justify spending money on a fashion forward top or great pair of skinny jeans rather than a simple necklace. However, times have changed, and accessories are anything but simple! From bib necklaces, to cocktail rings we’re just starting to see how accessories can really transform an outfit.

This Fashionista was wearing an oversized black T-shirt with a pair of jeans. It’s really a plain outfit that could be worn to class or for errands. Instead of settling with such a basic ensemble, she dressed it up by adding a unique pink and gold necklace, and black heels. The use of accessories helped bring this average look to the next level. I could see this outfit easily transitioning from daytime to a night out in downtown Iowa City.

Her necklace is awesome because of its giant chunky stones. This necklace also made a statement worn with a black shirt. The pink stones really popped out, and so did the smaller gold beads. As for her shoes, we were able to see the ruffles and the wooden heel due to her cuffing the bottom of the jeans. Not only could we see her shoes better, the cuff gave the outfit a relaxed effect.

Hint: Follow in the fashionable steps of this Fashionista, and use a solid color like black, grey, or white as a backdrop for a bold colorful accessory. For jewelry that makes a statement check out Nasty Gal. For a cool shoe with a wooden heel try Dolce Vita.


One of the hottest fall trends this season is military and specifically military green. Although this Fashionista wasn’t wearing the typical army green her vibrant shirt was worth documenting. The silky material mixed with the green hue of today's Fashionista's top made her stand out. Another element that drew me is was the silhouette of her top. From the flutter sleeves, to the waist seam, this shirt has a very flattering fit.

This shirt not only was sexy from the front–it had an added detailed bonus in the back!

What topped this Fashionista's look off was the emphasis on gold accessories such as her earrings and clutch. Green plus gold is a winning look and my advice this week to all you Fashionistas!

Hint: For cutout shirts and dresses try As for the color green, it’s not hard to find these days because of the military trend. However, check our for awesome green shoes that would look great with a black dress or jeans!


I’m proud to wear black and gold, and support my amazing school. Fortunately, I’m not the only one. It’s common to see people walking around campus wearing black and gold Hawkeye apperal. Although wearing Hawkeye gear is the norm, on a football game day it’s insane! Whether it’s a black out or gold rush everyone is head to toe representing the fabulous University of Iowa. What I love most is how creative people get with their outfits.

I spotted this Fashionista ready to tailgate in her fashionable Iowa outfit. She got crafty with her ensemble by taking an extra large men’s t-shirt and turning it into a dress. I absolutely loved this, and the best part about it is it’s so easy to make! All you have to do is cut the neckline; tie the sleeves around to the back, and TADA! You’ve got yourself a Hawkeye dress. I also thought her braided headband was a nice touch. It added some style to the outfit, and also was simple to make. She took leftover scraps of T-shirt that she had accumulated and braided them together. Her converse were also amazing because they said IOWA on the back!

If you’re not feeling as creative as this Fashionista, no problem! There is no reason why you still can’t look stylish for football games, or strolling around downtown Iowa City. Victoria’s Secret Pink came out with the Pink Collegiate Collection, and have so many glamorous options for the Iowa Fashionista. From preppy cardigans, to glitzed out jerseys and baseball hats, there is no shortage of school spirited clothing.
No matter how you decide to represent your school make sure you look fabulous doing it!