STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All About Accessories!

There’s nothing like getting together with friends on a nice summer day to grill out. Summer barbecues are one of the perks to the season. Warm weather, cheese burgers, and yard games are what I fondly remember from my last summer in Iowa City. However, this summer’s weather has been plagued by thunderstorms and tornado warnings. Don’t let Mother Nature keep you down and move your barbecue indoors!

I spotted this Fashionista sporting perfect barbecue attire, even though it was raining. To be honest I thought the orange umbrella was a perfect touch! It added color to her outfit, brightened up the gloomy day, and kept her dry. Her bright bracelets added color to her look as well. I loved how this Fashionista matched a denim button up with denim shorts. Blue is the hue to go for this season, and this outfit is a great example of how to incorporate it. put together a Lookbook with different 7 For All Mankind denim pieces.This Lookbook is a great way to get different ideas on how to dress up a jean outfit. The cross body purse was a nice addition to this Fashionista’s attire. Sometimes a big purse can draw attention away from the outfit, but this smaller one kept everything in balance. This ensemble would be appropriate at any summer barbexue becasue it’s laid back, but still fashion forward.
Although I liked the denim outfit, what really brought this look together were the accessories. Her purse, bangles, and umbrella really stood out to me. This outfit proved that even on a rainy day you can look fabulous!

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STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sassy Summer Sequins

When I think of sequins my mind automatically jumps to New Years Eve. I’m from the Midwest so New Years has always been a bitter cold holiday. This is why I tend to associate sequins with my winter wardrobe. However, they are a perfect way to spice up any summer outfit! Sequins are by no means a new trend, but  sporting them during the summer is a fresh idea. has even included sequins in their Summer 2010 Shopping Guide. Shoes, shorts, and tops are all being jazzed up with these shiny little discs.
The Fashionista pictured has the right idea of how to include sequins in a warm weather outfit. She wore a pretty white tank top by 7 for All Man Kind with light denim shorts. The casual jean shorts contributed to the laid back summer look. Adding a bright color pair of flats also helped give this outfit some personality. What I love most about her shirt is the sequins aren’t too flashy. This shirt can be worn during the day and easily transitioned to night. My advice is that when wearing sequins during the summer pick a color, other than black. Try white, silver, or gold. These colors are more fun for your hot nights out on the town.

Since I’m in love with the idea of summer sequins I just bought a gold sequin skirt at also has a lot of sequin clothing to choose from. Another thing to check out is the sequin shorts featured on’s shopping guide.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stars and Stripes Forever!

It’s that time of the year for all you stylish readers to break out your red, white, and blue! From barbeques to parades, this is your chance to use the freedom our forefathers fought for and pick out a patriotic outfit! My suggestion is follow this Fashionista’s American inspired outfit. Navy and white stripes are not only stylish, but are one the hot trends for the season. This Fashionista paired her striped dress with red lips and nude wedge sandals. I found the red lipstick a clever way to tie in all three colors. She also was carrying a red clutch which popped against the stripped background. As for the nude wedges, what’s not to love! They are ultra chic and the nude color helps elongates her legs. This outfit is perfect for the 4th of July; however, it’s not limited to this one event. Try this look at a Sunday brunch or a day shopping with friends.

Another way to dress up a red, white, and blue ensemble is with the right accessory. I was inspired by Shopbop’s American Life Lookbook. They pair American styled outfits with star accessories. They have an assortment of necklaces and bracelets with stars that would complement any patriotic outfit. If stars aren’t your thing you could do a simple gold bracelet.

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The summer season brings warm weather, sunshine, and lazy days by the pool. However, another amazing perk is all the concerts and festivals. Dave Matthews Band in Alpine, Wisconsin, Lollapalooza, Bonaroo, and Summerfest are just a few of the amazing shows and festivals around the Midwest. Your summer itinerary should definitely include a great musical performance. Concerts are a great way to hang out with friends, have fun, and it’s also the perfect opportunity to flaunt your personal style. Music is a great way to influence an outfit. If you’re attending a rock concert your attire may be edgier then if you were attending an indie show. Let the music help you put together a stellar ensemble!

Also when you’re attending concerts you want to look fabulous, but also comfortable. High heels can be impractical so try a cute sandal. This Fashionista was spotted downtown Iowa City wearing fringe sandals. They definitely added to this casual outfit, and are comfortable for walking around. She was also wearing a vest over a plain tank top, which dressed it up in a unique way. All these simple components blended together created a casual yet chic look. Although this Fashionista was just walking home from work, I could see this outfit at one of the many summer festivals. She also added the perfect amount of accessories to bring her attire to the next level.

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STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: If It’s Not Neon It Shouldn’t Be On!

Usually when I think of neon colors incorporated in outfits I think of the 80’s, or sorority socials depicting the 80’s. However, neon colors are no longer restricted to your themed parties. Sex and the City stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Davis were spotted in neon yellow and neon pink for the Sex and the City 2 premier. The MTV Movie Awards red carpet was also jazzed up with Stephanie Pratt’s daring neon dress. Celebrities aren’t the only ones who have been trying out these bold colors. Even the University of Iowa has been a runway of neon. From T-shirts to dresses, neon has been a spring and summer staple in the wardrobes of many. This Fashionista wore a neon color block dress that fit in perfectly for the Iowa City night life. Too bold for your taste? No problem. If neon clothing is too out there for your style, try a neon nail polish for your fingers and toes. This way you can sport the neon trend without getting too crazy. Another possibility is pairing a simple dress with neon colored shoes. Whether its bright finger nail polish, or even brighter shoes, neon is a color that should be worn in every Fashionista’s outfit at least once this summer!

Hint: Check out this awesome neon green dress at Shopbop, and these fantastic neon yellow shoes at CUSP. They’re both perfect for summer!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Dress to Impress with a Pencil Skirt

As the saying goes, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression” so why not WOW your co-workers and boss with a stunning outfit? For summer internships you want to dress your best. The perfect outfit should be classy and, most of all, professional. The pencil skirt is a must have item for fashionable interns everywhere. With the heat of summer, tailored pants can be too warm, but the pencil skirt is appropriate and stylish. Paired with a button down as worn by the Fashionista below, or with a more casual shirt, this look is extremely tasteful. The pencil skirt is not just restricted to the office. It’s versatile, and can also be worn with a flashier top for an outfit out in the city with the girls.

For a similar looking skirt try CUSP

Hint: This Fashionista topped off her look with a suitable accessory, a watch. A trendy watch is not only chic, but necessary to stay punctual for all your important meetings!
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Style Guru Bio: Alex Havlick

My name is Alex Havlick, and I’m a journalism major at The University of Iowa. Since I’ve been a little girl I’ve been obsessed with fashion. From playing dress up in my mom’s couture to shopping in Chicago, I’ve always been mesmerized by beautiful clothes and accessories. My personal style is not limited to one look in particular. If someone were to gaze in my closet they would see dainty floral patterns and soft cream and pink hues on one side. On the other side there are the more edgy black dresses, and bright colors like fuchsia and royal blue. One of the best things about fashion is you can alter your style to reflect your mood. When I’m feeling girly I can throw on a white lacey dress, and when I’m feeling daring I can pick a bold patterned skirt. The possibilities of putting together an outfit are endless, and experimenting is half the fun. This summer season I think one of my favorite trends is the brave idea of print on print. It makes a statement and is perfect for summer fun.