For many, it can be extremely difficult to mix and match different prints and materials in one outfit without looking like you have gotten dressed in the dark. The key is to go with a color palette that compliments each piece in your entire outfit and equal-weighted prints that do not take attention away from any aspect of the outfit. Burberry Prorsum’s spring 2014 menswear collection accomplishes this trend to perfection.

Definitely not as drastic as the Burberry displays, this Fashionisto sported a casual pair of dark wash denim jeans and a coordinating light blue flannel shirt. This color combination creates a base that he can play around with and test what colors work best. As shown, he chose an army green jacket with leather sleeves to accompany the blues. This works perfectly because neither colors are bright enough to overbear the one or the other. Lastly, this Fashionisto chose a pair or tan and light brown zig-zag printed flats-comfortable and chic for a long day of running around town doing errands or sitting in class.

What I think is so major about this Fashionisto’s ensemble is his medium-sized tote. Fashionistos! You must understand how major this trend is becoming; menswear accessories and totes are evident all over the runways. They are not only a stylish way to add something to a plain-looking outfit, but they are practical and functional for just about any occasion, from carrying books to the classroom to using it as a carry-on with a few extras packed inside for a long flight.

Hint: If you want to dress casual and relaxed without looking like you have just rolled out of bed-even though we have all been there when we decide to take early morning classes-take notes from this Fashionisto. Since it is the fall/winter season, stick to more neutral-based colors that are not too bright on the eyes.This will make finding prints much more doable and easy for you first-timers.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Tote-ally on Trend

Some people say that rules are meant to be broken, while others argue the alternative. Personally, I am a huge fan of the fashion rule-breakers. The “rule” in fashion says never to wear white after Labor Day, but the truth is that the rule is extremely outdated.

Fashion weeks all across the globe have finally come to a close and one of the biggest trends on the runways included black and white color combinations. Thom Browne featured a theatrical line of military inspired garments, which may be much more difficult to translate into your every day wardrobe. On the other hand, Paul Smith incorporated loads of vivid pastels yet still displayed a large amount of black and white outfits and accents into his show, including the traditional white trouser.

This Fashionisto broke, or should I say followed the rules, in all the right ways. From his fit and tailoring to his on-point on color choices, he is the prime example of where fashion is going in upcoming seasons. He paired a basic black polo shirt with a pair of slim fit, all-white chinos rolled to perfection. His look is smart and contemporary, but it simple enough that it can be easily adapted into any Fashionisto’s wardrobe. Try it out for an afternoon class or a night out on the town.

Along with the rule-breakers, I also praise the Fashionistos who know how to wear statement accessories. This Fashionisto’s outfit would not be complete without his chic Zara leather tote. It is simple, well-crafted and 100 percent practical for a schedule full of classes or work meetings. Totes like this can be carried a number of ways including over the shoulder like this Fashionisto, across the body or simply hand-held by the shorter straps.

Hint: Sporting activewear accessories has been another huge trend for Fashionistos these days. For a long day on your feet or casual day out, try substituting the dress shoes for a pair of active athletic shoes. No, Fashionistos, this does not mean resorting to the sneakers you wear to the gym or the ones you go running through grass and dirt with! Try a cool pair of Nike’s Air Max x 2013 Limited Edition or other stylish sneakers with a pop of color.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Brighten Up For Fall

As the chilly breezes arrive and the clouds begin to thicken in the sky Fashionista/os tend to resort to the dark and neutral palettes in their wardrobe. With that being said, it is quite refreshing to see Fashionistos sporting colorful ensembles.

Many Fashionistos out there believe that pastels are not masculine enough to wear and that, my friends, is a big fat lie. This Fashionisto proves all doubts wrong and wears his colors with confidence, which, of course, is what completes any outfit out there. He put together a great example of a bright outfit by pairing a soft pink button-down with a pair of sea foam green chinos. One thing I love so much about colors like these is that they make your skin glow no matter what. Who doesn’t want to look like they have a nice tan all year round?

Lastly, this Fashionisto kept his overall look safe with very little accessory pieces, but his shoes are major. His spanish styled leather sandals are simple but still make an overall statement. They not only contrast well with the colors he is wearing but they are  just detailed enough to make your eyes move down his entire outfit.

Hint: If you want to upgrade your eye-catching outfit even more, try putting together a pair of colored pants with a just as energetic, printed button-down shirt. This type of outfit is not the typical winter attire that people usually wear, but do not let that stop you. Add a simple cardigan overtop or a cozy scarf.


These days, for me at least, there is something extraordinarily refreshing and reassuring about seeing a Fashionisto wearing something that is actually fit from head-to-toe and suitable for any occasion. When I spotted this Fashionisto working in the shopSCAD store I couldn’t help but notice how spruced and tidy his outfit was, convenient and flexible for a meeting or to a dinner date.

He wore his small, printed shirt buttoned all the way up to his neck, a style I don’t see very many people brave enough to pull off these days, and added a bit of easiness by rolling his sleeves just above his elbow. To add, he paired his outfit with a worn, vintage-looking pair of dress shoes, a key item that keeps his look professional and casual, all in one.

In my opinion, if this Fashionisto changed anything about his outfit, undoing a button on his shirt a bit, unrolling his sleeves or even letting down his pant legs just a little, then something would be missing. Cuffing your pants, or even wearing flood pants, adds a sense of personality to your ensemble and these trends have been on all sorts of runways, like Paul & Joe’s spring 2013 collection and Dsquared²’s spring 2013 menswear show. This Fashionisto did it just right by rolling his perfectly pressed pants a couple of times just enough to emphasize his charcoal grey socks underneath his pants. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference a couple of folds at the hem of your trousers can make in your outfit.

Hint: When cuffing your bottoms, don’t be afraid to expose a bold patterned or bright colored pair of socks, like this Fashionisto. As the chilly winter weather slowly approaches us here in Savannah this can be a great way to keep up your outfit stylish and fun while still dressing appropriately for the climate change.


I am not sure about you guys, but I am beyond ready to cozy up in oversized sweaters, wrap my favorite knit scarves around my neck and stomp around in my fall booties. Though we are more than halfway through September and the season of summer has officially come to a close, the boiling, muggy Savannah weather is NOT ready to make its exit. Therefore, we are compelled to wear our most comfortable pair of shorts, tanks and lightweight garments in order to beat the heat.

Now I know that I have done my fair share of ranting about how every Fashionista/o should have the timeless white T-shirt or blouse in his/her closet, but I am also a firm believer that a striped T-shirt is another key item to have in one’s wardrobe (I have about seven in my own closet – no shame!). This Fashionisto is sporting a thin, cotton off-white and heather grey BDG striped T-shirt paired with light washed skinny denim shorts. The combination of lights with the pops of grey on his top is killer. Plus as little of a detail as it may be, the pocket on his shirt goes a long way and balances the proportions on his top completely.

Oh, Fashionista/os can’t wear white after Labor Day? Rules schmules! Clearly this Fashionisto can, and has done so extremely well. He kept it classy with a pair of all white A.P.C. Crepe Sole Tennis Shoes – now conveniently on sale, Fashionistos! To top things off, he added a simple light brown fedora cap, a completely appropriate and significant accessory to fight off the sun beams while strolling through town.

Hint: The best way to keep it cool and contemporary without melting on the sidewalk while walking to class? Always, always pay attention to what fabrics you are wearing. Stay far, far away from synthetic fabrics and resort to thin and breathable cottons and linens. Plus, adding a chic hat to your outfit to keep your face shaded helps a lot, too.


For most of the college Fashionista/os out there classes have commenced, studying is in full-effect and the unbearable thoughts of class presentations are in the very near future. When you are up in front of the rest of the classroom, probably making your first solo impression on them, all eyes will be on you and it is absolutely necessary to dress appropriately and professionally.

I found a Fashionisto who was a prime model of how to wear the classics from head-to-toe. As I have mentioned before, the basic white T-shirt and button-up are timeless and fit for any Fashionisto, but the basics should never be overlooked as boring. Fashion should be fun and there is nothing wrong with adding a little quirkiness and playfulness to any fashion moment.

Steal some styling tips from this Fashionisto who is sporting a playful striped bow-tie, a cheeky and effortless statement accessory. Bow-ties aren’t your thing? Try a fun, printed tie. It is just enough entertainment to keep the eyes on you while still achieving a professional appearance. I do not believe that this Fashionisto’s look would be entirely complete without his black square glasses. The pair of spectacles is a small effort, but surely goes a long way to complete his look. Plus, they make him look extra intelligent!

Hint: When going for this style, it is key that all garments are fitted, pressed and tucked in properly. Un-hemmed pants, half-tucked shirts and wrinkles will not cut it, Fashionistos! Although this look is fairly casual and comfortable, it can easily be spruced up for a more grand occasion. As the weather begins to cool down, a well-fitted blazer or vest can be the perfect addition to complete the look.

STYLE GURU BIO: Alexis Castillo-Snyder

Hello Fashionista/os! I am a returning Style Guru, Alexis Castillo-Snyder. This will be my second semester with CollegeFashionsita and I am beyond thrilled to be back. I am heading back to school for my senior year at SCAD and will be hunting down all sorts of Fashionistos in Savannah, Georgia for LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS, featured each Tuesday. I am greatly looking forward to bringing you Fashionista/os some of my favorite looks and trends from the southern streets of Savannah.

If there is one thing that I look for in each of my outfits, it’s comfort. Don’t get me wrong, I will never turn down wearing a pair of 6-inch, red-soled Louboutins or a beautiful Hervé Léger bodycon evening gown, but I can’t deny that I have a very special place in my heart for a pair of ripped up boyfriend jeans, an oversized sweater and pair of Rainbow flip flops. It must be the California girl in me. I am also a firm believer that there should always be at least one aspect of anyone’s outfit that makes a statement–something that makes people look twice –whether that be a bright color on the lip or bold piece of jewelry around the neck.

Author and poet Maya Angelou once said, “I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being.” This quote has stuck close to my heart for a long time. Each day, I try to incorporate these words into my everyday outfits and lifestyle by dressing smart, courageously, confidently and, most of all, being in love with what I put on. Now, I’m on the lookout for Fashionistos that do so, too. I hope you enjoy reading!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Classic Plain White T-shirt

In the early 1900s, T-shirts were worn by men as regulation undergarments for the U.S. Navy and for playing sports. It wasn’t until 1951 that the garment became appropriate to wear alone. After the rebellious Marlon Brando showcased himself wearing a thin, white T-shirt in his movie, A Streetcar Named Desire, that the trend escalated, becoming the go-to-look for teens during the time and raising T-shirt sales to 180 million by end of the year. Since, the garment has been transformed in a number of ways, from various colors and fabrics to fits and silhouettes. Yet to this day it has been a timeless and classic piece of clothing.

When I say that the garment has been transformed over the years, I am also talking about how Fashionista/os are wearing their white T-shirts, like this Fashionista. She isn’t wearing the typical Hanes cotton T-shirt. Instead she chooses a silk, crew neck white T-shirt  and pair of faded blue denim jeans. This is the all time classic, effortless and never-going-out-of-style look.

Now, her look wouldn’t be complete without a touch of colorful baubles. Turquoise is one the hottest colors to wear during summertime. This Fashionista adds a bright stoned necklace and a silver and gold watch to add little touch of elegance. Her entire ensemble is simple and totally chic.

I firmly believe that a white T-shirt is one that every Fashionista/o should have in his or her wardrobe. It is an item of clothing that can easily be dolled up or dressed down for any occasion. Also, it is one of the few clothing options that can be worn with any, and I mean any, type of bottom. Mini skirt, maxi skirt, shorts, jeans, leggings – the options are endless!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sunflowers and Sunshine

They say that history repeats itself and there is no doubt that this saying explains the trends occurring on in fashion today. Floral prints have been in and out for decades now, from the ‘90s grunge style to the latest hawaiian flowers. Fashionistas aren’t the only ones attracted to the blossoming trend but Fashionistos too! And personally, I think it is fantastic.

There is something about sunflowers – or any flower for that matter – that makes me absolutely giddy. With that being said, naturally I was beyond overjoyed to see this Fashionista sporting an American Apparel mini skirt topped with golden sunflowers. The colors are bright, energetic and a perfect fit for a summertime festival or garden tea party with the gals.

This Fashionista paired her mini with a simple plain white T-shirt, allowing the skirt to make a bold and bright statement. For an even more outgoing look, try pairing it up with a bright red crop top or keep things on the safer side with a black one. Either option will really pull out the accents on the sunflowers and show just the right amount of skin to beat the summer heat in the most modest, yet hottest way possible.

Lastly, how perfect is this Fashionista’s choice of shoes and accessories? My absolute favorite is her gypsy style finger to wrist bracelet. It’s an unexpected surprise, but works well with her overall look. Her black wedges fit adorably well with the sunflower style and bring out just enough contrast from her ensemble. If you want to go more toward the ’90s trend while still keeping the skirt as a part of the action, try adding a pair of black leather booties. These are still an appropriate style for summer all while adding a hint of edginess to a bright and playful outfit.


In her spring 2012 collection, Karen Walker debuted a number of hair wraps, channeling a 1940’s vibe throughout the show. The next year, Marc Jacobs and Nicholas K followed in Walker’s footsteps and added hair wrap turbans to their runways as well. Marc Jacobs went for a more colorful, energetic theme while Nicholas K stuck with a conceptual and muted palette. All three designers are perfect examples to show that these trendy hair accessories are flexible and fitting for all Fashionistas and their individual tastes. Since then, Fashionistas have been jumping on the turban train and sporting the wraps in all sorts of unique and creative ways.

When I saw this Fashionista, I could not take my eyes off of her statement lavender hair wrap turban. Hair wraps are a perfect go-to accessory to make a boring outfit stand out in the crowd. Since this Fashionista wore a simple, long black maxi dress, her bright and daring hair wrap was the perfect addition spice up to her look.

What I love most about this Fashionista’s look is that she did not stick to the traditional infinity knot headband that is seen in stores all over the place. Instead, she used the length of the fabric to her advantage, creating a playful bow on top of her hair.

To top things off, this Fashionista is definitely not afraid to wear color as she rocked a number of bright accessories to go with her hair wrap. Channeling a ready-to-wear version of Nicki Minaj, this Fashionista’s ensemble is playful, energetic, feminine and edgy, all with a little help from key accessories and color. From her hot pink watch to her edgy, mint manicure and pastel pink lipstick, this Fashionista nailed it all.

Take notes from this Fashionista! At times, these hair turbans can be difficult to find in stores, so be creative, Fashionistas! Creating this look can be a fun and simple DIY project to do with your girlfriends. Use a thin scarf or any fabric of choice and play with the different styles and ways of wrapping and tying your hair up.

Finally, always remember that these type of hair accessories can be dressed down for a casual day out with friends, like this Fashionista, and can be dressed up. They key is the material. Try a silky wrap turban paired with bold statement jewelry and a long maxi dress for a fancy dinner date.