CollegeFashionista X ASOS: University of California Irvine

While the beginning of yet another academic year means the return of waking up early (if you have the misfortune of an 8 a.m. class), doing homework and pulling all-nighters, worry not for there’s also a bright side. An oversized, baroque and burgundy side, actually, which also comes in black and fury. Yes people, I’m talking about the fall trends that must hang in your closets by now. If not, well then, you’ve come to the right place for guidance.

If you’re an avid CollegeFashionista reader and you so happened to go through, particularly, my posts you’d know by now that I’m always linking ASOS merchandise. Why? Well, if you really need an on-the-record answer for that it would be because ASOS is pretty much the Mecca of anything and everything on-trend a Fashionista should wear. But if you’re a true Fashionista, you already know this.

I mean, why go from store to store looking for all the fall essentials when you can find them in the comfort of your own home or even the library or pretty much anywhere with Wi-Fi? I’ll set myself as an example. For me, fall means one thing and that’s busting out my grandmother’s vintage furs and the faux ones I’ve collected over the years. So unequivocally, when I searched for this season’s items, that's what I had in mind and everything else would revolve around that. So naturally, I was immediately drawn to the Fur Shell Top. This statement piece’s silhouette is the opposite of a sheath dress (any Man Repeller fans in the house?) and utterly fabulous. The bigger the better! But if this top is a bit much for you, fur accents a la Jason Wu or Fendi will do. But, you’re still in your early twenties and you’re not quite Tavi Gevinson, so you’ll probably want to rough it up to stay current. And what’s more edgy than another must, leather. Some say burgundy is the new black for fall but no, black never stopped being black (thank you oh so much!). So leather up! Shoes, skirts, jackets and don’t forget Stud Leather Shorts to channel your nouveau gothic self. Speaking of studs, which are never enough, a cute Spike Hair Comb as an accent gives your hair an extra touch, same thing with the Velvet Socks. As for shoes, I tried my Derek Lam-inspired look matching the leather shorts (instead of the black leather pencil skirt) with my version of the lace-up oxford’s, the MOUSE Leather Flat Shoes. And voila, what’s the result? A school girl minus the clichés plus androgyny and yet feminine but still edgy. I know what you’re thinking and yes, the fall essentials are all about the paradoxes.

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STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Never Can Say Goodbye to Black

As I publicly acknowledged in last week’s post, sorbet and neon colors are the trends right now. I mean, you can’t even walk into a Forever 21 store without seeing tons of mannequins displaying electric pink sunglasses or bright yellow camis. Don’t get me wrong, I love neon, but I love some of that Wednesday Adams inspired looks even more. Sure, black is not the best color for this Cali summer given its will to absorb every U.V. ray in the atmosphere, but it sure looks cool and flattering.

So if you’re anything like this week’s Fashionisto, you jump over hoops and go around cones in order to wear black in 80 degree weather. However, you might want to hold up on the leather/pleather shorts until October or November. It’s near to impossible to get around the heat with those.

For guys, I rather see them in a crisp short-sleeved button-down shirt than a regular T-shirt. It’s a better alternative; it looks more presentable. Furthermore, the materials they’re made of are summer-friendly fit for day or night. As for denim, well, jeans truly are a guy’s best friend. You don’t need me to tell you that! And finally, to top it all off with my weekly dose of playing favorites: the collar necklace. Am I the only girl who likes it when boys wear girl’s accessories? I might be, but think about it for a second. Of course, not all accessories work, but some collar necklaces are very androgynous and work well with both sexes.


Lady Gaga and just about every major designer proclaimed last year that mint would be the color of spring/summer and I agree. But for some strange reason, I’ve recently been attracted to sapphire blue (this may or may not be related to a certain K-pop boy band). In times when sorbet and neon colors are the trend, sometimes it’s better to go a different direction in order to stand out. I might be alone on this, but I think sapphire blue is a subtle and classy color that transcends age.

I’ve never liked wearing tank tops (they’re the flip flops of the torso), so I’m glad when I see brands making something more creative out of them. They might be practical, but they aren’t pretty (no matter how much glitter and sequins you throw on them!). A more elaborate tank top-ish cami like the one this week’s Fashionista is wearing, with faux buttons, flowy and sapphire blue, is the perfect alternative to the I’m-going-to-the-gym-tank-top. And since we are talking about summer and substitutes for clichéd pieces, strappy wedges are a must. Have I said this semester that flip flops are not allowed? Well, flip flops aren’t allowed if you’re not near a pool, so strappy sandals/heels/wedges are ideal. Sorry UCI, I know how much you love them, but I promise you, they’re ugly and they ruin your outfit. Similarly, why not channel your inner Olivia Newton-John in Grease by wearing black capri jeans? Now you can get your summer lovin’ on. 


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Ombré and Platforms and Spikes, Oh My!

Being a fervent follower of the “Sex and the City” cult, I never really understood why Carrie was so obsessed with shoes. Weird, I know, but when I first discovered the series, handbags were my thing and then I transitioned to just overall clothes. I just didn’t get what was so special about shoes. I mean, they only go on your feet. But boy was I naive. A couple of years ago, I started wearing heels everywhere, even to school. It was until then that I understood Carrie and I developed my love for platforms, heels and stilettos.

Nowadays, platforms are not restricted to women only. High heels have the power to make girls and boys equally feel fiercer, more confident and even more glamorous. So it came as a big surprise when I spotted this Fashionista rocking Jeffrey Campbell’s Stinger Spike platforms while wearing a manlier look. What impressed me about his look was how casual he wore such eye-catching shoes. He really looked as if wearing platform shoes in the middle of a busy Mexican street was normal. Not only that, but the DIY ombre shirt made me want to go home and dye all my white shirts or just get some cute ones on Etsy. And now, the cherry on top of the sundae: if you read my column over the last few semesters, you know I’m a sucker for collar necklaces. Wear a cool collar necklace and your chances of being featured on CollegeFashionista go up by 60 percent, although this Fashionisto won me over with just the shoes.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: I Heard It’s Wonderful in California

You know what the best part is about summer in Southern-California? That it’s unbareably hot like in other places across the country (sorry Florida, but I’ll never visit you again if it’s not during winter). Although most Cali girls go throughout the whole day in their short shorts soaking up as much vitamin D as they can, those of us who aren’t heavenly blessed with the perfect body temperature need a light cardigan by mid-afternoon. Yes dear reader, it is possible to wear cardigans and pullovers in California during the summer although they’re not absolutely necessary.

While I refrain from wearing jeans, I know I’m a rare case. Nothing beats perfectly fitted denim, even I have to admit as much. Dress it up, dress it down, it’ll work! Furthermore, since “fun” is a totally legitimate synonym of “summer,” go for the acid washed jeans. But I’m preaching to the choir, am I not? You know how to wear denim to a T! Speaking of fun, cool graphics are not restricted to T-shirts only. Oh no. Forever XXI, among other chain stores, are the masters at producing quirky graphic pullovers. And since we’re going for a laid-back look, your trusted pair of high-top Converse are a good replacement for strappy sandals when you plan on doing a lot of walking (maybe a trip to the happiest place on Earth or a spontaneous hike).    

Weather in So-Cal is somewhat bipolar, one minute it’s hot, the next you’re in tundra, so pullovers should be an option. Think of it as a safety net, if you will.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Wicked Witch Of The West

Before your imagination makes its way down the yellow brick road, stop. Refrain from thinking about pointy black hats, big green noses and flying monkeys for that is not what this week’s post is about (although you might want to keep the black maxi dress and the sparkly shoes). The witch/wench look I’m talking about is not ugly and scary but sexy and summer friendly. Not to mention it’s perfect for Fashionistas who just can’t part with dressing in black even with the gruesomely high temperatures.

There are some people out there who accept wearing leggings as denim jeans; I am one of those people. And since I am giving you advice, I say wear them, love them, flaunt them –with pride! No matter how casual jeans or trousers are, they will never be more comfortable than leggings. Or cuter, if you get the shimmering ones. Of course, the situation can get hot and that’s why a sassy bustier or cropped top works best when beating the heat. Lastly, summer wouldn’t be summer without some cool statement shades. You know you’ve seen this pair all over Tumblr and Pinterest boards. Could they possibly be an it piece for the season?

This Fashionista’s witchy look can be perceived as leaning more towards the bolder side and isn’t for everyone. The leggings can be switched for a high-waist skirt. Wear a maxi to channel your inner Elphaba. And you know what the best part it is? You won’t melt and die if you decide to go for a swim on the beach! (Dumb joke, sorry!).


I’ve never been a fan of the trends that most Southern Californian guys go for. You know, the shorts with a baseball cap, tank top and, most dreadfully, flip flops look. I understand it’s comfortable and they probably think they look so cool, especially with the cap on, but riding on my high Style Guru horse, I do not accept it. I mean, could you at least try to look suitable? But when male models, more specifically Pelayo Diaz, started rocking that look but with a chic, very him spin. I had to step down from said horse.

I’m glad the Prince Pelayo-inspired look made its way to Irvine. While the male model is much more out there, and is all about statements (wearing floral print trousers and even skirts), let’s play it suburban-ly safe this time. The tank can be your best friend during the summer, if you know how to style it interestingly enough and not look like, well, you just threw on a tank top. Furthermore, there used to be a time when guys were into the skinny jean, then they stopped and returned to normal-guy jeans. No, this needs to go back to the way it was a few years ago. And, as for the Converse sneakers, I’ve always preferred the high-tops to the others because they are truly timeless. We can’t forget about the cap. I’m usually not a big fan of them but, I am a girl after all, guys seem to really like them. So, as you were.

Personally, I love being subtle about my fashion statements, but nevertheless make one. Never be afraid of adding color. Color is your friend, especially right now that’s it’s actually on-trend to combine multiple bold colors. If you are hesitant about it, remember, you can always color block, and this isn’t just a rule for girls, guys!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Childhood Nostalgia

Remember when you were little, spring came around and your mom used to make you wear those big, puffy dresses everywhere, especially if you were going to someone’s birthday party? You know, back when dressing up all the time with huge bows on your head was cool (although, I still kind of dig that look)? Well, that’s what this Fashionista reminded me of when I first spotted her by Starbucks. Her sun dress made me reminisce on simpler times, when going to a party involved eating cake and taking home a goodie bag filled with candy. Oh, how times have changed! 

Despite generally cold nights, thank you very much Southern California, the flattering 1950s silhouette and the floral print just screamed, “Spring is here” to me. Or, maybe I’ve just been watching Mad Men too much lately. Either way, spring and summer aren’t just about short shorts and miniskirts. Oh no, a classic '50s or '60s silhouette dress could be your go-to piece during summer vacations. A sun dress is the perfect option for a playful and feminine look that works for both day and night. It all depends on how you style it. Go for cute loafers that’ll make you look like you’ve just walked out of a 1960s Italian movie, minus the Vespa or cool convertible, sadly. At nighttime swap the loafers for strappy heels and throw on a cropped cardigan, just in case the cold seeps in.

So, maybe our moms were indeed visionaries, predicting a not-so-distant future where we would all accept wearing classic silhouettes emulating, maybe, our grandmothers in their prime once more. Mother knows best, right?

Style Guru Bio: Alexis Hodoyan

When I was little and attended private catholic school in Mexico, girls used to make fun of me for wearing my uniform slightly differently than them. For some reason, I really liked wearing my stockings over-the-knee when the rest wore them over-the-ankle. I guess showing off bare legs was perceived as more appealing to my 11-year-old classmates. But, who would have known that 11 years after I would still be wearing stockings that way –now en vogue–and that my catholic school uniform would impact my overall style?

While I don’t see myself as a fashion forward kind of gal, I do however like to think I go with my gut when it comes to how I dress. Even if I get weird glances or outright criticism, I trust my intuition and wear what I like. If I had to describe my style I would have to say it’s a slightly edgier version of Sofia Coppola meets a teenage Asian school girl. The picture above might not resemble this, but hey! It’s summer; I’m emulating my inner little mermaid –or at least my version of it. 

This is my fourth semester being your favorite Style Guru (wink, wink) for UCI. I guess you could catalogue me as a super senior, since I graduate in June, but I’m just so attached to looking for and writing about all the chic gems hidden somewhere in campus that I just couldn’t renounce my position at CollegeFashionista yet.

So if you’re new to reading my posts, here are the basics: No UGG boots, no flip flops and no sweat pants. Ever. Call me the Style Guru Dictator, but I enforce these rules with firm grip.  Other than that, I welcome almost anything –especially maxi skirts, bustiers, creepers and pretty much anything I would wear. Oops! Biased much?


When did band and/or artist T-shirts go out of style? I hardly ever see them anymore. While I may not be a huge T-shirt wearer myself, I do appreciate other people who do. I mean, just because they don’t look all that flattering on me doesn’t mean I discriminate against them. I enjoy a good ol’ vintage tee or even one of those creative ones different artists are coming up with these days. This week, this Fashionisto wore his favorite idol with pride and I loved it.

Name: Alexis Martinez

Major: Studio Art

Year: Freshmen

CollegeFashionista: I see you’re a Gaga fan. What do you think of her as a fashion icon?

Alexis Martinez: She kind of defines what fashion is to me. That is, to express yourself artistically with your clothes or make a statement and just have fun with fashion. I love how she can look very classy one day and then like a “chola” the next. 

CF: How would you describe your style?

AM: Like a scrapbook. I love to get bits and pieces from different styles and make my own. I love drawing from punk or goth or grunge. But I also like mixing them with a nice clean-cut shirt and a bow tie, for example. 

CF: What’s your fashion “don’t?”

AM: Wearing sunglasses indoors and/or at night and flip flops.

CF: If you had $10,000, where would you spend them and why?

AM: Even if I’m only able to buy a few pieces, Alexander McQueen, for sure. He’s my favorite designer.

How To: I love it when guys wear something other than regular denim, like these marble washed jeans, for example. This applies to the denim vest too, although this is a bit too risky and not everyone is willing to try it. However, this T-shirt style works with pretty much any tee with a cool graphic. Try this Lady Gaga T-shirt. Lastly, girls aren’t the only ones who can rock combat boots. There’s something very manly and attractive about them.