TREND: Peace, Love and Accessorize

If you think scarves are only reserved for the winter months, think again. Scarves are taking on the spring and summer months in diverse prints and colorful hues. Whether it is a classic Hermes or a thrift store find, a scarf can update any ensemble in an instant. This Fashionista took a rather causal outfit and made it new with a vibrant, red, peace sign patterned scarf. Adding a bright scarf to a subdued ensemble like this one allows the scarf to really pop and take all of the attention. There are so many ways to style a scarf, whether it is draped around your outfit like this Fashionista, wrapped around your head, or tied at the neck, all will make quite an impact on your spring wardrobe.

In addition to this Fashionista’s scarf she chose to accessorize with thick-rimmed glasses showing off her geek chic side, and over-the-knee patent leather rain boots. I have never seen a rain boot go over the knee like these do, giving me new insight on how to look stylish in the upcoming April showers. I had to ask her where she got a hold of such a great find, and she informed that the boots were Calvin Klein. I found this pair by Hunter that give a similar, trendy twist to the traditional rain boot.

Hint: Have fun with this spring trend and choose a scarf that is unique in color, texture, or print. If you are at a loss of where to begin in this scarf craze, you can never go wrong with florals, brights or tribal patterns.

TREND: Bright Whites

Although color trends come and go every year, one that keeps it’s timeless appeal is white. It’s that time of the year to dig out your favorite bright, white pieces that have tucked away since last Labor Day. This Fashionista decided to pair a classic, white button-down with the standard black legging and brown, fringed booties. The lightweight, almost sheer button-down she is wearing presents the spring trend in an effortless fashion that seems to never go out of style. Her look is perfect for grabbing a coffee at the local Starbucks or going to class, keeping it casual, yet chic. If you want to step it up a notch with your bright white style, opt for an all white dress or blazer paired with your choice of accessories.

Whites can be worn in variety of different ways that can suit any Fashionista’s individual style and taste. Perhaps the most common form of wearing white in spring and summer time is white denim, this is a great look for casual summer days and for those days where the heat seems impossible to bear, try white denim cut-offs to keep you cool and on trend. Whites have also taken on a new eyelet details and crochet pattern for this spring season giving femininity to the trend.

Hint: Wearing white from head-to-toe is in style, but may have some Fashionista’s shying away. To still be apart of the white trend, pair one key piece in white with other neutrals like black, nude, or brown.

TREND: Mixing Bold Prints and Bright Colors

After what seem like never-ending months of cold weather, sporting a subdued color palette, layers of bulky knits and snow boots, the spring season has finally arrived here in Bloomington and the Fashionista/os are wasting no time pulling out their warm weather fashion trends. The usual floral prints and gladiator sandals have been spotted, but a new trend that caught my eye is combining a bold print with a bright color. We all know that bright hues scream spring season and the trend of pattern is nothing new to the fashion scene, but by placing them together creates a new, fresh idea for the warm months to come.

I spotted this Fashionista and couldn’t believe how stylish she looked by pairing the unexpected combination of lime green in her top with leopard in her ballet flat. To keep her ensemble from looking too busy, she broke up her printed shoes and bright blouse with black leggings and cardigan, tying it all together with a skinny, studded belt. To make your look just as fashion forward as today’s Fashionista, opt for a bright in a top and pair with any patterned accessory, like a floral headband or leopard pump finishing it off with neutral basics.

Hint: If you are wondering where to purchase a great find like this Fashionista’s embellished, leopard flats, try a boutique that is geared towards accessories. Henri Bendel is one of my favorite shopping destinations that caters to unique accessories, you will be sure to find something that fits the bold pattern trend and of course your own personal taste.

TREND: Bring on the Brights

When walking through campus during a typical spring shower, it seems as if spotting a Fashionista/o is a near to impossible task, but today’s Fashionista shows that you can brighten up any dreary day with the right rainproof essentials in a mix of vibrant colors. Now that the spring season is in full swing, it is imperative to begin incorporating bright, vibrant hues into your wardrobe rotation. This Fashionista chose to sport a neon yellow raincoat with cuffed blue sleeves underneath this chic ensemble is a classic, white button-down topped off with a tie-dye scarf. To finish off the spring bright trend, this Fashionista opted for vibrant, royal blue tote bag that seems to pull together all of the other hues mixed throughout her outfit.

Designers like Diane Von Furstenberg and Missoni have displayed a number of minimalist, bright pieces on the runway this season maintaining a polished look in an unexpected color palette. This trend is all about surprising color combinations and, of course, lively brights, so go ahead and execute this trend by pairing a lemon blouse with a raspberry skirt or for the more conservative Fashionista, one can sport a bright piece with neutrals, the possibilities are endless.

Hint: If you love the look of neutrals, but still want to be a part of this growing trend, opt for brightly colored accessories. Adding a turquoise statement necklace or bold, red, peep-toe pumps to a monochrome outfit can transform your spring and summer look from drab to effortlessly stylish.

TREND: Perfectly Plaid

This in-between weather that we have been experiencing has proven to be a challenge when it comes to fashion choices. Deciding what to wear on a day-to-day basis this time of year is a constant struggle. The key to dealing with this unpredictable weather is layering or keeping a few transitional pieces in your wardrobe at all times. Today’s Fashionista kept it simple on bottom with dark denim and neutral, knee high boots. On top she drew interest by layering a classic trench over a lightweight, plaid blouse with an accent tie around the neck. Plaid is usually reserved for fall, but seems to be continuing on through the spring season making it the perfect transitional piece.

The gingham print can be incorporated into just about any fashion piece. In recent runway shows and style sections in the popular, fashion magazines plaid has been featured in chic coats, shirt-dresses, headpieces and the ever-so classic “lumberjack” style shirt. Some of the more daring Fashionistas have even worn this trend on bottom as tights or pants. To make sure your plaid piece stands out, stick to one key piece in the tartan pattern and surround it with neutral basics to prevent your outfit from appearing too busy. Plaid has consistently been a must-have trend year after year, so add a little plaid into your wardrobe for either the crisp spring weather or next year’s icy cold winter.

Hint: When choosing plaid pieces for spring opt for your plaid to be in colorful hues or lightweight fabrics such as comfortable cotton or chiffon.

TREND: Mixing and Matching Neutrals

When the word neutral comes to mind, many may think boring and certainly not fashion-forward, but this spring season, mixing neutrals hues will leave a memorable impression on fellow fashion followers. The shades of black, brown, camel and cream are not new to the fashion scene and embody the reputation being timeless and sophisticated. Today’s Fashionista chose to mix the neutral hues of camel, cream and champagne throughout her outfit. This Fashionista tucked in her pink, champagne blouse into her subdued, brown skirt and topped her ensemble off with a cozy camel cardigan and a classic, linen scarf. Not one color in her outfit is exactly the same, but all maintain the same undertone, which creates a perfectly polished look.

Many designers and their admirers have adopted the trend of mixing and matching neutral shades. On the runway, 3.1 Phillip Lim showcased an array of mixed and matched neutral looks for his spring ’11 collection. He and other trend-savvy designers proved this season that you can pair a camel skirt with a nude blazer or a pale gray pant with a black or silver top and can turn heads without needing a punch of color, the possibilities with this trend are endless. While designers are making the neutral wearing trend happen, Fashionistas like this one are bringing this idea to campus. This trend will give your clothes a lot of wear, so go ahead and add these neutral colors to your wardrobe and mix and match them from season to season creating multiple looks with just a few key pieces.

Hint: If you still love pattern and color, try adding a patterned scarf or embellished flats to your understated outfit.

TREND: Simply Chic

We have been growing up hearing the phrase ‘less is more’ and this Fashionista proves just that. She exemplifies the trend of chic simplicity by dressing in a high-waist, pleated denim skirt accented with a feminine bow. Although there is nothing exceptional about a denim skirt (we all own one right?), this Fashionitsa transformed the conventional denim skirt by putting a new trendy twist to it by opting for a high-waist and a belted bow. She paired her skirt with floral printed flats, which are perfect for the upcoming spring season. On top, she kept it simple with a basic, white tank with a coral cardigan thrown over to make her look complete.

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends and what has been spotted on the runway leading many to believe that in order to create an eye-catching look incorporating bold patterns, bright colors or embellishment into their wardrobe is a must, but it is those who keep things simple and effortless that appear to be the most confident and sophisticated. The key to keeping your outfit simply chic is sticking with a neutral palette and pieces that have minimal pattern. Trying out the hues of black and brown, or for spring solid pastels in new silhouettes can keep you looking simply put together.

Hint: If you still like to have fun with pattern and color, you can add an accessory to your effortless look. This Fashionista decided to bring interest to her outfit by finishing her look with a pair of floral print flats. Today's Fashionista informed me that these flats were a great find at Target, unique and at a great price.

TREND: The Timeless Trench

Last week, we got a sneak peak into the spring weather and accompanying fashion that is in store for us this upcoming season. It’s almost that time of year to shed the layers of bulky knits and heavy coats, and embrace the change of weather. Although we won’t be facing sub-zero temperatures, every Fashionista still needs a jacket to keep her warm on those chilly days of spring. The perfect solution for this in-between weather is the timeless trench coat. First introduced in the 20th century by the legendary fashion house, Burberry, the trench is now an essential in every Fashionista/o’s wardrobe.

Recently, the trench has undergone a modern makeover including trenches with embellishment, bright colors, and bold patterns, but keeping the classic silhouette right above the knee. I noticed this Fashionista right away showing off her trench in the classic color of cream with lace embellished cuffed sleeves adding a modern twist paired over a floral print dress. Throwing a trench coat over any outfit can add instant sophistication to your appearance, and what Fashionista/o doesn’t want to appear perfectly polished? To complete this sophisticated look, pair your trench with a neutral pair of ballet flats and jeans or over a little black dress. A cropped trench coat is the perfect alternative if you are seeking a more laid-back look. Either way you decide to wear it or pair with, the trench coat is a trend that is here to stay.

Hint: Belting a trench coat is a must, so have fun with this and secure it with a patterned belt or tie a loose-fitting belt in a knot.

TREND: High-Waist Denim

On February 2nd, it was confirmed that spring is arriving early this year, which means with this upcoming season comes new fashion trends that Fashionistas will be flaunting at every college campus. One of these trends being the flattering high-waist jean. Denim has gone from flare to skinny, low-rise to high-waist, and everywhere in between throughout the decades, but the high-waist jean is back in style and is a trend that will be drawing attention this spring.

I spotted this Fashionista sporting the trend with confidence in a casual, stripped knit top tucked into her pair of high-waist jeans secured with a skinny, neutral belt. This Fashionista opted for a skinny pair of high-waist jeans, but the classic '70s look of a high-waist and a flare leg is another option to consider. The key to wearing this trend is to tuck in your top in order to showcase your curves and give the illusion of height by lengthening the leg.

Dressing up or down is made simple with the high-waist jean. Go for a look similar to this Fashionista when heading to class or grabbing a coffee. When you want to take your outfit to the next level pair the high-waist jean with your favorite pair of heels, creating a sophisticated, chic look.

Hint: To keep your ensemble visually interesting and balanced add a belt. Stick with neutral colored belts when pairing the high-waist jean with patterned top or to maintain a classic look.

TREND: Navajo, Cozy Chic

With the winter season lagging on, it is still that time of year where it seems as if everyone on campus throws on their worn-out sweats and last season’s UGG boots making it hard to spot Fashionista/os on campus. This Fashionista shows you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth. She strays away from the traditional winter coat that can hide a trendy outfit, but instead opts for a colorful, Navajo printed sweater to keep her warm and looking fashionable. With Navajo prints becoming a growing global trend, it’s vibrant hues and bold graphic pattern, it is the perfect print to add to your wardrobe and will brighten up your winter wardrobe.

This Fashionista decided to mix comfort and style with her Navajo printed cardigan cinched in with a woven belt paired with staple leggings and basic, black boots. Making her outfit appear effortlessly chic, which is perfect for a long day of shopping on Kirkwood or running around campus.

The Navajo print is not only reserved for the winter months, the trendy pattern is making its debut into the upcoming spring weather. You can shed those bulky layers, and slip into a Navajo printed silk romper, dress or headscarf, the possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating Navajo prints into your spring wardrobe.

HINT: The key to this look is wear one Navajo patterned piece and pairing it with neutral basics. For colder weather, invest in a cozy southwestern inspired sweater or scarf. When the spring months begin approaching opt for Navajo printed silk shorts or skirt.