Here it is, sadly, the end of the spring semester. That means time to pack up all your stuff, move back to your hometown and, most importantly, the start of summer! I do not think I have met a person who does not enjoy summer. Summer is all about easygoing yet chic style. Think maxi dresses, colored shorts and flowy tanks. I already have a huge smile on my face.

However, to get to that point, we first need to take care of all necessary things in order to make it to summer. I spotted this Fashionista during finals and on the way to move out. In order to make move out easier, with all that bending over and running around, she sports a comfy yet chic outfit. Pairing a lace tanktop with dark skinnies and adding white Tom’s, her outfit is a great alternative to the traditional leggings and oversized tee that many of us sport when seeking a comfy-chic option. However, her Michael Kors gold bracelet watch and jewelry by CG Arte, (a jewelry designer who happens to be her mom!) personalize her outfit and make her completely stand out.

Some options when wondering how to make out a basic outfit are easy — pick what you love and stick to it. For some of you that might mean a simple intial necklace, while others might enjoy stand out shoes. Nerd glasses always make you seem chic, even when you were just lazy that morning and did not want to put in your contacts. A popping bracelet with a cool design and bright colors makes your wrists pop. These are just some of the ways you can stand out. Your boundaries do not exist. Fashion is what you make it. 

Spotted: Stand out shoes on Prada's spring 2012 Runway.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: ’90s Are Boldly Back

The 1990s: an amazing decade. This decade brought us the birth of Nickelodeon, Furbies, Bop-Its, 7th Heaven, American Pie and many other nostalgia that we still refer back to today. While we may not have seen a complete fashion throwback of the '90s (we can do without the big hair), there are different parts of the '90s that have come back into fashion in a subtle manner without completing taking away from our current established fashion of the 10’s (wow, scary to say!).

This fashionista is emboding a mix of current and '90s trends. The neon and lace top from LF is very old school, however, the addition of her dip-dye shorts, a more recent trend give a good balance between the two. Finally, her accessories, the Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody and her Forever 21 leopard print scrunchie are classics from the '90s that never go out. Anyone remember the Ralph Lauren crossbodies from that time?

There are many ways to add '90s vibes to outfits. From the subtle to bold, there is a range for everyone. Neon bags are a great statement and are perfect for those summer music festivals. Chunky belts with a modern twist are a reminder of the Full House days. A scrunchie is cute to wear on your wrist (or to actually wear in your hair!). Old school Converse are another cute way to feel like a kid again. Finally, crop tops and tie dye are probably the most familiar ways to feel nostalgic

Spotted: Tie-Dye in Milly's spring 2009 Show.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Punk Princess Takes All

You probably read the title and thought Avril Lavigne circa 2002, right? No need to fret, there will not be mention of Sk8r Boi or grunge T-shirts with pink hair. Punk princess has a whole other style in the fashion world, and most of us are well past our pre-teen pink Converse obsession. Either way, punk princess is back in a new modern form and will be here to stay for a while.

I spotted this Fashionista on finals week, looking effortlessly chic and cool all while going through one of the most stressful experiences as a college student. Sporting a princess pink dress with an edgy detailed top from LF, Banana Republic jean jacket, Chloé handbag and Dolce Vita shoes, her outfit screams cute and casual. Her addition of a House of Harlow dagger necklace adds a little more punk to her outfit, making her outfit just as cute but not as princess-like.

Small details can make a difference when turning an outfit from one vibe to another. In this case, her necklace and the edgy details of her dress gave her the opportunity to express her punk princess side. Adding punk to an outfit is really easy. Bright, metal necklaces are a simple way to add edge to a basic shirt or dress. A skull coin purse would be the perfect amount of punk to add to any pink outfit-polar opposites are a striking contrast. Finally, no one does punk better than the signature skull scarf by none other than the king of punk, Alexander McQueen.

Spotted: Punk on Marc Jacob's fall 2009 runway.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Tough As Gold, Sunny As Flowers

“The kiss of death, from Mr. Goldfinger” oozes out of the sultry singer’s mouth from the theme song of the famous James Bond movie. James Bond was smooth against the enemy, Goldfinger, but ultimately, Mr. Bond always wins in the end. However, isn’t it okay to be the tough, powerful guy every once in the while? Don’t we always want to be a little bit like Rihanna rather than Baby from Dirty Dancing? What if we could find a balance between the two? Who says that these two can’t meet and have a love child? Well then, I present the compromise. 

I spotted this Fashionista on the last week of classes, enjoying our warm temperatures in D.C. and braving the dreaded humidity. She starts off with a Free People sundress with flowers, which is a feminine piece. She also wears gold accessories and Steve Madden sandals. These drastic, tough accessories balance out her sweet dress and reach a happy medium. Therefore, this Fashionista stands out from the sea of sundresses all while pulling off a very cool vibe.

Accessories can totally change a vibe of an outfit. There are many ways to make a feminine outfit tough or vice versa. Bows are sweet enough to make a monochromatic black outfit seem prettier. Sharp, drastic cocktail rings give a dark edge to any light outfit. Wayfarers can give a hipster, cool feeling to any outfit. Finally, a gold bracelet watch changes the tone of any outfit — whether it be sweet, tough, hipster or simple. Whatever your combination is, make sure to rock it proudly.

Spotted: Gold Accessories changing up outfits on Elie Tahari's spring 2012 Runway.


Oh, sunglasses. Sunglasses are for everyone. From the hipsters rocking aviators, the trendsetters with their bold, crazy shaped sunglasses, the cool guys with their wayfarers and even the classic black frames à la The Sopranos and The Godfather, everyone has their own niche with sunglasses. They can make a whole outfit, hide your poker face and shield your eyes from the sun (yes, that’s what they’re really supposed to do!). Let’s face it though, everyone wears sunglasses when walking down the street or when cruising in the car in the summertime because it makes them feel great. Regardless of your reasons for wearing them or the shape you choose, sunglasses are key accessories in every Fashionista’s wardrobe.

I spotted these two Fashionista friends on the street the other day, looking chic in their very different sunnies. The Fashionista on the left pairs her classic Ray-Ban aviators with high-waisted American Apparel riding pants, a Gracia floral top, vintage jewelry and Aldo riding boots for feminine-bohemian vibe. The Fashionista on the right paradoxically takes on a more modern, bright vibe with her vintage sunglasses, an Urban Outfitters chiffon shirt, high-waisted BDG jeans, Nine West flats and a vintage Dooney and Burke bag.

Sunglasses are personally one of my favorite accessories, as there are many different vibes you can pull off with them. Your mood helps decide what sunglasses you will wear that day. When you’re feeling cool and on top of the world, aviators or wayfarers are great to feel the best you can. Round oversized glasses, à la Jackie O, are glamorous for day or night (if you're feeling bold). Trendsetters can rock bold printed glasses. Heart shaped glasses are cute for a day at the beach or when you want to remember being 5 years old. Whichever style you choose, you know that you will always be protected from the sun.

Spotted: Round Sunglasses spotted on various runways for spring 2012.


The Navajo Trend hit the scene full time last year. The addition of fringe added to the Bohemian trend that had be surfacing for years on the likes of Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie and many others who favored maxi dresses and leather cross bodies instead of Hermes Birkins and structured blazers. In addition, Navajo is a major trend seen across music festivals, such as Coachella. However, it is a wearable trend no matter what kind of look you want to convey.

Despite coming onto the fashion scene intially last year, this year Navajo and fringe has been taken to a whole other level. Last year was all about the clothing itself. This year, Navajo has taken a big hit on accessories.

This Fashionista maximizes the Najavo trend in her accessories. Pairing her Urban Outfitters bag and multiple bohemian stacked Tiffany necklaces with a Free People top, So-Low jeggings and BP flats, she emphasizes the trend to the fullest all while representing a traditional outfit as well. This way she gets the best of both styles without having to compromise.

The best way to add to embrace the Navajo trend is to start small. A Navajo printed bag would be great paired with a chambray shirtwhite jean shorts and gladiators. A chain hairpiece paired with a flowy shirt is perfect for a lazy summer day. A fringe bag is cute way to store all your stuff while pulling off the bohemian look, complete with wayfarers. Navajo is the way to go.

Spotted: Navajo on Isabel Marant runway during her Paris spring 2011 show.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Keep Calm and Shine On!

Shine. We see it all over-on dresses, shoes, and on every article of clothing or accessory we can find. It’s even on our nails. You have seen it on reality TV shows. I bet the girl next to you on the subway this morning was wearing some form of it. The Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, rocked Calypso St. Barth party pants, (which I still want, someone help a girl out). The allure of something shiny and metallic is almost like praying to the Lady Gaga gods. It’s fabulous and eye-catching. And who doesn’t want to fabulous and eye-catching? 

This Fashionista embodies the shine trend through amazing accessories. Pairing Sam Edelman spiked loafers and a headband makes her Jack Wills outfit stand out among a sea of neutrals. It gives that added touch to make her cardigan and and leggings combo different than all others on the streets of D.C. In addition, her metallic and shiny accessories give an edge to a very feminine outfit.

Got a Formal coming up soon? Try standing out from everyone in a shiny dress. If you’re not quite ready to rock a bold frock, a cute phone case is a good way to go. Sequined tops are a solid bold look, while metallic sandals are a great alternative to basic black sandals. Metallic headbands can complement a sleek hairstyle. As always, those party pants are a must. Pair with a blazer and nude heels and you’ll be ready to party.

Spotted: Shine spotted on various runways in 2011.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Prints, Patterns and Polka-Dots

The words patterns and prints set off a lot of signals. We might think “tasteful”, like a refined animal print or a silk blouse with a specific pattern or “tacky”, like your father’s tropical print shirt he insists on wearing on every family vacation. However, despite prints and patterns sometimes getting a bad reputation, they are a great addition to any accessory or outfit as a fresh addition to your wardrobe.

I spotted this Fashionista on a sunny day in D.C., wearing a popping H&M sundress with a huge American Apparel bow to keep her hair cute and frizz free. This is a perfect outfit to brave the D.C. humidity. Her addition of a geometric printed Urban Outfitters backpack and animal print Steve Madden sandals made her outfit truly stand out from the sea of sundresses and neutrals.

Prints and patterns are great for accessories, as they make neutral outfits stand out and give that pop to everything. Sandals in a cute leopard print could pop any monochromatic black outfit. A bold printed iPad case is a cute, bold way to incorporate prints into your outfit. Native American prints are a huge trend right now, for those who want to take the prints to another level. Another trend with patterns is Mad Men, where polka-dotted silk shirts have a huge impact, not to mention they're great for interviews. Prints and patterns have no limits, so feel free to express yourself in as many outlets as you can, whether it is a shirt or a bag.

Spotted: Bold, Geometric Prints on Marni's spring 2012 runway.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Just Playing in the Sand(als)

As soon as those warm temperatures hit, we know where to run: straight to our closets! We push back the sweaters and parkas and opt for shorts, loose tanks and most importantly (in Carrie Bradshaw’s and my eyes) summer shoes. Sandals are always the hit of the outfit, whether gladiators, traditional flip-flops or modest flats with different embellishments such as chains or fringe — sandals always seem to add a vibe to a summertime outfit.

I spotted this Fashionista on a warm day in D.C., after her pale red J.Crew fish shorts stood out to me. She pairs them with a plain white Michael Stars tee, a cute Betsey Johnson bracelet and beige Steve Madden flats that give a bohemian, relaxed vibe to a preppy outfit.

Different sandals are key to making a summer outfit pop and to stand out in the sea of boat shoes and espadrilles. They can also completely change an outfit. The right kind of sandals can make legs look long and lean. Sandals with metal embellishments add a tough feel to any summery outfit. Gladiators paired with a maxi skirt or khaki shorts give off a bohemian vibe. Classic flats are a great way to give off a minimalist vibe. Bold colored sandals really perk up any neutral outfit. The only rule to sandals is simple: no socks, unless you want to look like your middle school science teacher.

Spotted: Gladiators spotted on various runways in spring 2009.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Life in Living Color

Here it is: spring! All Fashionistas have been long waiting to pull out their skirts and put away their winter coats. Most importantly, spring is the best time for color while winter neturals begin to fade out. Bold colors, seen this season especially in candy colored denim and in various neon hues, can also be found among accessories. This is a great way to add color to your outfit if you’re not willing to wear brightly colored clothing.

I spotted this Fashionista on a spring afternoon heading to spend time with friends in the sunny weather. This California girl pairs a white button-down with gray skinny jeans and a black sweater. Her addition of a bright pink belt and a peach polka-dotted headband make her outfit feel much like she does in the warm, sunny weather — brightful and cheery.

Bright accessories are always a given for the springtime. However now there are many new accessories to be found for this season. This chain mini bag, in orange and pink, is a cheery addition to any outfit, and can double as an evening bag. Bright green flats, the hot color of the season, paired either with white or black can give off a tropical, resort vibe. This bright bracelet not only looks cute, but profits from the purchase go towards a foundation helping women and children. Finally, for those who truly crave color can flock to these classic bright pants, a spring statement on it’s own. Remember, though, not to wear too much neon.

Spotted: Bright colors at the MaxMara spring 2011 show.