This fall we saw a rise in prints on pants. Across my campus I often spotted Fashionista’s making a statement with bold floral jeggings and even animal print jeans. As we move farther into the winter season often we gravitate towards darker colors and fewer patterns as a comfortable outfit. I challenge you to rethink what you grab. Sure, incorporate your favorite comfortable top. But for your pants, consider something bold and fashionable such as animal print.

What I love about this Fashionistas outfit is how she put together this outfit to  feature bold pants but also strike a perfect balance in color and texture through the rest of her outfit, right down to her combat boots! When making a loud statement with these types of pants, go ahead and wear that comfortable gray sweater you have on hand for dreary days. It doesn’t distract from the pants and blends flawlessly. A purple or brightly colored scarf wrapped around your neck allows you to bring in another statement element without creating too much of a statement but still showcases the fun that can be had with print pants.

Finals and the end of the semester, coupled with the colder temperatures can make it hard to make a statement with your clothing. Pull out those bold pants and your favorite cardigan or sweater, throw on your favorite scarf and not only will you be warm but you will feel confident, the best accessories you can ever have.


Summer may seem like a distant and wonderful memory this time of the year. To me it reminds me of taking summer classes, hanging out with friends and the general carefree feeling that is summer’s essence. This past summer neon began popping up everywhere, shoes, shorts, jeans, tops, you name it, neon was on it or the main color. During the transition to winter clothing it has been hard for me to find a way to wear neon in a seasonally appropriate way.

I loved this Fashionistas sweater for the way that it flawlessly combined comfort, the classic black sweater and a small accent of neon to make a statement.  Even during the summer I was a bit shy about wearing complete neon tops. I always looked for T-shirts with neon accents of even layered a sheer neon shirt under a dark shirt to tone down the look.

For those of you who aren’t intimidated by neon colors, this sweater is perfect to combine a sheer neon shirt and combine different neon colors to make a bold statement. To top it off, layer your tops with a chain necklace full of bold spikes, you are good to go now! 

Winter doesn’t have to be about black, brown and other neutrals, a small pop of neon is perfect to brighten up your wardrobe! It’s so easy to get into a rut and grab what is comfortable and warm during these days, but summer fashion is versatile and often easy to incorporate into your winter wardrobe.


So often I hear girls say “I wish I could pull off that many layers without looking ridiculous!” when browsing a J.Crew catalog or looking at The Limited advertisements. I was one of you, I was afraid of two different patterns, I was terrified of putting a shirt underneath another shirt for fear of looking bulky and slob-like. Then when I turned 19 I suddenly realized that I had been missing on out on a lot of really great outfits because of my timidity. Don’t be like me; learn from my mistakes.

What I loved about this Fashionista's look is that it made layering so practical and understandable. For those of us who aren’t quite ready to soar to the J.Crew level of layering this is a perfect example of how to layer two patterns comfortably. She layered a patterned purple shirt underneath a black and gray sweater. What makes this work? Two things: the contrast in shape and structure of the two shirts plus the contrast of pattern. Look for shirts that have completely different colors and patterns, if you get two similar shirts it can be harder to match when first starting to layer. Then look for a structured shirt to layer underneath, this really helps keep you from looking slouchy or frumpy. These two tips are the advice I clung to when first learning how to layer and it has stayed with me for the past two years.

This Fashionista knew how to coordinate her patterns and carried it with confidence, always a must when rocking an outfit you are proud of. Don’t be afraid of taking inspiration from your favorite store that you think rocks but is too many layers. Break it down into more “you” style and layer up!


In a sea of leggings and tennis shoes, unisex T-shirts and infinity scarves with Sperry Top-Siders, it is refreshing to stumble upon someone who dresses up for class. Writing for CollegeFashionista has taught me to recognize those who put in effort while attending classes. This Fashionista completely made my day when I saw her floral pants, mustard sweater and geometric necklace. Her creative way to mix patterns and textures works with her body, not against it as many people think.

Floral bottoms, whether they are shorts or pants, are often thought of as only a spring and summer item. This fall we have seen floral pants burst onto the scene in jeans and slacks, ranging from dressy to casual. For those of you who are afraid of patterns, try and look for a darker, more subtle print. This Fashionista’s pants were so subtle that when far away the print wasn’t visible, making them versatile and a subtle statement.

For the top of her outfit she paired a chunky mustard sweater with a structured top underneath to layer and stay warm. The structured shirt helps the whole outfit pop with its subtle stripe and more formal style. The use of the subtle stripe top with the mustard sweater is perfect with the flora pants. All of these patterns work together to build a great outfit without any elements competing for attention. All are showcased in a beautiful way, each with their own deserving spotlight.
When I first saw floral pants were big this season I was hesitant. I thought that it meant jeans with pink roses on them and not at all the sophisticated prints that are available now. With the cooler temperatures this is the best time to layer up and play with your wardrobe.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Taking the Ugh out of UGGs

It’s cold out there ladies and gentlemen! I realize this is old news to some of you across the country but we have had an incredibly warm fall and early winter. Therefore, it was quite a shock to our beautiful campus when the first cold day hit.

If you are like me, when it is cold and windy you break out the ever warm, trusty and comfortable UGG boots. In addition, if you are like me you inwardly groan a little bit because those comfortable and warm shoes have a way of putting a damper on any outfit.

I loved how this Fashionista didn’t let UGGs stand in her way out a fashionable outfit for classes! Her leather jacket lent itself to the neutral tone of the UGGs but was different enough in style and texture to not be too matchy. Layering a striped sweater within the color family of the UGGs and jacket created the perfect contrast in color but also in pattern in texture. Her ability to layer these different textures was flawless.
Pair these elements with trendy ripped jeans or your favorite jeggings. The great thing about a neutral color combination is that you can go bold with your pant choice or comfortable with some great boyfriend jeans, jeggings or even skinny jeans.

It can be hard to present UGGs in a fashionable way and have a great outfit. Just as this Fashionista didn’t, don’t let the “ugh” nature to UGGs present you from being able to look cute on campus! It is possible to stay warm and fashionable; mixing textures is a great way of doing this.


As a baby of the '90s I remember I had two fashion staples by the time I was seven years old. I was obsessed with denim jackets. Everywhere I wore that warm, comfortable and ever faithful denim jacket I felt so stylish and cool. I had to part with it only because it was so thread bare it was an embarrassment to my family. The other staple was colorful scrunchies to hold back my curls.
Rejoice babies of the '90s! The ever faithful and perfect jean jacket is back in style! (Don’t worry, I did do some research and although scrunchies have been spotted lately in street style photographs they aren’t as in as denim jackets.) Instead of having to bundle up with a heavy coat for campus and struggle with a bulky backpack, pull out your jean jacket and wear over sweaters with a warm scarf.

This Fashionista layered her jacket with a warm, simple shirt and accessorized with a black infinity scarf to balance out the bold color of her skinny jeans. It can be hard to wear several different trends in a way that isn’t over powering so do like this Fashionista did and balance out a bold colored pant with a neutral top and simple accessories. Pair the ensemble with leopard flats to complete the look. 
Taking a nod from your past is a great way to refresh and liven up your wardrobe. Jean jackets have never been more in style (except maybe as a child if you are like me) and are a great way to stay warm during these chilly months.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Unlikely Combinations

For those cold and dreary days of winter ahead it seems only natural to grab your sweats, school hoodie and comfortable shoes to ward off the cold. Suddenly during these months everything becomes about comfort and warmth over fashion. Don’t fall into that trap; there are so many different ways to incorporate color, fashion and warmth into your cold days on campus.
When I saw this Fashionista walking on campus I immediately was jealous of her long gray cardigan; it looked so warm but also was the perfect complement to her pink and lace dress. I loved the contrast between the two colors but also the contrast in textures. She found a way to bring her summer wardrobe into fall in an appropriate and subtle way, a great tool to use for breaking out of a boring, cold wardrobe rut that can happen. Don’t forget about your other clothes just because they aren’t long sleeved.

To complete the look she paired a versatile pair of boots which could be worn as over-the-knee boots with tights and jeggings for those bone-chilling days or could be worn simply as knee high boots. The heel height was practical for walking up the famous KU hills and sprints to class but also to add some drama when worn as over the knee boots.

It can be a challenge to be motivated to dress cute for class but don’t give up and wear shapeless sweats and unisex T-shirts! With a little bit of imagination and creativity you can create stylish, warm and comfortable outfits all year round, not just when the temperature is perfect.


Glitter, leopard, snakeskin, oxblood (or burgundy depending on what side of the debate you are on), oversized sweaters, tribal prints… and tuxedo shoes! What do these all have in common? These are fun, comfortable and street ready trends that are popping up all over the country this fall. What is even better is that all of these trends are popping up in affordable stores! This Fashionista was walking away from an 8 A.M. class (yes, you CAN be chic even during your painfully early classes) and I loved her leopard tuxedo shoes. When I asked her where she purchased them I was shocked when she told me they were under $20! The details on them are great, plus they have a fun texture to add depth.

One of the great things about these shoes is their price, but also the many colors they come in. This fall I have been drawn to a lot of leopard print shoes, at first I thought I would have issues styling them, but actually I consider them a nude and put as many patterns in an outfit as I would like. Although they have a pattern, they are far enough away from the rest of your patterns that it doesn’t become too much. Don’t be like me and afraid to play with patterns, go big or go home!

Still afraid of layering colors and patterns with an animal print shoe? A good rule is to have your accessories be bold and have the same tones as the shoes (for example, gold with leopard) but the rest of your clothing be somewhat neutral allowing the attention to be on the shoes. This is to compliment them with the rest of your clothing. Once you start working with one or more patterns it becomes easier to not worry about whether or not they work, it’s about your confidence!


Pumpkin spice lattes, leaves changing colors, the cooler temperatures, warm scarves layered over comfy sweaters, pumpkin picking and last but not least, boots that come out of our closet to fall in love with all over again. If you are anything like me, every fall you buy a new pair of boots. Of course the rule about quality over style always reigns supreme but sometimes you just can’t splurge on that great pair of boots because you’ve purchased one too many things or spend just a tad bit too much on dollar drink night.

For those of you who might have spent just a tad bit too much but still want to update your boot collection (er, selection), these boots from Target are under $35! This Fashionista was wearing them on campus and I thought they cost about $100!  When I went into the store to try them on, I was pleasantly surprised, they were incredibly comfortable and fit like they were made for my feet. Don’t think that just because boots don’t cost a fortune that they aren’t comfortable, this Fashionista wore them all day on campus and walked home in them without a complaint!

To create a classic fall look, layer a simple colored sweater, skinny jeans, belt and boots. Accessorize as much as you want! This look is a great canvas for your statement necklaces you have been wanting to wear or even a silk scarf.

Don’t feel like you need to break the bank when it comes to updating your fall necessities. A simple pair of $35 boots is a great way to update your style, be comfortable and style on.


One of the hottest colors this fall is plum. It's rich and bold tone contrasts well with the chestnut boots and sweaters that are slowly starting to come out for those chilly days. This Fashionista earlier saw the article I created about a structured bag and how tying a sash adds an unexpected element to her outfit. In order to showcase her beautiful tops color, she tied a similar plum colored ribbon to her tote bag. Simple details such as this complete a outfit!

A great way to showcase plum is to have a neutral skirt to allow the color to pop. You can contrast the color and loose shape of the top with a structured, neutral corduroy skirt, such as this Fashionista did. One of my favorite ways to wear plum is to pair it with dark denim or black pants and layer it with a scarf to tone down the deep colors. Plum skinny jeans are very popular this fall and because of it's dark color, it’s extremely flattering. Wear your plum skinnies with a bold graphic print or even a chunky knit sweater.

If you love patterns be sure to look for patterned plum pants and ikat patterns to spice up your fall wardrobe. It’s a complete tongue twister but two hot trends for fall are plum and peplum, especially in plum. Peplum has been seen on the runway for spring of 2013 clothing during New York Fashion Week so it’s a look that is here to stay.

Whichever way you rock your style, be sure to include the color plum. It’s a great addition to your wardrobe and is here to stay for many seasons!