ACCESSORIES REPORT: Boots to Battle the Winter Weather

As the snow begins to fall, those leather boots, flats and even UGGs just won’t do for resistance to the wet, slippery, ice cold. Though you may think that rain boots are only to be worn for that one obvious occasion, when paired with a thick pair of socks like this Fashionista, they’re great in the snow and winter weather as well. Burberry and all, this style icon has it going on with her winter apparel. She seems comfortable, warm and is able to combat the fresh powder on the ground with the waterproof material of her boots. Sounds like a perfect combination to me!

She purchased her boots at a local department store and the shoes could be found online. Some similar boots that I would recommend are Hunter Boots. They come in a wide variety of colors and look great paired with their thick wooly socks underneath for added warmth. UGGs and Sperry Top-Siders also carry great winter rain boots for you to consider investing in this holiday season.

Rain boots are a must for almost every season of the year, especially for a college student trekking all over campus. I personally love wearing mine to tailgates, in the rain and snow and even sometimes just for comfort. They provide awesome traction on the bottom of the sole, and can be easily cleaned. Try experimenting with your own pair of waterproof boots this season. Have fun with it by mixing and matching colors and layers. Be that Fashionista that gets spotted on the street next time because of your eye-catching boots!

Spotted: Winter boots on Balmain's fall 2011 runway.


Overdoing it on jewelry this season is nearly impossible. Stacking, adding and layering is all the rage. Whether it be your rings, bracelets or necklaces, pile it on because now is your time to sport as much jewelry as you own. I bumped into this Fashionista shopping last week and loved her shabby-chic look that flaunt all sorts of great accessories. Her boyfriend-style watch, bracelets and rings are what stood out to me the most. I love the variety of color, shape and texture in the stacked jewelry on her wrists. She said that she's acquired her collection of bracelets over the years and just switches the layering of them with different outfits. What a great way to utilize those bracelets that have just been sitting in your jewelry box, never worn! 

Investing in a great watch was one of the best purchases I've ever made, and I think that most people would agree. If you're thinking about putting one on your Christmas list this year, try looking into brand such as Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs or Nixon, which can be found at most major department stores. As far as bracelets to stack and rings to multiply, you can look almost anywhere that sells jewelry and begin your collection now! I often get my jewelry at Forever 21 because it's cheap, and if it wears on me quick then it's not as big of a deal. 

If you haven't hopped on the Pinterest bangwagon yet, I highly suggest doing so. Their website is always inspiring me to try new hairstyles, crafts, trends and decorating techniques. I found a lot of great ideas for bracelet stacking on the site as well. 

Whether you're digging to the bottom of your jewelry box or investing in some cool new bangles, layer on that jewelry, because less is definitely not more! 

Spotted: Layered bracelets on the Miu Miu resort 2011 runway.



Layering is by far one of the best things about fashion in the colder seasons. For college students especially, the layer that is most often seen is the jacket. This Fashionista caught my eye sticking out of the usual outerwear crowd by sporting a very practical motorcycle-style wool jacket while walking around town. Creating a variety in your coat collection over the years is a must, and a motorcycle jacket is a great investment piece.

This Fashionista found her great jacket at Urban Outfitters for a very reasonable price. If you wanti to make a long term investment, you could find great leather motorcycle jackets at Asos or Levi’s in fun colors. For a much cheaper price, you can look into a jacket similar to these at Forever 21.

Whether it’s paired with a slim black dress and some lace-up booties like this Fashionista for a night out or with a pair of jeans and boots, a motorcycle jacket is a great spin-off on a leather or wool jacket. Try experimenting with a cheaper, lightweight motorcycle style at first, and if you find yourself wearing it often, then consider a long-term investment for next season!

Spotted: Motorcycle jackets on Helmut Lang's fall 2011 runway.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Mecklaces (Man-necklaces)

It is a rare (but exciting) occurrence when I am drawn to a male’s style on our campus, but I was especially intrigued by this Fashionisto’s statement necklaces. Jewelry of any kind can oftentimes be seen as a girly thing by many men, but this Fashionisto definitely proved that belief to be false.

“Each of my necklaces (and bracelets) have some kind of meaning and story behind them; it’s taken me years to build up the collection I have now,” said this Fashionisto. I’ve started to notice this trend of multiple chains or a collection of bracelets on men and I've been curious about where they were finding these items. Whether they are bought at your favorite store, found at an art fair or handed down from an elder, developing your own collection of jewelry with history behind it would be an awesome way to personalize your accessories. I would advise experimenting with some old necklaces and maybe spicing them up with a new chain. This still keeps them vintage. I was able to find some pretty cool necklaces for guys at Urban Outfitters alongwith some unique handmade jewelry on Etsy.  

Although some of these items may not be something you are able to just go out and buy, consider starting a meaningful collection and always have your eye out. You’d be surprised with the ways you can freshen up a childhood necklace from a parent or grandparent.

Boys, don’t be timid to experiment with some chains around your neck like this Fashionisto. I know that accessorizing for men may not always be as easy as for women, but this is a great place to start!

Spotted: Statement necklaces on Roberto Cavalli's fall 2011 runway.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Comfy, Casual and Still Cute

It's always refreshing to see Fashionistas on campus pushing the limits of typical “going to class” attire. I was immediately drawn to this Fashionista's boots and the way she paired them with the comfiest outfit. I admired the way she didn't let a heel on a boot stop her from wearing some thick winter leggings and an oversized grandpa sweater, and I photographed her right away. The lace-up bootie is very “in” this season and can be found at nearly any fashionable shoe store. There are many variations on this style boot, and there's sure to be one out there perfect for your style. In a more casual style college town, the suede boot with a stacked heel and a sweater fold-over top could not be a more perfect fashion statement while headed to class or for dressing up with some skinny jeans. This Fashionista found this great pair of boots at American Eagle for one steal of a price. 

You can find some variations on this boot at nearly any of your favorite shoe stores in town. Just added to my Christmas wish list were these awesome Dolce Vita booties. They're especially cute on this model, who wore them with some chunky two-toned socks and red jeans. A pair similar to these can also be found at Aldo, with an adorable sweater embellishment at the ankle for some added comfort. 

There are ways to make a small heel or wedge look very casual, as proven by this Fashionista. Try switching up your daily outfit routine for class, and show your campus that you can still look fashionable and comfy for a long day of studying. A pair of booties as featured in this article is the perfect place to start! 

Spotted: Lace up boots featured on the Balmain fall 2011 runway.


The best accessories are those that have multiple purposes. Scarves are great because they can pull a plain t-shirt and jeans together while keeping you warm when the weather gets cold. I was eyeing this Fashionista’s scarf in class, and was even more inspired to photograph her after she told me she made it herself! It felt so warm comfortable, and the colors were beautiful. She told me that it only took her a day to make! This Fashionista has turned her talent for creating these very practical and trendy scarvesinto quite the hobby. You can find some of her work on her Etsy account. 

Eternity scarves such as the one this Fashionista is sporting are an awesome returning trend this season. One of my favorite places when looking for scarves such as these is Urban Outfitters. They are continuously coming out with new colors, patterns and styles, all for a very reasonable price. A department store such as Nordstrom is also a great place to look for basic outerwear accessories like scarves, and even hats and gloves to match. 

While keeping warm this fall and winter, the perfect way to keep your outerwear fresh is to switch it up with different scarves. Whether you have the skill to knit one yourself or just found one at your favorite store, it’s a fun item to create a collection with!

Spotted: Scarves as accesories on Alexis Mabille's fall 2011 runway.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Bundling Up With Brights

“Accessory: a subordinate or supplementary part or object used mainly for convenience or attractiveness.” I'll add to's definition by saying that an accessory is considered any part of your wardrobe that adds that last bit of flare, not necessary for all, but always for a true Fashionista. Trying to think a little bit out of the box in my search for the best accessories worn around campus, I've started to search beyond shoes, bags and jewelry. Lately, my eyes have been peeled more in the direction of any items that add that last perfect finishing touch to what the outfit would have been prior to accessorizing. 

A favorite trend of mine reoccurring each year is the classic and always ladylike peacoat. Blooming all around campus, peacoats have been seen in all different styles, lengths and colors. In accordance with the trend of bright colors for this year, I’ve been seeing much more variation in colors of the peacoat than ever before.  I was excited to spot this Fashionista’s adorable orange button-down coat, finding myself immediately searching for one of my own after photographing her. Paired with jeans and boots, this Fashionista could not have accessorized better than with her bright coat, which added warmth to her outerwear.

Found at Forever 21, this coat is a great steal for its price. This Fashionista describes it as very warm when worn with a sweater and a great scarf. I found some coats similar to hers on Urban Outfitters and J.Crew’s online shopping websites. Though the color may be a classic, I love Urban Outfitter's coat for its unique design with the buttons and tie belt at the waist. If you're looking for a more classic peacoat, go for one like J.Crew’s, and good luck choosing from one of the 11 colors!  Recently added to my Christmas list was this irresistable yellow peacoat from Anthropologie; it's the perfect item to have in your closet for those perfect occasions.

With the guarantee to wear again for years ahead, a peacoat is a very practical item to have. It will be sure to provide you with great versatility, warmth and most importantly, style for this winter season. 

Spotted: Colorful peacoats on the Burberry fall 2011 runway.


With the frigid weather in full fletch, my eyes have been peeled for the greatest boots, coats, and scarves around campus.  This Fashionista was flaunting a great mix of all three, though I was mostly intrigued by her cowboy boots. I love the subtle way they make a western style statement while still remaining a versatile boot that can be worn with a variety of outfits. Paired with this steal of a jacket from Forever 21, a messenger bag, and a colorful scarf, this Fashionista had heads turning while headed to class.

Western style riding or cowboy boots can be a fun change up from your standard leather boots.  If an actual cowboy boot is too extreme for your style, there are plenty of variations that blend as more of a fashionable boot while still rocking a southern style.

I absolutely love these unique, distressed cowboy boots from Jeffrey Campbell with the creative scoop cutout on the front and backside of the shoe.  If you’re looking for a more versatile style western boot, this pair from Steve Madden is great and will definitely get a lot of use.

A girl can never have enough shoes, so why not add to the collection with a pair of cowboy boots? Try looking at a thrift or resale shop, you’ll be sure to find an awesome vintage pair for a great price.  Whether they are worn to class, or at a themed country party, cowboy boots are a timeless item that you will not regret keeping a spot for in your closet.

Spotted: Printed cowboy boots with a heel on Diane Von Furstenburg runway 


ACCESSORIES REPORT: Utilizing Layers When The Weather Gets Chilly

After spotting this 24/7 Fashionista walking to class a couple of times, I was finally able to capture her great style on camera.  Each time I’ve run into her, I’ve been especially drawn to her unique patterned tights/sock combination.  In the particular pair that she’s wearing, I love the cream color with the girly combination between small polka dots and roses.  She makes a great contrast between a very feminine look with pearls, and floral prints through her combat style boots, and hand knit socks.

As the weather starts to cool down and bare legs just won’t cut it anymore, try getting creative with your leg wear in a warm, but still fashionable way! Whether it’s through your tights or socks; experiment with mixing and matching colors, prints, thickness, and length.

This is the year to switch up your previous tights collection from plain black opaque to bright colors and polka dot print.  If you prefer the more elegant, ladylike look try going for a subtler pair of floral, opaque tights like this pair from Urban Outfitters. When feeling a little out of the box, these leopard print tights will definitely add some spice to your outfit!

When pairing hosiery with your shorts, skirts, dresses and boot collection,there are endless ways to add some variation to your outfits this fall.

Spotted: Metallic tights on BCBG Max Azria runway. 


ACCESSORIES REPORT: Patterns, Prints, and Plaid

Combat boots have made quite the statement in the past couple years, helping to make an army uniform actually look quite fashionable. A fun changeup from that plain neutral tone boot is one with an added accent or pattern, like featured on this Fashionista. Plaid is it for this fall, of any kind and in any amount that you please. With just an added touch on her combat boots, this Fashionista makes plaid look great paired with a simple pair of jeans and a sweater.

These boots among many other styles of combat boots and beyond, were found at Steve Madden.  I have personally always been hesitant wearing plaid in large amounts; therefore loving the way that it is being featured as an accessory item for the fall. Worn as a poncho or across your shoulder, this Elle Magazine feature shows us over 15 great ways to add plaid into your wardrobe. . What style trend isn’t Kate Spade always on the bandwagon with? Of course, I stumbled across something plaid of hers as well. . A similar (but favorite) twist-off on plaid, also known to be a great patterned accessory is argyle. I love the adorable shoelaces on these Anthropologie booties, giving them even more to talk about. 

Starting out small is always a good strategy, so if the plaid flannel look isn’t for you, try giving the pattern a chance through something as small as shoelaces, or a small purse.  You’ll be surprised to find the fun ways it can be played with in your day-to- day outfits, and the compliments that will come along with it!

Spotted: Plaid represented from fashion designers all over the world