LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Cuffed Jeans And Salmon T-shirts

In general, our style becomes super-casual when the sun comes out, when all we want is to strip down to our bare necessities and bathe away in the rays of better days. Yet, a true Fashionisto can adapt and transcend any environment, no matter how uncomfortable or outrageous they make look. The only true fashion faux pas to me, at least, is complacency, or worse— not trying.

This Fashionisto’s outfit, in particular, achieves that effortless appeal. He puts together an ensemble with personal style and a touch of originality. What stands out most in his ensemble is the Banana Republic Salmon basic t-shirt, popularized by the likes of rapper Pusha-T, in relation to a more androgynous fashion industry.

Another garment that stands out are this Fashionisto’s J Crew jeans that just missed Memorial Day, if you fashion “geeks” know what I mean, but these jeans make the cut out here in sunny Southern California. He even adds a dash of creativity to his wardrobe by cuffing his jeans, exposing the no-socks look.

This Fashionisto embodies a casual, California classic look. His statement accessories: comfortable Sperry’s, large watch, and dark wayfarers pull this look together while the red, white and blue basics remind us of the hot and not-so-far-away summer days. This Fashionisto is taking laid-back cool to another level, showing his style expertise while appearing relaxed and unforced. We can look forward to more comfortable, casual, easy-breezy summer looks to come as we count down the final days of the semester.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: California Casual

The days are getting warmer and warmer as the summer slowly creeps in, so you better have your shades ready from the sunshine’s glare! It’s just about time, now that Fashion Week has passed, to toss old garments that are outdated or too tight because they’ve been through the wash one to many times.

This Fashionisto takes on the new season by making his outfit the crème of California casual. No matter what, day or night, hot or cold, you’ll always see Californians wearing t-shirts. Just as this Fashionisto executes in his navy blue Stussy t-shirt, worn with a pair of Ralph Lauren selvedge denim jeans. Although both garments are blue, the pieces work together because the wash of the jean is just right. Having the right wash in your jean is crucial when picking the proper outfit for your day.

His California look is made perfect with a pair of Vans— a shoe company, founded in California as a skating brand that’s grown a worldwide reputation in casual footwear. This Fashionisto’s Vans are black, which isn’t an easy shoe color to pull off without seeming too scene, but because they’re complimented by the rest of his outfit, they mesh just right.

To top of his outfit, this Fashionisto is wearing a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers to block out the sun. These glasses, which are made to have that vintage 60’s look, embody that California casual sensibility. Stay cool, stay fashionable, and take the sun, head on, or better yet, shades on.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Vintage At Your Vantage

Vintage T-shirts have to be some of my favorite garments as they adorn any outfit with a washed-out band photo or you’re favorite '60s memorabilia. Nowadays you can find high-end clothing company’s attempting to capitalize on vintage apparel, but if you’re really savvy and on a budget, then The Cobra Snake, American Rag CIE in Los Angeles and Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn, New York are your main stops to shop for vintage galore!

This Fashionisto is a poster child of the vintage look with a washed out T-shirt that differentiates him from a multitude of brand-slave consumers. In his keen attempt to stand out, this Fashionisto shows that you can look hip without trying too hard.

A pair of Levi Brand Jeans 511 skinny jeans add to this Fashionisto’s style by giving him that tight, skinny, scene look that he pulls off in a casual and affordable fashion. I mean, how can you go wrong with a pair of Levi Brand Jeans, which have become an American standard in our culture? You can’t.

But honestly, the most profound item of clothing on this Fashionisto is his pair of blue TOMS shoes. The business strategy of TOMS shoes has to be my favorite and most inspiring because they donate each pair they sell to impoverished countries with children in need. No wonder I myself own a few pairs, which also make any vintage style seem more rustic and natural.

So remember Fashionistos, you’re best vantage is vintage, especially when you want to mirror that casual and natural look!

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: White On White… Prime!

White has to be one of the most malleable colors to wear; from a dress shirt worn to a black tie event to a plain white V-neck worn with a sturdy pair of jeans, white on white is in. White on white, is it a crime? Or is white on white, prime?

In this Fashionisto’s case, white on white works just right. Karl Lagerfeld would be proud, seeing that this Fashionisto not only rocks a white American Apparel basic V-neck, but he’s also wearing a pair of 511 skinny jeans from Levi Brand Jeans. The two slimming garments work well to give this Fashionisto an avant-garde look that is topped off with a pair of white high-tops from Zuriick. The white on white combo may be a bit aggressive for most people, but for this Fashionisto, white on white makes a more stylish and worldly outfit.

High-tops have to be my favorite type of sneakers. I don’t know about you, but I like it when my shoes hug my ankles and protect my Achilles heel. Plus, I think it’s fashionable, just saying. You can buy some dope high-top sneakers at the Blue & Cream Sneaker Club.

The outfit flourishes in color with the likes of an orange Free City hoodie and a pair of aquamarine headphones from Urbanears. Giving just enough subtle flash, this look contours well with the spring season weather in sunny “So Cal.”

Last but not least, who can go wrong with a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers? You can't. It’s a simple fact that a pair of classy sunglasses can turn any casually dressed individual into a rock star.

White on white is far from a crime if it’s worn right. Take advice from this Fashionisto’s style and don’t forget to smile!

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Are You Down For A Down Vest?

Although down vests are a slice of boating culture, hip-hop artists like Dipset and Kanye West, who brought a twist to the way these unique vests are worn, made these distinct jackets a popular staple of our time. Their ability to hit a wide audience allowed them to show off how to bring together both casual and comfortable with a sense of flare.

This Fashionisto is wearing a Topman down vest mixed with a gray American Apparel basic hoodie and a basic blue T-shirt, which not only gives him layers, but it helps to support and accentuate his down vest. Whether it’s cold or hot, you can wear a down vest to take your look to the next level no matter if you're wearing a basic white V-neck or something more complex and layered.

Topped off with a pair of washed Nudie Jeans and silver high-tops, this Fashionisto’s outfit is complete and stays consistent with the urbanity of his style. By keeping his outfit cool in hue, this Fashionisto discretely uses both his down vest and silver high-tops to make a fashion statement without being too flashy or out of place.

Now he can rock with the likes of Jim Jones and Yeezy by using his style as an outlet to make a personal statement, and by keeping his swag on point with a down vest that will impress the ladies. So, set your mind to the test and invest, especially if you’re down to wear a down vest. Are you down?

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Beanies Aren’t Just For Babies!

Beanies, which were made to harbor cold weather, have recently become a fashion statement (even if they’re just hiding a bad hair day). This Fashionisto proves that you can rock a beanie in sunny So Cal with style. His brown wool beanie was purchased in Santa Barbra but its origins come all the way from India. How eclectic! The beanie is not only as comfortable as this Fashionisto proclaims, but it also couples well with the rest of his outfit.

A woven blue hoodie from H&M serves to maintain this Fashionisto’s look, staying true to thick fabrics and giving him that bohemian vibe he desires. In fact, wool is very much in season and its best sported in Yohji Yamamoto’s Fall 2011 clothing line. The votes have been counted and wool is in! 

This Fashionisto compliments his outfit by staying true to his hipster roots with some slim Comune khaki’s from Urban Outfitters and a pair of classic black Vans. Staying casual, comfortable and stylish at the same time. How can you go wrong? His pants are matched by a messenger bag, which might just be carrying a copy of Howl By Allen Ginsberg or a hacky sack ready for an afternoon park session.

Altogether, this Fashionisto assembles a mix of Asian with some hipster sensation. What could be a better equation? You can find more beanies at Adeen and Mishka, which are brands at the forefront of the beanie movement, for their poppy colors and designs. Let your look be revolutionized by your beanie, baby!

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Vintage Hipster

There’s nothing like vintage clothing, nothing. It’s not only distinct in its fabric, but in its history because of the many people who have worn and continue to wear vintage. Vintage clothes travel through a recycled process of donation that makes it the most environmentally friendly way of wearing clothes. Some of the best vintage can be found at stores like Beacon’s Closet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Pass-The-Baton in Japan. 

This Fashionisto shows us how to put together a perfectly assembled vintage outfit, using garments from both casual and dressy attire and assembling it into one hipster-friendly getup. Being hipster means that you’re not only unafraid of being different, but that you do so by experimenting with clothing and colors alike.

A purple Lacoste windbreaker contours well with a burgundy American Apparel basic T-shirt for this Fashionisto, whose long hair and grizzly nature appropriates his “I don’t care” style. Dress pants are the key to this Fashionisto’s outfit, which may seem out of place, but somehow, they seem to bring the outfit together.

Any true Fashionisto has to have a pair of Sperry’s that are not only comfortable to wear, but they go great with any outfit, whether casual or dressy. Wear them without socks to give off that sailor look or with a pair of argyle socks to give your look more sophistication.

Shopping vintage will make you stand out in a crowd and give you a new vibe. Tryout a different persona to help get your creative juices flowing.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Man’s Best Accessory

A man’s best accessory is his dog because of all the attention that’s drawn to him because of his fury companion. No wonder they call them “man’s best friend.” It’s also no coincidence that this Fashionisto and his dog make the perfect pair with their synched colors and matching fabrics.

The Boston Terrier’s multicolored striped sweater highlights this Fashionisto’s J.Crew flannel, which makes the duo a match made in fashion heaven (if there is such a place). Their irresistible presence would crumble anyone’s heart into mush; just look at them! How cute are those puppy dog eyes? Aw.

Accompanied by his dog, this Fashionisto perfectly layers his wardrobe with a gray Topman peacoat, which is great for any season, especially when the California sun has set onto a chilly, desert evening. The coat’s oversized pockets also make it a great place for doggy treats and all those cumbersome objects that are too big to carry otherwise; this Fashionisto’s skinny Levi Brand Jeans probably don’t have too much pocket space either. But hey, how can you ever go wrong with a standard pair of blue jeans? You can’t. Particularly if you’re rocking this outfit, like this Fashionisto, with a pair of vintage R.M.Williams boots. These boots were made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do (you get the rest).

So, what did we learn today? This Fashionisto demonstrates that by effortlessly accessorizing your look with a cute dog, you can tempt any onlooker, especially if you’re both wearing matching outfits. Stay stylish and keep warm as our seasons change their form.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Spring Hits Southern California

Spring cleaning arrives early to the season-absent weather of sunny Southern California. As a consequence, we no longer see dark, wintery and thick fabrics; in contrast, we welcome bright, vivacious and flamboyant colors that encompass the palette currently present on the campus of Whittier College. Spring is all about disposing those cobweb-stricken garments and salvaging season appropriate apparel that may be outdated; but now, more than ever, the spring season finds itself fitting for that vintage look we’ve been searching for all year. This Fashionisto is no exception with his assortment of different colors that embrace and complement the very essence of spring.

Hip-hop and skateboard cultures have inspired this Fashionisto, who rocks a bright red, limited edition T-shirt from Kidrobot, straight-leg RCVA jeans and high-top bumblebee Nike Dunks. He provides casual wear with a flare of color, which is reminiscent of a season that's awoken early on the west coast.

Vintage Nike Dunks are a huge fad among sneaker heads alike,who will go to any extent in order to get their hands on some rare kicks. They look great with a pair of skinny jeans or even straight-leg jeans like the ones this Fashionisto is flawlessly wearing. A great selection of kicks can be found at Blue & Cream; you can also check out the release dates on all the latest Nike sneaker trends.

An early spring has awakened the Whittier College campus from its pseudo-winter slumber by invigorating colors back into the scheme of everyday apparel. Don’t be hesitant to pull something old or “last season” out from the dusty closet – it may be that new piece of inspiration that makes you’re style distinct.

Style Guru Bio: Allen Feldman

I'm Allen Feldman and I'm a senior English major with an emphasis in creative writing at Whittier College in sunny, southern California. I was born and raised in the heart of New York City, so I give all my praise to the Big Apple for helping to refine my sensibility for fashion. I would describe my personal style as “hipster-hop,” which implements both the creative and eclectic nature of hipster culture, while infusing the flashy, brand-heavy elements of Hip-Hop. In fact, my personal hero is Kanye West, who's not only at the forefront of Hip-Hop music, but an icon in the fashion world, collaborating alongside the likes of Nike and Louis Vuitton, while hustling his own style through his music.  

I regard self-expression as the most crucial aspect of being alive because it allows us, as individuals, the capacity to creatively manipulate our own sense of identity. Fashion is one facet of expression that I find most appealing because it’s both mobile and tangible— personal fashion accompanies us no matter where we travel and whether we’d like to or not, our style speaks for us, residing from the inner being that makes us distinct.

Two conditions have affected my personal style: my mother’s fashion sense and New York City— the city that raised me into the fashionista I am today. First off, my mother is one of those women who defines the “shoe,” rather than letting the shoe define her. This philosophy has not only inspired my sense of fashion, but it has also defined the way I live my life, free of labels and full of possibility. When I was growing up my mother used to dress me in Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and OshKosh B’Gosh, while exposing me to some of the trendiest restaurants that New York City has to offer. My “big boy” clothes acquired me with the sentiment that I was mature and refined, even though I still had quite a lot to learn about both fashion and myself.

In time, and through means of personal experimentation, I began to obtain an awareness of myself, subsequently, I acquired a sense of personal style. My greatest education in fashion came from interning for fashion and business mogul, Jamison Ernest at the Yellow Fever Incubator. Working for a fashion house in the heart of New York City not only equipped me with a lexicon of fashion knowledge, but it also taught me the business aspect of the fashion industry— at the end of the day, it’s all about who you know.

Ultimately, I’d have to credit brands like AdeenAlexander McQueen, Junya Watanabe, Rag & Bone and Tom Ford for inspiring me to push the boundaries of my own personal style, which has influenced the establishment of my personal brand, Unwritten Prophecy, a lifestyle brand focused on promoting a positive, passion-driven approach to Hip-Hop culture through music, clothing & conscious media outlets. Fashion, to me, is the most fundamental form of expression because it has allowed me to be myself, while expressing my uniqueness to the world.