WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

As college students, we are always on the look out for internships that will put our skills to the ultimate test. In the corporate world, dressing the part is everything. However, going from early morning sweatpants to a proper professional look can be intimidating to construct for the first time. Luckily, this Fashionisto pulled together the perfect outfit that will impress any future colleague.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, this Fashionisto was spotted in a very business-savvy look. He keeps things simple and sleek in navy and white. This Fashionisto’s white button-down from Zara appears to be nothing out of the ordinary. However, it’s made of a lightweight fabric that will keep this busy intern cool during the day, and it has a uniquely intricate pattern.

This Fashionisto rounds out his look with a pair of navy suit pants and matching blazer. His oxford shoes range in hues of navy, brown and gray. This style of shoe is a great investment for any Fashionisto because the leather design will last through the years, and they can easily transform any outfit from day to night or casual to formal.

Whatever future internship comes your way, you want to be prepared mentally and physically. As young men beginning to make their debut into the real world, it is important to not only keep up academically but also fashionably. Now is the time to start building up a professional wardrobe that will carry you through interviews, internships and long-term careers.

I have heard that first impressions are everything; put this old adage to the test as you kick-start your career with a new and accomplished wardrobe.

One Simple Change: Trade out those dress pants for a pair of dark-washed jeans and you’re ready for a fancy date night. Depending on the weather, you can choose to leave the blazer at home or bring it along for layering. You’ll for sure win your date over in this clean-cut look.

WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

The interview process is an exciting one. Especially for an eager college student who is ready to make their debut into the “real world.” Even though the nerves may settle in and our palms might feel a little clammier than usual, we have to keep in mind that this is one step closer to landing the job of our dreams. Picking out an outfit for an interview can always be a daunting task but with a few quick tips this process can become easier and more personable than ever!

This Fashionista’s outfit screams “hire me.” It’s clean and sophisticated but also shows off a little bit of her personality and creative flair. A pencil skirt is always a safe bet when trying to pick out an interview ensemble. The length is appropriate and super feminine, this skirt should be a staple for any rising Fashionista into the work force.

Depending on the job you are interviewing for, nowadays, you can get pretty creative with your outfits. Incorporating colors and patterns is more acceptable for interviews in our culture today. Say sayonara to your mothers pantsuit and hello to the modern day woman.

This Fashionista pairs her solid pencil skirt with a bright patterned top. The hues of blue and pop of metallic will be sure to stand out amongst a crowd of interviewees. Playing with different colors and patterns is an opportunity to show your personality and creative side beyond what your resume already states.

One Simple Change: Love this top but not planning for an interview? Pair this tank with a pair of dark skinny jeans and you’re ready for a day full of errands around town.


I don’t know about you, but the thought of going to class in the summer is just crazy talk. Here we are though, making Monday through Friday class attendance look like a new found hobby. Luckily, there are a few things in life that make class attendance a little easier on us (and the eyes).

By no means do you have to dress your absolute best to go to class every day, however, this Fashionista shows us an easy way to dress for class that combines the comfort we want and the style we might need.

This Fashionista was spotted in a simple black and white outfit. I loved it because it is so easy for the rest of us to mimic on our way to class. One staple for any Fashionista’s closet is an off the shoulder white T-shirt. Who says you can’t wear white after Memorial Day? A basic top like this is great when you are in a hurry and need something to throw on other than that favorite high school T-shirt laying the ground. Not to mention, the white will be sure to bring out your summer tan!

With a simple white T-shirt, you have many options for bottoms. This Fashionista chose a black and white Aztec printed pair of shorts. This particular pair is made out of a cotton-like fabric and will leave you feeling beyond comfortable and ready for the day ahead.

One Simple Change: Love the casual top, but want to dress it up a bit? Swap those shorts out for a patterned pant and wedges, and you’re ready for a girl’s night out!

STYLE GURU BIO: Allie Weinstock

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Allie Weinstock and I am studying Editing, Writing and Media at Florida State University. This will be my fourth semester with CollegeFashionista, and I am happy to say I’m back for more—you didn’t actually think you could get rid of me, did you?

I invite you all to check in every Thursday as I have returned to tackle the WHAT TO WEAR column here at CollegeFashionista. I can’t wait to put forth all my energy into finding the best fits for every occasion this summer, and truly put my writing and photography skills to the test.

As I experiment with different trends this summer, you definitely won’t be able to find me without a big pair of sunnies and perhaps an even bigger sized coffee. Channeling my inner Leandra Medine, I will be sporting my best ripped up, boyfriend fitting and “man-repelling” items this season. From flowing silhouettes to structured game-changing pieces, you’ll see me in a walking, talking and possibly a little contradicting, wardrobe.

I’m loving skorts for the summer like this Zara one pictured above. It is truly the best of both worlds and a great staple to your closet. Paired with a white bootie, these shoes will be put to good use this season when matched up with thigh-high sundresses and cut-off shorts.

Enough about what I’ll be wearing—I’m so excited to begin this new semester and showcase the different styles of my fellow Fashionistas/os. Until next Thursday, I’ll be on the hunt to find WHAT TO WEAR.


Each new season brings forth its own trends and clothing items, but for a Fashionista/o on a college budget, it’s important to find ways to make your entire wardrobe fit year round. Spring is that happy medium between too hot and too cold.

Fit for spring, we are seeing Fashionistas making use of layering techniques with vests in simple, yet effective, ways. Being able to trade out those big coats and heavy layering pieces for lighter fabrics is always a relief. Make last fall’s item this spring’s obsession; you’d be surprised how soon you two become the vest of friends.

This Fashionista was spotted wearing a dress, boots and a crocheted vest in a neutral palette. Even with a black dress and boots, layering with a tan vest brings the lightness back into her outfit. Her vest is also a crochet knit—perfect for spring. I believe layering to be a quick trick into elevating any outfit. With a vest, we are able to keep this trend alive in the spring.

Crochet is a big trend for spring and this Fashionista’s vest really gives it some well-deserved attention. Crochet items can be added to any outfit and will leave you feeling comfortable and chic. This Fashionista layers her crochet vest with a simple dress, but this piece could be layered on top of shorts and a tank, maxis, rompers and many more.

No matter what the weather is like, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your favorite items from the previous season. This Fashionista shows us how easy it is to layer these items while still staying on trend and looking your very vest.


The summer sun is beating down on Fashionistas/os around the globe, encouraging each and every one of us to get outside and welcome summer with open arms (and a pair of sunnies, of course). No matter what your schedule is looking like for the summer, take some time away from your travels, job, internship or school and find a reason to get outside to really enjoy these next few months. While attending a local market full of good company, music and treats, I found this Fashionista to be the epitome of summer.

When dressing for the summer, especially when planning to be outdoors, you want an outfit that will keep you cooled down and comfortable. This Fashionista is wearing a pleated maxi skirt, patterned tank top, sandals and sunglasses. Every season, naturally, we have our set go-to items in our wardrobe and this summer should be no different. Apart from your basic go-to items, dabble in some flowy territory and embrace something like this Fashionista’s maxi skirt. Not only can she pair it with so many other outfits, but she is able to fight the summer sun with a flowing silhouette.

This Fashionista is wearing a floral tank top to go along with her bright yellow shirt. Her tank top is a stand out with neon hues incorporated into the pattern. She also chose to knot her tank top, creating a more structured and proportional look that continues to fit loosely. To complete this look, she accessorizes minimally with a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and basic arm candy.

Whatever you decide to rock this summer, this Fashionista’s outfit proves to be one of many options. Full of bright colors, flowy staples and a yummy popsicle, this look should be the inspiration and incentive you need to get outside and embrace the sunshine.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Minimalistic Menswear

The biggest trend right now with menswear is being able to pull off the street sportswear look. While browsing through men’s spring 2014 runway shows that showcased this trend, I realized quickly how few college Fashionisto’s would have the resources to pull together some of these looks. Street sportswear should be an easy go-to for all Fashionistos! By finding the right items in your current wardrobe, this look can come together easier than you think.

After becoming inspired by looks on the runway, this Fashionisto proved to be just as inspiring. Although simplistic in his outfit of choice, this Fashionisto’s outfit is comprised of the basic elements that make up men’s street sportswear. He is wearing a blue T-shirt, black sweatpants, a Bertucci watch and gray Nike sneakers.

The best thing about this look is it can be interpreted in so many different ways; adding and subtracting sportswear-inspired pieces can turn one look into two or three. As this Fashionisto shows, the easiest way to be on track with this trend is with a pair of sweatpants. When looking to swap them out from your everyday trouser, try a slimmer fitting pair to mimic a tailored look. Try pairing the pant with a button-down that is also slim fitting to really capture the essence of “street style.”

This Fashionisto’s look can also be recreated by just using the top half. This time keep it casual on the top and more sophisticated on the bottom as an alternative dress for this trend. Taking a simple tee, such as this Fashionisto’s, and pairing it with a pair seasonal trousers and sportswear hoodie will also resonate into street sportswear perfectly.


Finding a routine and sticking to it is essential during these last few weeks of school. It will keep us focused, grounded and also help find time for all the things we need to do inside and outside our packed school schedule.

Athletic wear has been an evolving trend for some time now, as these sporty-inspired looks on the runway have brought this trend beyond the gym door. On any typical day, workout wear on campus tends to be the norm. As this Fashionista properly shows, athletic wear can be an easy day look that carries you out of the gym and into the classroom.

This Fashionista was found wearing a brightly colored ensemble. Her royal blue Nike spandex shorts are perfect for the gym and comfortable enough to ease back into a school schedule post workout. She pairs her shorts with an orchid T-shirt that is light enough to keep you cool.

Having a busy schedule has its ups and downs. One down is not having enough time to keep changing outfits throughout the day. This Fashionista is wearing a fun and graphic Victoria’s Secret PINK zip-up jacket over her outfit. Having a jacket on hand is the perfect addition to your workout look, especially if you plan to stay in those clothes for a bit longer.

If you’re anything like me, I hope to find the time everyday for some sort of exercise. After all, “exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy,” no one can deny the wise words of Elle Woods. Find your routine and finish the semester strong academically, phsycially and mentally!


Everyone is swooning over this season’s top color palette that includes a sweet and powdery explosion of pretty pastels. Showing up on the runway in hues of purple, blue, green and pink, designers have carefully created pastel-inspired collections that will have you looking fashionable and sophisticated. So, ta-ta for now Mr. Easter Bunny, this is how you really wear pastels in spring.

This Fashionista dresses up in a pastel wonderland from head to toe, looking polished in her springtime outfit. This Fashionista truly embodies this trend and showcases how easy it is to pull together a pastel-inspired outfit on a college budget. She is wearing a pair of nude skinny jeans, a blush pink tank top layered under a cropped cream jacket and she finishes her look with a variety of nude accessories.

Recreating this look is as easy as finding the right pieces in your current wardrobe that will help create the perfect pastel palette. Start with a nude or neutral bottom, an easy choice would be white but if you have blush tones then go for those! Being able to show off your own style is very important, so there is a lot of individual freedom when it comes to choosing a top.

This Fashionista chose to stay within the same family of colors throughout her whole look. Her choice of having a more monochromatic outfit is similar to the looks seen on the runway. Designers paired tailored bottoms with blazer jackets or ankle length skirts with crop tops that were similar in color, if not an exact match.

This idea of having an outfit that is all the same but becomes different when broken up by individual pieces is a statement that I encourage us all to make this spring.


Transitioning from preliminary education into your later academic career is an exciting time for many reasons. This change into university life is eagerly embraced as a new lifestyle full of new people, places and freedoms.

For some of us, this meant breaking free from a strict dress code of collard shirts, slacks and knee-length skirts. The “freedom of dress” happily replaces old uniforms with an individual style that represents who you are as a person, not necessarily the school you attend.

Fast-forward to spring 2014 and we have tartan as an on going trend, showing up in places far away from an elementary school courtyard. The iconic “All American” schoolgirl has officially moved out of the classroom and into the streets. We are seeing a modern day approach that is so clean, classic and chic, even Britney Spears couldn’t resist. *Cue, “Oops I Did It Again”*

This Fashionista is wearing a Zara tartan skort with a simple white tee and chambray button-down. Her outfit also welcomes the warm weather with a pair of gladiator sandals and vintage Ray-Bans.

Tartan is widely recognized when worn and it can be hard to create new looks using this fabric. This Fashionista’s outfit inspires us to pair tartan patterns with layering items that will keep things simple and laid back. This pattern can also translate into many other items, such as a pair of trousers, button-downs, dresses—you name it and someone has made it.

Before you know it, there will come a time when you want to go “back to school,” and what better way than with a little prep school inspiration. This trend will carry from season to season and bring forth exciting new looks into your wardrobe each time.