How to Wear Borrowed From the Boys Trends

Every wonder if you could rock the styles of menswear but were too nervous to make the big leap? Now you can with a trend gaining popularity in the fashion world, opening the doors for women to try the looks of menswear. This trend is all about borrowing clothes from the boys. From graphic T-shirts, baggy shorts, and suit sets to rugged outerwear, Birkenstocks, sneakers, and masculine watches, the possibilities of rocking this look are endless and easy to achieve. This Fashionista I found on the city streets added her own flair to this style by combining refined accessories with more masculine pieces.

The inclusion of masculine pieces in the look were noted in her graphic T-shirt, dark denim, long shorts, olive Birkenstocks, and gold-plated leather watch. Her graphic T-shirt was emblazoned with the logo of the popular skater magazine, Thrasher. The red and oranges in the flames on the shirt were complemented by the Fashionista’s eye makeup look. The dark denim long shorts complemented the gray and black color palette of the look and added an ease to her outfit. The gold-plated leather watch was a nod to more a manlier style and tied in her accessories as well.

The Fashionista’s accessories added a tone of minimalism and structure to the relaxed vibe of the outfit. Her black leather, dual buckle belt perfectly matched her black leather mini backpack while her round silver sunglasses, thin silver hoops, white gemstone ring, and silver star choker, were a feminine touch to the more masculine outfit.

Menswear trends and clothing are no longer difficult to incorporate into your wardrobe. You can mix rugged, masculine pieces with feminine, refined accessories to make the trend more wearable. You can also keep a simpler color palette, as seen in the gray and darker hues of this Fashionista’s outfit, to sophisticate your look. Now go out there and put your own twist on this popular trend!

Be sure to let me know how you add your own flair to menswear in the comments below!

Hidden Gems in the “City of Brotherly Love”

Though tourist attractions and historical monuments are an important part of Philadelphia, the city boasts much more than those two options. I found recently with a little help from a local Fashionista that the city holds many hidden gems in its colonial buildings and cobblestone streets.

Many of these gems are found on South Street in Philadelphia. South Street is a hybrid of Brooklyn and SoHo, perfectly blended with mosaic walls, quaint cafes, and vintage boutiques. It is a Pinterest board come to life, full of vivid colors and creativity all around. The first stop or gem in the city that my guide showed me was a quirky coffee cafe called Milk and Honey. The exterior of the location had neon patio furniture while the inside was blooming with various plants, paintings, and pastries.  The only thing better than the atmosphere was the breakfast/lunch menu, that contained delicious sandwiches, pastries, and specialty coffee drinks.  After our brunch in the café, my Fashionista tour guide showed me the art pieces that this section of the city is known for.

Our next stop was the former house of mosaic artist, Isaiah Zagar, now converted into an antique/clothing shop, called the Eyes Gallery. The gallery`s walls were adorned with mosaics, tiles, bright paintings, flowers, and tiny trinkets. The store had three floors. Each had rooms with different sculptural, ceramic, and paper-mache art pieces on display. Even the light fixtures were of candy color hues to match the cheery atmosphere of the shop. Though the shop is known for its art, the vintage clothing pieces, jewelry, and handwoven bags are not to be forgotten. The Eyes Gallery may be the primary spot of mosaic art, though the streets of South Street are filled as well with mosaic tiling and wall graphics.

Similar to the colors and easy vibe of South Street, my tour guide and local Fashionista friend was adorned in her best boho clothing. She wore a pair of light blue boyfriend jeans that complimented the ease of her dark blue cotton tank top. On top of her tank top, the Fashionista wore a maroon zip-up hoodie. Her shoes were black and white Toms. The Fashionista`s accessories were the main pieces that brought together her look. For jewelry, she wore a delicate gold necklace and her patterned bag embroidered with celestial patterns, which contained all the colors in her look.

The final spot that my guide brought me to was a shop that sells a treat prominent in Philadelphia. This spot was Rita`s Italian Ice stand. Here we savored on baby blue, cotton candy water ice, to cool off on a blistering day.

My local Fashionista friend showed me, and now you, that there is more than meets the eye when traveling to Philadelphia.

I hope you visit and enjoy these gems, just like I did! If you do visit, let me know in the comments!

Black and White: The Perfect Color Combo for All Fashion Girls

What is black, white, and bold all over? The answer can be found in the newest trends to be popping up all over Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards. The color palette of black and white has been taking over Fashionistas’ wardrobes since the beginning of time. Though recently the color duo has been making a resurgence in the younger age demographic of the fashion community. From black leather jackets to white crop tops, this color combination is very much in trend. This Fashionista that I found on the city streets added her own twists to the new trend with cool girl accessories and attitude.

The dark and crisp tones of black and white, were showcased throughout the whole look. The outfit had simple, carefree pieces to balance out the more structured pieces in the look. These simple pieces were dark wash, denim skinny jeans paired with white Converse. The edge in her outfit was brought by a popular piece of clothing that is found currently in every store and closet of young adults and teens: the graphic band T-shirt. This Fashionista wore a vintage ’90s Nirvana band T-shirt, with the emblem of the rock group. A contrast ’90s is shown with the easiness of the foundation pieces of the outfit with her more formal accessories.

The standout accessory in her outfit was the black leather trimmed, marled faux fur coat. The detailing on the coat also consisted of tweed sleeves that added dimension and texture. The other accessories added edge to the look with her round, small, rocker inspired sunglasses and black leather saddle strap bag. The accessories turned her look from casual to put together in an instant.

Black and white are a simple color combination that can add edge, sophistication, or both depending on the look. You can dress up the color palette with tea length dresses and flowing blouses. You can also keep the color palette relaxed as seen with this Fashionista’s denim and band tee outfit. One thing is for certain, no matter how you style this color trend, you will end up looking effortless chic.

Are you just as obsessed as I am with this new color combination trend as I am? If so, let me know in the comments below!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Pastels and Punk in the Pretty Weather

Spring is here and in full bloom. Due to the spring season, your Instagram feed is probably full with pictures of Fashionistas in florals and pastels.  I love both the pattern and the color palette and like to add a bit of edge to both. My ideal spring outfit is a mix of light pieces, girlie staples, and rocker chic essentials all in one. This outfit I wore on a beautiful, May day perfectly embodies that mix. My pastel pink accessories bring the lightness of spring. While the black foundation pieces of my outfit bring in that edge I love in my clothing. This look is tough and soft all at the same time, showing that spring can call for a surprising balance of contrasting trends.

Starting with the sleeker, cooler tones in the outfit, I used black pieces as the main color palette to bring the different elements in the look together. I turned a black slip, silk dress into a maxi skirt, by pairing it underneath a graphic T-shirt. I then added a black, Western inspired, silver-tipped, belt to cinch and define my waist. My favorite part of the look would be the pastel pink and black, graphic T-shirt. This T-shirt was quite a steal for I got it at a bargain price from Forever 21 in the Men’s section. The detailing on the crew neck shirt depicts  two automobiles racing in fast motion with cool lettering stating, “Charged Up”. I topped the outfit with a pair of simple, beige Puma sneakers to add comfort and style.

The lighter tones in the outfit came from the pink color palette in my accessories, beauty, and the graphic T-shirt. The main statement accessory was my pastel pink, mirrored cat-eye sunglasses. These sunglasses tied in the pink in the graphic T-shirt I wore with the black, silk skirt. I painted on a light pink lipstick to draw in more of the precious color into my look.

This look is great for any Fashionista, like myself, that wants the best of both worlds with their trends. The outfit had darker pieces like the silk, slip dress and the Western inspired belt to add edge. While the pastel pinks in the graphic T-shirt and the mirrored cat-eye sunglasses brought sweetness into the look. Pastels and punk can always be perfect together with the right accessories and clothing, especially in the warmer weather!

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Cool, Crisp Tones in the Big Apple

It is finally springtime, and with the nice weather comes spontaneous trips to the boldest, loudest city: New York City. New York City is only a short distance from my college campus, yet I have never had the chance to explore it, the whole year. When I arrived in the Big Apple, I was greeted with soaring skyscrapers, lively commotion, and of course tons of Fashionistas. One Fashionista in particular caught my eye with her relaxed, carefree style. The cool tones of her outfit perfectly matched the glistening, gray buildings and her lightweight fur coat was a great spring staple. This Fashionista brought instant glamour and coolness to the city sidewalk.

Starting with the foundation pieces of her look, this Fashionista rocked a pair of classic, ripped black jeans with cuffed hems to set the color palette of the outfit. She then layered an olive green tank over a thin, knit, black tank to add a dose of warmth and a shot of another color to the mix. While the foundation pieces were key to the look, the main standout piece was her lightweight, cream fur coat. The fur coat was a casual touch with a hint of sophistication that elevated the whole look from simple to show stopping. While her clothing was crisp and cool, her accessories really tied the pieces together.

The Fashionista wore steel gray and white slip-on Vans on her feet, to accent the rest of her accessories. She also wore delicate silver jewelry on her hands and neck. Her silver plated necklace had the coordinates of the small beach town she called home. While her silver, midi rings also represented her love for the beach with turquoise stones and wave inspired structures. The final touch was her black, grey, and silver tortoise, cat-eye sunglasses that bore all the colors of her outfit.

My trip to New York City brought me delicious food, memories, and stylish pieces at unique stores. Most importantly it brought me a chance meeting with this amazing Fashionista. Her relaxed, cool girl style and show stopping outfit, gave me endless inspiration for the warmer months. Her ability to mix darker colors like black, olive, and grey with beachy, fun accessories was very notable. This Fashionista and her look  showed that spring weather is the perfect occasion to mix edgy pieces like ripped jeans with fabulous, fuzzy accessories like a cream fur coat!

WHAT TO WEAR: Glam Grunge for Classes

The ’90s style and trends are back and better than ever. Flannels, denim overalls, chokers, and even scrunches are popping up on everyone’s Instagram feeds and pictures. One of the trends of the ’90s, grunge, has become a modified staple in wardrobes. Grunge has now become glam with the combination of band tees, flannels, beanies, and ripped jeans with fur coats, luxurious textures like silk, and sleek accessories. It is the perfect trend to wear for any occasion, especially on the new runway of college campuses. This Fashionista, rocked the trend on her way to calculus, adding edge to math class.

Starting with the grunge pieces of the look, this Fashionista rocked a graphic beanie, oversize flannel, a silver septum nose ring, a black stretch choker, and a pair of black denim jeans. Her black denim jeans, simple yet slightly faded and worn, were the perfect foundation for the other colors and pieces in the look. She then added an oversize, vintage, blue, white, and red checkered flannel which made her look casual and edgy at the same time. The real statement pieces are her punk rock jewelry and graphic beanie. Her beanie brought together the colors in her flannel and fiery red lipstick, while showing her roots of New York City. The finals touches were her silver septum nose ring and black stretch choker, both exuding ’90s grunge.

This Fashionista’s grunge look was elevated to glam, with the addition of her black faux fur coat, black Chelsea boots, and white T-shirt. A faux fur coat can make any outfit look like a million dollars, which is so perfectly displayed here. Her black faux fur coat is a nice contrast to the tougher materials in the look. The inclusion of her black Chelsea boots streamlines the outfit, while her white T-shirt adds a touch of comfort and ease.

This Fashionista`s look is a great way to rock grunge and glam trends while keeping comfort and style on your way to class. Try combining edgy pieces like flannels and beanies with some sleek, luxurious accessories to make an impact at your next math class too!

STYLE ADVICE: Simple Street Style

Street style and urban wear are two of the most popular trends in fashion right now. Thus the new catwalk is the sidewalk.  A simple statement jacket or colorful sneakers can amp up any outfit. Throw on a leather baseball cap and denim joggers to add even more flair. This trend is open to both Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike, making it very attainable.  Anyone can be a street style star with a few fun items like bomber jackets, baseball caps, cool denim pieces, joggers, crisp sneakers, and fun statements accessories.

This Fashionisto perfectly captured the basics behind urban wear. Urban wear is all about wearing outwear and accessories with edge, on top of simple pieces like a T-shirt or denim. This Fashionisto started with such simple pieces—a black T-shirt with a striped white collar and black cinched denim jeans. The black tones of the pieces create a perfect background for his accessories to pop against. When wearing street style, be sure to make your accessories and statement pieces the focus, while leaving the basics of your outfit very simplistic.

The edge in his outfit comes from his maroon and black accessories that are the epitome of street style. Following the pattern of black accessories, he adds sophistication to his urban outfit with black lace-up oxfords. This adds style to an already trendy outfit.

The real statement pieces in his outfit are his maroon bomber jacket and embroidery baseball cap. The maroon bomber jacket is an amazing piece that is fundamental of a street style inspired outfit. The bomber jacket has silver detailing found in the zippers and button appliqués, which reflects against the maroon coloring. The Fashionisto’s embroidery baseball cap has white with black stitching emblazed with the Puma logo and design.

This Fashionist’s look is cool and edgy, making it the perfect example of street style. When wearing and creating an urban wear outfit, be sure to keep your simple pieces, like a pair of denim jeans and T-shirts, as the background to your accessories. Add spice to your outfit with bomber jackets, embroidery baseball caps, and any other cool accessories. Now you too can be just as stylish as this Fashionisto in your street style!


The winter months are known for being extremely cold and full of hard, tedious work for us college students. Though the form of hope that we all have is the upcoming spring weather and with that, the return of festival season.  One of the most popular festivals to attend is Coachella. Coachella is known to be the center of not only great music, but the hub of fashionista/os as well. It can be quite hard to get a ticket to such event, but no worries, Coachella`s prominent, bohemian style is now found all year. From feather and tasseled accessories to flared bottoms and fringe tops, bohemian style can be found in almost every store. Your outfit can now be care-free and relaxed without seeming too hippie inspired.

This Fashionista is the epitome of that Boho style that has now gone mainstream. Her embroidery crop top, knit fringe cardigan, and sand colored ankle boots all bring Bohemian style to the winter weather. She manages to perfectly balance the rust colors in her knit fringe cardigan with her embroidery crop top. The design on her top replicates the intricate patterns that can be found in southwestern prints. The navy blue and white on her knit fringe cardigan pop against the rust colors in the top and bring into the color palette, the color of her denim as well. Her sand colored ankle boots, perfectly tie the look together and add a little pizzazz to the outfit.

The more intricate details of the look, can be found in her accessories. Her neck jewelry is a silver beaded choker that is very delicate. Following the tones of the choker, her rings are plated in silver too. One of her rings has a blue gemstone to reflect the blue in her cardigan. The other ring is an Irish Claddagh ring, that represents love and friendship. All of her accessories are very on trend with delicate and personalized jewelry.

After seeing this Fashionista`s bohemian look, I felt very inspired to add some similar pieces to my own wardrobe. Her look showed me that you can rock festival clothing anytime by adding the perfect balance of chic, simple accessories and bold statement pieces like a knit fringe cardigan. Always remember that winter weather clothing can be just as fun and bright as you!

STYLE GURU BIO: Ally Rose Keeley

Hey everyone! My name is Ally Rose Keeley and I am a freshman at Fairleigh Dickinson University. My major is international business with a minor in marketing. This is my first semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and I could not be more excited! Fashion has also been a source of happiness for myself, so getting to express my love for style is everything. I am also an avid writer and love being inspired by not only people but their style as well.

Though I may live in the suburbs, I have also been inspired by the clothing and style of the Fashionistas that catwalk the streets of the cities near my home and my school; Philadelphia and New York City. From this inspiration, I have found my clothing choices and style to be reflected by the dark color palettes and rich patterns of the urban jungle. I have also garnered a huge passion for leather; specifically jackets, cool denim pieces, and fun accessories, all of which are present in these cities and now, my style. I love bright, fun pieces of clothing, for I rather stand out than blend in with the crowd!

For this look, I have brought my flair for fun in some strong pieces. Since the weather is extremely cold, almost Antarctica temperatures, I decided to use a simple black turtleneck from my mom’s closet, as the foundation for this outfit. Then I added a little twist with my shredded hem denim jeans and a pair of fishnet tights. I decided to amplify my outfit even more with the help of a cheetah print jacket, retro cat-eye sunglasses, a simple gold bracelet, and a pair of black leather ankle boots.

I hope you liked my look and article and that you keep coming back to my page for more. I can’t wait to read about your style and articles too!